10 Tasks Redditors Prefer to Do the Old-Fashioned Way (Despite the Technology Available)

With Black Friday firmly in the rearview mirror, the chance of getting cheap gadgets lags behind most consumers. However, without these inexpensive technologies, putting together gifts for this holiday season can be difficult. After all, with prices rising, it can be difficult to find something that won’t break the bank.

Luckily, there are still some ways to survive without the technology the world has grown accustomed to. Some things are still great without taking advantage of the materials available, and there are still tasks that are better done the old-fashioned way.


to play board games

Board games are an important part of many holiday events, but games are increasingly being streamed to screens everywhere. They can be apps on phones, video games on consoles, and even professionals now play chess through computers. However, there are advantages to putting a board and some cards together.

“Most of the app versions of the games I like aren’t that great,” says Reddit user Juncolm. “Plus, it’s more fun to play with someone.” With no glitches or connection issues, it can be easier to interact with people and the best board games can run more smoothly. Also, traditional play allows house rules. Of course, digital board games don’t lose parts, which can always be annoying.

save photos

Photo Lighting and Background Kit from Amazon

It’s easy to take and keep pictures through a phone, and it certainly helps people avoid lugging around huge photo books. But that doesn’t mean everyone likes it. “I print out photos and keep them in photo albums,” says Reddit user SuvenPan. “I like to capture the special moments in life in a book and go through them page by page.”

Considering a phone can cause glitches and delete pictures forever, it’s also nice to be able to keep a physical backup. If the internet ever goes down, those precious memories will still be there. Additionally, hanging pictures on a wall is another great non-technical way to enjoy fond memories.


gaomon drawing pen display

Learning to draw can be difficult enough, but learning to draw on a tablet or computer can be a whole different process. “I’ve never really understood digital art,” says Redditor Withered flowers. “It’s much easier and more satisfying for me to get all the tactile input from my work.”

Learning to deal with system crashes or remembering to save just adds another layer of boredom to a difficult hobby. Physical art also gives artists the ability to work without worrying about their tablets dying, which can be a nuisance. However, digital art also offers artists the opportunity to store their art in a cloud. If water splashes on your painting, it can still be safe online.



Although not everyone can sew, it can be very enjoyable for those who do. Compared to sewing machines, “hand sewing is peaceful, quiet, portable, and just plain more satisfying overall,” says Redditor Karinav. “Plus, I get better bragging rights on the finished product.”

It can also be easier to sew without having to pull out a machine every time something needs sewing. There’s nothing wrong with cultivating and perfecting skills, which is why learning to sew without the help of technology can be so awesome. However, it should also be noted that technology certainly makes things faster and it can be a much more professional job.

buy music

The best gifts for music lovers

Today, music fans tend to run to Spotify or Apple Music before they even think about how music used to come in the form of CDs or vinyl. Music streaming offers easier storage, faster retrieval and creating playlists is much easier. Still, there can be something rewarding about holding a CD in your hands and knowing that the music can’t be taken away.

“I prefer physical media and just convert it to digital. I hate streaming music,” says Redditor jbnagis. “I don’t trust that the things I love will always be available. I like having ownership of what I’m listening to.” Aside from the increased security, it’s nice to be able to support musicians without having to watch weird and creepy music videos.

taking notes

Lee's whiteboard with notes about the Death Angels in A Quiet Place

For college students, office workers, and anyone visiting a grocery store, jotting something down on a laptop or phone can be easy instead of pulling out a notepad and pen. While it may be a hassle to carry pens with you everywhere, taking physical notes has many benefits.

“When you write things down on paper, it’s easier to remember than when you write them down on a computer,” says Reddit user Jealous_Hospital. It can also provide backups in case a phone dies or data is lost. Still, it’s nice to have notes on a computer where things can be highlighted or removed without us messing up crossed-out words or worrying about a pen running out of ink.

do math

Illustration of a computer with coding on the screen

Math isn’t easy. It can be difficult enough to figure out all the equations without adding every weird symbol that the calculus needs to be used. There’s a reason so many mathematicians prefer to use ink to calculate with a mouse. “It takes forever,” says Reddit user syrup waffle. “On paper it’s just scribble, scribble, calculate, answer.”

While many apps and websites can help with math, few will encourage students to use their computer to solve their equations. It just complicates the whole process as it can take twice as long just to find the right keys. However, computers make it a faster process when complex equations may require multiple calculations.

to write letters

Harry is jumping around trying to grab his letters in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

In the past, the only way to communicate across large areas was to write a letter and drop it off at the post office. Now phone calls, emails and text messages have taken the place of letters. The only things people get in the mail are bills and packages. However, there are some people who still like to seal and mail envelopes.

“I love writing letters, it has developed into a hobby of its own. I have a pen and ink to write with and seal all my letters with a wax stamp,” says the Reddit user Eeveeover14. “The process is comforting to me, especially when I use it in place of a journal.” It can also be rewarding for the recipient who realizes how much time and effort it took to send them a message. However, it should be noted that email allows for much faster communication and does not involve the cost of envelopes or postage.

organize calendars

Share Google Calendar

Physical calendars may be going out of fashion, but some people still love them. After all, having a physical reminder on the wall is far more useful than a reminder in an app that can be easily hidden with a swipe of your finger. It’s not that easy to ignore an ominous hanging calendar.

Of course, the best calendar apps can still be helpful. “I like being able to look at the whole month and just be able to ‘type’ and not have to hit the keyboard from my iPad or iPhone. We use Google calendar for family stuff, so when it comes to activities, we’re all on the same page,” says Reddit user Crossroads Tarot. Both can be useful for different purposes and still have their advantages, especially since Google Calendar allows for a lot more organization. It can even be found in more than one place since it’s in the cloud, so family members don’t have to run to the fridge.

collect food

Naru hunts with her dog in Prey

Nowadays, technology enables consumers to have groceries delivered directly to their homes. In many cases, homeowners don’t even have to greet the person bringing their food. It’s faster and much more efficient for working families. Still others are making every effort to return to their roots by collecting their own wares.

“I try to raise, grow, hunt and forage my own food as much as possible. It’s expensive and time-consuming, but the outcome for my sanity is priceless,” says Reddit user El Jamo Nator. It can be relaxing, and it’s also something that helps people feel confident in their own abilities, which can give a huge boost in self-esteem. Plus, it really encourages connection with nature.

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