10 fan theories that will blow your mind

Any popular, long-running TV series can spawn a ton of fan theory and fan-fic crossover storylines, but it might You‘s Joe Goldberg and gossip Girlis Dan Humphrey the same person? While the idea sounds wild at first, it might not be that far-fetched after all. Not only do the pair share many similarities, including co-starring in Penn Badgley, but their worlds also share several parallels. The two live in the same town and hang out with the same people, and both have similar routines.

Badgley himself also compares Dan gossip Girl To You‘s Joe, who explains that there’s a “cultural conversation” between the two characters and that Joe just “picks up where Dan left off” but “picks up a knife and kills people” (via ET Canada). Could it be possible that Joe is out You is dan out gossip Girl, but only 10 years later? This is just one of several fan theories surrounding the two shows. Is Beck’s character based on Serena’s character? Could You be a sequel gossip Girl? Delving into these and other theories unearths a series of uncanny coincidences that will strike anyone who follows either series, and the connections between the two are a bit hard to ignore.

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10 Dan is a little bit Joe in Gossip Girl

Dan is already Joe during Gossip Girl - You and Gossip Girl

Some have noted that Dan actually shows some Joe-like tendencies during his Gossip Girl days. First off, Dan used technology to manipulate for years long before Joe did.

Like everyone gossip Girl Fan knows the big plot twist on the show was Dan revealed to be Gossip Girl and used the gossip blog to stalk his loved ones and get what he wanted. Dan also presumptuously considered himself an outsider who loves books and doesn’t have many friends long before Joe showed up. The evidence is piling up, and in many ways Dan really does appear to be Joe taken to a higher level.

9 You and Gossip Girl exist in the same universe

You and Gossip Girl are in the same universe - You and Gossip Girl

PopBuzz points out that the theory You And gossip Girl play in the same universe, and that actually makes a lot of sense. Both series are set in New York (at least at launch for You), and both series depict the city’s social scene, which both Dan and Joe have the utmost disdain for.

In gossip Girl, Dan wants to fit in but also get Serena out. Believing her friends to be toxic, he works hard to save her from them. This is exactly the same situation that Joe is in You Season one, except this time he’s not interested in fitting in anymore.

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8th Beck is Serena

Beck resembles Serena - You and Gossip Girl

Viewers meet Beck in the first season of You – a somewhat unavailable but very social blonde who cares deeply about what others think of her. Joe remotely makes assumptions about her, falls in love with her, and is determined to fix her and live happily ever after.

This will look very familiar to you gossip Girl fans and that’s because it’s the same dynamic that Dan and Serena share. The only difference seems to be that Serena and her friends make it out alive, while Beck and her friends weren’t so lucky.

7 Peach is Blair

Peach resembles Blair - You and Gossip Girl

This is another eye-opening parallel. Peach is Beck’s cocky best friend in You, who isn’t exactly Joe’s biggest fan. She seems to see through him right away, and Joe hates that. Peach frequently tells Beck to dump Joe, believing him to be sketchy. Of course, Joe sees her as an obstacle on his way to Beck, and everyone knows what happens to Peach.

This is exactly the same situation in gossip Girl, except that Peach is Blair. Blair is Serena’s best friend in gossip Girl and she always hated Dan and saw him as an outsider who wasn’t good enough for her blonde bestie. But again, the main difference is that Blair got out alive.

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6 You are a sequel to Gossip Girl

You are a sequel to Gossip Girl - You and Gossip Girl

The idea of You to be a sequel gossip Girl makes sense when you remember it gossip Girl ended and Dan never really faced consequences for his inappropriate actions as Gossip Girl. He manipulated and hurt so many people, but there it was”all for love‘ everyone accepted and moved on.

This taught Dan that it’s okay to do unthinkable things as long as it’s for love, and so Joe was born, a “Joe to the extreme” sort of thing. You picks up where Dan left off, but the crimes get a lot worse. While showrunner Sera Gamble has said that Joe is done killing, Badgley claims the character will never find redemption and it remains to be seen if he too will avoid the consequences of his crimes.

5 Benji is Chuck

Benji resembles Chuck Bass - You and Gossip Girl

Benji and Chuck are problematic, and they’re very comparable when it comes to why. Both are wealthy, entitled, and toxic characters, and Dan and Joe feel superior to them while at the same time despise them for what they have.

While it seems like fans should learn to love Chuck, it’s hard to forget the many terrible things he’s done, even after so much time has passed since the series ended. And just like Chuck gossip Girlwho just wouldn’t fly today, Benji has his own demons, and both characters eventually get a lesson from Joe/Dan, albeit at one time or another, although Joe’s lesson was fatal to Benji.

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4 Joe is Dan but 10 years later

Joe is Dan 10 Years Later - You and Gossip Girl

On to the theory of You to be a sequel Gossip Girl, Another fan theory gets more specific, stating that Joe is Dan just 10 years later. He’s still his typically sensitive, obsessive, and slightly arrogant self, but now he’s had time to really let all of his grudges toward the world rise, and that has had dire consequences.

It was difficult not to feel sorry for Dan gossip Girl, but he has become jaded and darker over time and this plays out as Joe. He’s learned that the nice guy schtick works, and he’s taken it to a whole new level. He continues to use technology to his advantage now that he knows he can get away with it, and he’ll see how far he can take it to get what he wants.

3 Ellie is Jenny


That character comparison is pretty much spot on. As well as You And gossip Girl, Joe and Dan have a kind of younger sibling that they both hold dear. In gossip Girl this character is Jenny, and in You Season two, this character is Ellie.

Both girls are strong willed and do whatever they want while Joe and Dan work hard to protect them. One of the best things Joe has ever done You should protect Ellie from Henderson, and Dan protects Jenny from Chuck. While they both do these things with good intentions, they are overbearing towards both girls and sometimes handle things inappropriately.

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2 Joe is the real Dan

Joe walks around Madre Linda in You.

Many believe that the Joe all see You is actually who Dan really was gossip Girl. Always wanting to act out his disdain for the social scene, Dan was ready to bring down anyone who stood in his way. But over time, that just didn’t happen Gossip Girl.

Dan had always been dark and had dangerous tendencies, but he hid it well, and Dan was often sympathetic gossip Girl. He could get away with what he did because he did everything he did.out of love.“For the time it was all socially acceptable because unlike Joe, he never physically hurt anyone.

1 Joe would kill Dan if they ever met


Badgley himself has another theory suggesting that if they ever met, Joe would kill Dan. The actor said: “They would hate each other because they are too similar. And then Joe would kill Dan like that, you know” (PopBuzz). And it’s probably true: both characters think they know best, both feel sorry for themselves, and both manipulate their loved ones.

The world is definitely not ready for Joe and Dan to co-exist: it would be too exhausting even to watch. For now, anyone can keep worlds separate by watching their respective shows, but once a fan of both shows starts considering these theories, it’s hard not to see the parallels.

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