12 Hilarious Inaccuracies About Blackfire

Based on New Teen Titans Series created by Marv Wolfman and George Pérez in 1980 that introduced fans to characters such as Raven, Nightwing, Starfire and Deathstroke, Titans took over and adapted parts of the comics. After Perez’s death, it’s interesting to see how the series tweaked the characters for their own version of these stories.

One of these characters is the Tamaran princess Blackfire, Starfire’s antagonistic sister. After a brief appearance in season two, she took on a more prominent role in season three, which revealed some major changes to the character and her backstory.


Updated December 11, 2022 by Amanda Bruce: Season 3 ended with Komand’r returning to her home planet of Tamaran while her sister stayed with the Titans on Earth. This means Blackfire wasn’t there in Season 4 to help her sister stop a potentially apocalyptic future for the planet. Despite this, the character remains a fan favorite, and fans are excited for her return to the series at some point. If she does, fans might be curious to see what’s changed about the character from the comics.

Blackfire’s Age

Blackfire uses her powers in the comics.

Blackfire was revealed to be the younger sister of Princess Koriand’r of Tamaran Titans streaming series. Her animosity towards Kory and her family stems from the fact that she is the overlooked second child and never quite lives up to her sister.

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In the comics, Blackfire is actually the older sister. Passed over from the line of succession, Princess Komand’r must watch as her little sister ascends the throne during a time of war for her planet. This also creates a more strained relationship between Starfire and Blackfire as it underscores her family and subjects’ favoritism towards Starfire.

power of flight

Blackfire stands above the vanquished Titans in the comics.

As one of the characters who debuted in The new teen titans Comics, Blackfire possessed the majority of her powers, except that a childhood illness left her unable to fly. In the eyes of the people of Tamarian, this saw her as incapable of ruling, especially when combined with her dour personality compared to her comic sister’s light-hearted and cheerful optimism.

Blackfire eventually gained the power of flight after being the subject of many experiments. in the Titans, neither princess possessed the ability to fly, which meant nothing of importance to their people. However, Starfire eventually floated in the series.

Blackfire is powerless

Blackfire holds a flag in the comics.

In the comics, Blackfire’s powers included the ability to harness and wield energy, agility, endurance, and other abilities she and Starfire gained after being the subject of experiments. This is quite different from Blackfire’s powers, as can be seen on Titans.

Rather than sharing the majority of powers other than flight, Blackfire possesses no powers in Titans. Her lack of power is caused by transferring her abilities to Starfire, making her older sister better suited to take the throne. Her powers are restored after Starfire heals her in Season 3 instead of through psionic experiments, rendering Starfire powerless for a while.

energy bursts

Blackfire uses her powers in the comics.

The ability of the two Princesses of Tamaran to wield and wield bolts of radiation as weapons is a highly visual aspect of the character designs in the comics and the animated versions of their characters. Blackfire’s “Blackbolts” are violet blasts of ultraviolet radiation.

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In Titans, these explosions are based on a more realistic environment. The powers not specifically stated to be radiation based appear to be based on fire and heat. This led to a design choice that eliminated the bright colors of the explosions and rendered them as fiery orange-red explosions instead of the color traditionally associated with the force.

mind control

Blackfire laughs while using her powers in the comics.

in the Titans, Blackfire uses a snail-like microchip developed by Tamaran intelligence to trick others into doing their bidding. Her ability to manipulate and control this technology is her main source of power in the show’s second season, during the time she has no other abilities after her parents transferred her powers to Starfire.

In the comics, Blackfire’s ability to manipulate and control is the result of her ability to fake empathy. Her political position in Tamaran and its relationships with other planets have given her the ability to manipulate and deceive through trade rather than power.

self defense

Starfire worried with her parents in DC Comics.

Blackfire’s estrangement from her family in Titans is a direct result of the actions of their parents. She killed her parents in self-defense after riots in Tamaran demanded her execution. Tamaran’s subjects assumed she drove out Starfire so she could claim the throne, just as Starfire assumes Blackfire killed her parents for the power.

During her quest for power in the comics, Blackfire is responsible for her parents’ deaths, but in retaliation for her treatment of her. Her anger at being passed over in favor of her younger sister led to the murder of her parents.

love for their planet

The planet Tamaran in DC Comics.

The love that the Titans Blackfire’s incarnation for her planet is a major departure from her comic book origins. In the comics, Blackfire harbors a deep grudge against the royal family and their planet for being treated most of her life and even being blamed for attacks perpetrated on her behalf when she was a baby. She wants to rule because she wants to control it.

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In the streaming series, Blackfire often speaks about the unification of her planet, how she misses it, how she doesn’t understand why Kory is reluctant to return, and her desire to do what’s right for her subjects. Power is not their main motivation, but to do what is best for Tamaran’s subjects.

Betrayal of Tamaran

Blackfire's eyes glow in titans outside.

Blackfire never reveals her planet quite as directly in the streaming series as she does in the comics. While the show initially presents her as a villain, that’s not the case. She just wants to be a great ruler for her people.

In the comics, she actually provides information to a rival political group, giving them the information they need to take over Tamaran. She betrays her people in a plan of revenge that also grants her some degree of power but leads to an all-out war on her planet.


Blackfire smiles evilly in the comics.

Unlike their comic book counterpart Blackfire in Titans is more empathetic and forges a romance with Superboy. The two related to feelings of alienation and isolation, and this sparked a romance that gave both characters the depth they needed.

Although Blackfire did bring out Connor’s darker side for a while, their relationship established their characterization and made them more approachable and sympathetic through their unexpected openness and vulnerability towards him. The unexpected character development and depth helped make that happen Titans Almost anti-hero version of Blackfire taking a surprising highlight Titans Season 3 characters instead of a one-dimensional villain.

be part of the team

The original cast of the New Teen Titans in the comics.

It may be unofficial, but Blackfire proved she can work alongside the Titans in the show’s third season. Although they Titans Character origins were as the team’s antagonist at the end of Season 2, they all mostly put their differences aside to save Gotham and help bring Blackfire back to Tamaran.

In the comics, Blackfire is much more self-centered and malicious, leaving her no place alongside the Titans. Instead, she devotes her energies to maintaining her own rule. When they form alliances, it is to secure their own power and utility.

sisterly respect

Joshua Orpin as Conner/Superboy, Anna Diop as Starfire/Kory, Damaris Lewis as Blackfire and Ryan Potter as Beast Boy in Titans

The main aspect of Blackfire’s character in the comics was to exist as a counterpart to her sister. Starfire’s kindness, empathy, and compassion were the opposite of Blackfire’s malice and anger directed at her younger sister.

In Titans, Blackfire’s hostility towards her sister sees Starfire representing Blackfire’s anger rather than being the cause of her anger. Blackfire’s desire to rule Tamaran together and see Kory treated like royalty speaks to the respect Blackfire has for her sister.

Starfire’s bondage

Blackfire attacks Starfire in the comics

Blackfire not only reveals her home planet in the comics. She also betrays her sister. Her sister is stripped of her title, but her sister is also sold into slavery by the new rulers.

In fact, Starfire’s time of servitude is actually overseen by her own sister. Her sister controls who has access to Starfire and how badly she can be treated. A more recent retcon in the comics shows that this was the only way Blackfire could ensure her sister would survive when new leadership was assumed, but that storyline portrayed her as a cruel and vengeful villain for years.

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