10 memes that perfectly sum up Khal Drogo as a character

game of Thrones, and its characters, continue to circulate through popular culture. With the recent release of the prequel house of the dragonthe original series only gained popularity and received more views after the release of the prequel.

There are many characters who continue to have an impact on fans, including Daenerys Targaryen’s husband, Khal Drogo. Despite the fact that Drogo only lived until the end of the first season, even after his death he remained a memorable character influencing the show. These memes sum up his character throughout the series.


10 The Dothraki approve

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It was mentioned at Daenerys Targaryen and Khal Drogo’s wedding that a Dothraki wedding is considered boring unless there are at least three deaths. This meme ties that cultural reference to that of the infamous Red Wedding, where Robb Stark, his wife, and his mother were all murdered.

In this scene from game of Thrones, viewers can clearly see that Drogo is entertained by the fights that take place during his wedding. While there’s no denying Khal Drogo is a fan favorite character, he was also one of the most brutal characters.

9 His power

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Daenerys Targaryen learns to appreciate and even embrace the Dothraki and their ferocity, although she tries to make a few humane changes once she has taken control of the warriors. This meme relates to the Dothraki fear with the reality of facing the hoard in battle.

Khal Drogo knew how fearsome his treasure was. Although he initially showed no interest in helping the Targaryens reclaim the Iron Throne, it was a decision based on tradition rather than fear. After his wife is threatened by King Robert, he makes a bold declaration to cross the straits, confident his treasure could withstand the Westerosi army.

8th The king’s golden crown

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There’s no doubt that what Drogo did to Viserys showed just how brutal he can be. However, it also proved that Drogo was far more intelligent than nobles like Viserys believed.

In the scene where Drogo pours molten gold over Visery’s head, the Khal proves that he is intelligent and respects his culture. Since the Dothraki cannot shed blood in their holy city, he uses a method to slay the would-be king in a way that doesn’t shed blood but still gets the job done.

7 The Mighty Warrior

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Khal Drogo was a famous leader within the Dothraki culture, known for never being defeated in battle. So it’s no wonder that he doesn’t back down when one of his warriors challenges him to a duel.

It is in this duel that he sustains a scratch that becomes infected and leads to his death. The witch who saves Drogo is responsible for Daenerys’ early descent into madness causing the death of her unborn child and leaving Drogo in a vegetative state. This meme not only addresses the ridiculous nature of Drogo’s downfall, but also points out that even the fiercest warriors were not invincible.

6 The Mighty Scratch

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Many fans believe game of Thrones would have had a different outcome if Drogo had not been knocked down by a minor scratch. It’s clear that Drogo’s death was an inevitable event, essentially for Daenerys’ rise as a powerful political figure.

However, this meme expresses how upsetting it was to see the mighty Khal Drogo die by something so mundane. Other main characters, not raised in such a violent culture, survived far worse attacks. It would have done the character justice to at least see him die in battle.

5 Like no other khal

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Even after Khal Drogo’s death, he continued to influence perceptions of the Dothraki characters. Khal Drogo’s appreciation for Daenerys’ strength is a stark comparison to the way Khal Moro treats her in Season 6.

This meme points to the comparison between the two khals. While Daenerys cared for her husband even after his death, she found the other Dothraki khals weak and unable to lead the warriors. Therefore, it does not seem dishonorable for her husband to execute the other Dothraki leaders.

4 mission

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The saddest Daenerys scene is when Drogo dies, leaving her without anyone by her side, yet determined to take back the Seven Kingdoms. Though she seems to be getting over Drogo’s death, she continues to deny all other confessions of love until her relationship with Jon Snow.

Although Drogo is long dead by this point, it still represents his character and the influence he had on his wife. Their relationship was so influential for her, albeit short-lived, that she hardly thought of love before finding someone who complemented her personality.

3 A stark comparison

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Had Khal Drogo lived longer on the show, fans must be wondering what would have become of the alliance between Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow. Though he respected his Khaleesi, he probably would have been a more dominant figure in the war against the Lannisters.

This meme shows how people viewed Jon compared to Khal Drogo. While Jon Snow was one of fan-favorite characters, there was something compelling about Drogo that stayed with audiences even after his death.

2 the performance

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One cannot talk about the complicated character of Khal Drogo without mentioning the actor who portrayed him so well. Although Drogo didn’t have many lines, the scenes he found himself in left a lasting impression on audiences.

One of the dumbest decisions Daenerys made was to trust the witch that led to Drogo’s death, but prior to that point Jason Momoa did an exceptional job portraying this warrior. This meme addresses the fact that audiences were upset about his early exit but can still look forward to Momoa’s other epic roles.

1 moon of his life

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When it comes to the complicated and somewhat disturbing relationship between Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen, some fans seem to forget that one of their strongest motivations for coming to power was the loss of their beloved husband.

Khal Drogo was an influential, memorable character for a number of reasons. He may only have seen a single season of this eight-season show, but he continued to have an impact on one of the central characters right through to the end. Had Daenerys not been a part of his Khalsar, and had he not loved her enough to make her strive for power not afforded to other Khaleesis, she likely would not have had such an impact on the Dothraki.

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