10 TV Shows You Should Watch With the Cast This Christmas

Since its revival in 2005 Doctor Who has built a solid reputation for delivering some of television’s most charming Christmas specials. However, after the BBC recently confirmed that the show won’t be returning until November 2023 (via RadioTimes), Fans lament the loss of the festive part of the series. Viewers of the British TV favorite may want to check out these past and future programs that include Doctor Who Past and present performers celebrating the holiday season.


These wholesome offerings are among the best Christmas releases as some of the most respected television programs honor the holiday season. The Christmas specials feature cast members Doctor Who is classic and new series, allowing fans of the sci-fi program to catch its most iconic stars in some of their biggest roles outside of British TV classics.

I hate Suzie’s anti-Christmas special

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Bill Piper in a fur coat in I Hate Suzie

debut in 2020, i hate suzie is a particularly sombre portrayal of celebrity lifestyles that saw the life of former teenage pop sensation Suzie Pickles thrown into turmoil after some rather uncompromising images were leaked online. The series is slated to air its three-part Christmas show this year, humorously dubbed the “Anti-Christmas Special.”

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The show promises to provide a darkly funny story for the Christmas celebrations as Suzie competes in reality TV competition Danze Crazee. With Billie Piper’s portrayal of the former singer, who captivated audiences with her brilliantly characterful performance, i hate suzies Specials may feature some of this year’s biggest festive treats.

Dodger Christmas Special

Fagin gives the camera a knowing look while sitting in an armchair.

As a forerunner of Oliver Twist – which is considered one of the best film adaptations of a classic novel, dodgers is an extremely entertaining Victorian story. Following the cheeky pickpocket named Artful Dodger, the series also features Christopher Eccleston as the wily thief Fagin and will air three Christmas specials in December.

dodgers Special episodes aim to provide a sweet and sentimental story as Fagin and the Artful Dodger embark on an adventure through Victorian London. The show’s relationship between the Artful Dodger and Fagin is particularly endearing, as Fagin treats the pickpocket like an adopted son, resulting in one of television’s most endearing pairings.

The Yorkshire Vet at Christmas

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Peter Wright meets his guardian angel Peter Davison in a barn.

From 2015, The Yorkshire Vet offers a fascinating insight into the life of veterinarian Peter Wright as he attempts to cure the ailments of various domestic animals in the Yorkshire region. The show presented a really fun celebratory installment of the factual series in 2021, where Peter is visited by a guardian angel during the Christmas celebrations.

Inspired by It’s a beautiful life This unique offering in the documentary series stars Peter Davison as Peter’s guardian angel, aiming to showcase Peter’s hard work in the veterinary industry. It’s a beautiful celebration of the career of the famous Yorkshire vet, with Peter Davison delivering a charismatic performance as a visiting angel.

The Guardians of the Galaxy Christmas Special

Stream on Disney+

Nebula Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special

Debut on November 25th, the Guardians of the Galaxy Christmas Special is one of Disney’s biggest seasonal releases. This rare off-screen outing for the Guardians team sees Peter Quill’s crew trying to cheer up their leader after Gamora dies Avengers: Infinity War.

That Guardians of the Galaxy Christmas Special is sure to provide viewers with a hilarious watch as Drax and Mantis enlist Kevin Bacon in their efforts to keep Star Lord happy. This celebratory release also features Doctor Who is Karen Gillan as the fearless space killer Nebula who has produced the best memes makes this a must-have watch for Doctor Who fans.

I would lie to you on Christmas

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Lee Mack accusingly points to a celebrity he believes is lying in

Originally from 2007, would i lie to you has grown into one of the UK’s most successful panel shows, where celebrities are tasked with finding out who is telling the truth. The show returns later this year for a Christmas special, with Peter Davison joining regular panelists David Mitchell and Lee Mack.

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This year’s seasonal takeover would i lie to you promises to be a particularly amusing episode, with Peter Davison known for his witty humor. The special could also provide some interesting insights into the life of Peter Davison, with the actor expected to come up with some truthful statements alongside the fabricated lies.

Legends of Tomorrow: Turncoat

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Arthur Darvill in DC's Legends of Tomorrow

With his crazy time travel antics, Legends of Tomorrow conveys a very similar tone too Doctor Who, while the legends find themselves in a variety of wonderfully bizarre scenarios. The Christmas movie Turncoat is a particular highlight, as Sara Lance and her crew work to protect George Washington from the dastardly Rip Hunter.

“Turncoat” showcases the talents of Arthur Darvill, who clearly enjoys playing a more villainous role. That Doctor Who Actor is unnervingly creepy as a sinister Rip Hunter, considered by many to be one of the Arrowverse best time travelers. Also, the episode ends in a particularly beautiful way as the Legends toast the holiday season.

The Larkins at Christmas

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Pop Larkin proudly stands with his family in front of their house.

Since its first episode in 2021, The Larkins has proven to be an extremely entertaining watch, creating several memorable moments with its audience-friendly humor and colorful characters. The family drama offered its seasonal episode in 2021 called The Larkins At Christmas, which sees Pop’s daughter Mariette and her boyfriend Charley returning home for Christmas.

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This humorous tale presents some of the series’ funniest scenes when the Larkins invite Charley’s family over to their messy household for Christmas dinner. Bradley Walsh’s portrayal of Pop Larkin brings a lot of mischief to the action, while Peter Davison provides plenty of laughs as the grumpy village vicar.

Arrow: The Rise

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Dinah Lance in Arrow

That arrow verses has produced some of television’s best offerings and is one of the strongest shows in the shared universe Arrow. In this action-packed spectacle, wealthy billionaire Oliver Queen takes on the role of Green Arrow as he seeks justice against Starling City’s most notorious criminals. The Season 3 Christmas episode, “The Climb,” is a particular highlight in the show’s storyline as it features Oliver Ra’s challenging Al Ghul to a duel.

The resulting fight between Oliver and Ra’s Al Ghul is a truly epic sequence as they engage in a particularly thrilling sword fight. Additionally, the episode presents a touching reunion between Alex Kingston’s Dinah Lance and her daughter Laurel – who many believe is one of them arrows bravest characters when Quentin arranges a visit from Laurel’s mother as a Christmas surprise.

Hansel & Gretel: Gradually

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The troll hangs out with the witch in Hansel and Gretel After Ever After.

Hansel & Gretel is one of the best-known children’s fairy tales, with the dark children’s fable over the years proving to be a favorite of young readers before bedtime. Sky broadcast its comedic take on the dark Grimm tale in 2021 with its eccentric offering Hansel & Gretel: Gradually.

Set after the events of Hansel and Gretel, This humorous made-for-TV film follows the couple’s lives after their encounter with the witch in the gingerbread house. His witty script ensures there is never a dull moment during the special’s 44-minute runtime Doctor Who is David Walliams gives a wonderfully offbeat performance as the mean troll.

The Amazing Maurice

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Dangerous Beans stands proud against a green background.

Recently introduced as the Fourteenth Doctor, David Tennant’s return as the Time Lord is set to be one of the biggest TV events of 2023. But before assuming the Mantle of Time Lord once again, the Scottish actor is featured The Amazing Maurice who follows the cunning cat Maurice as he attempts to pull off the world’s largest money-making scam.

This whimsical animation by Rocket Studio features David Tennant voicing the highly intelligent rat Dangerous Beans while guiding his brave team of rodents to help Maurice with his diabolical plan. The Amazing Maurice promises to be a delightfully silly family adventure in which Maurice and the rats challenge one of television’s greatest downfalls.

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