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If you’re a runner, you’ve likely pledged loyalty to a running footwear brand after finding a sent-from-the-high-heavens shoe. No matter if you’re all-in for the best adidas shoes or aiming to find a new sneaker for your next race, look no further: We’ve gathered the best adidas running shoes for all foot types, terrains, and distances.

History of adidas Running Shoes

adidas has a storied past that starts with good old fashioned sibling rivalry, set in Bavaria, Germany. In 1924, brothers Adolf and Rudolf Dassler founded a shoe company called “Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik” or “Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory.” The Dassler brand enjoyed early success at the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin (the first televised Olympics) when African American athlete Jesse Owens wore the brand’s durable leather sneakers. Those kicks, which featured a low-cut upper and long, carefully-positioned spikes, carried Owens through the finish line during four gold medal-winning track and field events. But by 1949, a spat between the brothers led Adolf “Adi” Dassler to create his own footwear brand, “Adi Dassler adidas Sportschuhfabrik” — which is now the modern-day adidas brand. That same year, adidas created a shoe featuring the hallmark three stripes.

Forward-thinking footwear has been a key component of adidas since the brand’s inception, making it a top choice for athletes — Owens’ isn’t the only Olympian to place Adi Dassler’s sneakers in public purview. Throughout the ’50s, ’60s, and ’70s, track and field medal winners like Billy Mills, Wilma Rudolph, and Daley Thompson also sported the latest adidas styles during Olympic events around the world. adidas hasn’t stopped innovating since, creating cutting-edge sneakers to help runners go the distance.

adidas Running Shoe Technology

Modern-day adidas running shoes stand out from competitors, courtesy of the brand’s Boost technology. Boost, which is set in the midsole, incorporates proprietary thermoplastic urethane particles that encapsulate pockets of air. The effect? A cushioned underfoot with high energy return. The Boost midsole rebounds spring from your last stride to efficiently propel you forward. Other popular sneaker brands have attempted to mimic this effect, but none do it better than adidas.

Boost is designed for all terrains and temperatures; the material can stand up to rain, wind, snow, and sand. Flexibility is another benefit of Boost, the midsoles are malleable enough to maintain a comfortable stride at any pace.

adidas has refined Boost technology since its debut in 2013. Notably, in 2015, adidas launched the first iteration of the ultra popular Ultraboost, a running shoe that marries performance and style. In 2018, adidas released Ultraboost x Parley that incorporates upcycled and recycled waste into the shoe. Runners can now enjoy Boost technology in a slew of styles, each with special features, like Lightstrike cushioning and supportive EnergyRods, to suit any stride.

Top adidas Running Shoes of 2023

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What to Look for in the Best adidas Running Shoes

adidas offers over 200 running shoe styles, so you can rest assured you’ll find the best adidas running shoes that feels tailor-made to your running routine. To narrow down the selections, consider these three factors.

  • Road shoes vs. trail shoes: Road running shoes are carefully designed to handle repeated blows to concrete. Expect smooth, durable outsoles to give you good glide, and highly cushioned midsoles that protect your feet when you pound pavement. These breathable designs are available in varying weights and heel-to-toe drops. The best trail running shoes also provide cushion to level your feet on uneven terrain, but they tend to have additional protective features in the midsole and outsole. To help stabilize your feet when you’re traipsing rocky surfaces, many of these shoes feature stiff midsoles and reinforced uppers. Trail running shoes also tend to have a grippy outsole that gives you traction when your foot strikes slippery moss, decaying leaves, or mud. Waterproof shoes are handy for wet climates and stream-laden trails. 
  • Level of cushioning: Cushioned running shoes absorb the impact of your foot when it strikes a surface. That cloud-like underfoot feel is dependent on both the firmness of the foam (the durometer) and how much of it exists in the midsole (the stack height). A shoe’s cushion may feel different person-to-person; someone who weighs 175 pounds will compress the foam more than someone who weighs 120 pounds. Cushioning is a key component in the comfort of a shoe, but it often boils down to personal preference. adidas’ cushioned Boost midsole gives you a pillow-like feel underfoot; those who prefer firmness will love Lightstrike Pro technology found in styles like adidas Adizero shoes.
  • Type of support: Supportive running shoes have stabilizing features in the upper, midsole, and heel counter that prevent your foot from wiggling around or collapsing while you run. The level of support can be tricky to determine without feeling the shoe on your foot, but in general, the more flexible a shoe is, the less supportive it tends to be. The best stability running shoes by adidas deliver support via fitted uppers, sturdy midsoles, and cushioned heel counters. So if you’re looking for a shoe that supports your foot, you’re in the right spot.

Keep reading for the best adidas running shoes of 2023 so far, along with tips to find your perfect pair for your needs, how to wash them, and more information about how we selected these top adidas running sneakers.

adidas Ultraboost Light Running Shoes

Best 2023 adidas Running Shoes 

  • Best for: Performance running
  • Size range: Men’s 6 to 14; women’s 5 to 11
  • Weight: 10.3 oz
  • Drop: 10 millimeters
  • Special features: Light Boost midsole
  • Pros: Breathable upper; moderate cushioning
  • Cons: Could be lighter

The newly launched adidas Ultraboost Light is the brand’s first lighter-weight take on the classic Ultraboost style. This Boost technology is 30 percent lighter than traditional Boost, but it delivers the same energy return. The sneaker features a 360-degree rubber outsole that’s fit for all weather conditions, and a sizable drop to help propel you forward. Plus, the large heel pull make it simple to slides the on and off. Read our testing review of the Ultraboost Light sneaker here.

What reviewers say: “Such a comfortable ride. Love the lightweight shoe that can take me from my run to running errands.”

multi-color running shoes

CREDIT: Courtesy of adidas

adidas Adizero Adios Pro 3 Running Shoes

Best adidas Running Shoe for Marathon Racing

  • Best for: Long-distance runs
  • Size range: 5 to 14
  • Weight: 8.4 oz
  • Drop: 6.5 millimeters
  • Special features: Lightstrike Pro midsole; carbon-infused EnergyRods
  • Pros: True-to-size fit; highly cushioned
  • Cons: Upper may feel scratchy

If you love a downy-soft underfoot feel, try out adidas Adizero Adios Pro 3 unisex running shoes. The Lightstrike Pro midsole lends the plush feel, but that softness is not without support. The shoe contains carbon-infused EnergyRods that provide a touch of stiffness in lightweight form. This combination of cushion and support makes these sneakers ideal for long-distance runs.

What reviewers say: “This model uses high-level cushioning and you can feel it in your feet. They can do everything; tempo runs, long-distance runs, they have even proven themselves on the treadmill.”


CREDIT: Courtesy of adidas

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adidas Adizero Boston 11 Running Shoes

Best for Hard-Core Runners

  • Best for: Medium- to long-distance runs
  • Size range: Men’s 6 to 14; women’s 5 to 11
  • Weight: 9.6 oz
  • Drop: 8.5 millimeters
  • Special features: Lightstrike Pro midsole; carbon-infused EnergyRods
  • Pros: Mild flexibility; supportive; breathable upper
  • Cons: May feel stiff to some runners

The Adizero Boston 11 sneakers are aptly named after the Boston Marathon: They’re designed to take you from training all the way to race day. The sneakers’ Lightstrike Pro midsole gives them heft, but they’re springy and relatively lightweight so they won’t slow you down. adidas redesigned the sneaker last fall, and this new-and-improved style features a more breathable upper. The toe box may fit snug on wide feet, but adidas offers a wide version to accommodate.

What reviewers say: “These shoes have great stability. They are a bit stiff at first but soften up after a few long runs. Good tool for fast and slow training runs. They run a half size large.”


CREDIT: Courtesy of adidas

adidas Runfalcon 3 Running Shoes

Best Budget adidas Running Shoes

  • Best for: Short- to medium-distance road runs
  • Size range: Men’s 6.5 to 14; women’s 5 to 11
  • Weight: 16.3 oz
  • Drop: 9 millimeters
  • Special features: Cloudfoam midsole
  • Pros: Flexible
  • Cons: Lacks substantial arch support

If you like a stable ride, go with the substantially firm adidas Runfalcon 3 sneakers. The minimalistic sneakers have a cushioned heel counter and good flexibility to facilitate the heel-to-toe transition in each stride. They’re not the most breathable adidas sneaker, so we recommend these as running shoes for winter or for mild climates. The simple solid-color design with adidas’ signature three stripes is stylish, too, so they’re equally good for running and running errands.

What reviewers say: “I bought these as a comfortable cardio day gym shoe and for outdoor runs. As soon as I put them on, I knew they were the perfect trainer. Very true to size and super comfortable. Also super affordable.”


CREDIT: Courtesy of adidas

adidas Solarglide 5 Running Shoes

Best adidas Running Shoes for Supination

  • Best for: Medium-distance road runs
  • Size range: Men’s 6.5 to 15; women’s 5 to 11
  • Weight: 9.9 oz
  • Drop: 10 millimeters
  • Special features: Boost midsole; LEP 2.0 torsion system
  • Pros: Expansive size range; supportive
  • Cons: Toe box may feel narrow for some runners

These Solarglide 5 sneakers feature adidas’ LEP 2.0 torsion system (aka, Linear Energy Push), which reinforces the midsole for more control and stability during your run. Beyond that technology, you also get the iconic Boost midsole for cushion and spring in each step. Like many new adidas sneakers, the upper is made with 50 percent Parley Ocean Plastic intercepted from waterways. Wondering if running shoes are good for walking? These will prove just that, and you can wear them to cross train, too.

What reviewers say: “Using this shoe for lots of easy miles. The upper and fit of the shoe is chef’s kiss. Very supportive and soft around my feet which is really nice after workouts or races. They also seem like they’re going to last forever.”


CREDIT: Courtesy of adidas

adidas Supernova 2 Running Shoes

Most Comfortable adidas Running Shoes

  • Best for: Medium- to long-distance trail and road runs
  • Size range: Men’s 6 to 14; women’s 5.5 to 11
  • Weight: 8 oz
  • Drop: 9 millimeters
  • Special features: Boost and Bounce midsoles
  • Pros: Slip-resistant outsole
  • Cons: Runs small

adidas’ Bounce technology delivers the same support and energy return as Boost midsoles, but with a bit of a firmer feel underfoot. The Supernova 2 sneakers contain a dual-midsole that combines the two for solid propulsion and flexibility. The padded tongue and cushioned heel counter make them ultra comfortable, too. Read more about it in our in-depth adidas Supernova 2 Running Shoe review.

What reviewers say: “Very comfortable fit, great for all day wearing. Have had similar pairs previously and all have been long lasting and great for both general walking, running and workouts at the gym. Have utmost confidence these will last as well as my others.”


CREDIT: Courtesy of adidas

adidas SL20.3 Running Shoes

Best adidas Running Shoes for Beginners

  • Best for: Short- to medium-distance road runs
  • Size range: Women’s 5 to 11
  • Drop: 8 millimeters
  • Special features: Lightstrike midsole
  • Pros: Lightweight
  • Cons: Not offered in men’s sizing

If you’re seeking a simple running shoe, the adidas SL20.3 sneakers are a great choice. The breathable mesh upper wraps your foot without squeezing it in, keeping your foot secure while you’re clocking miles. The neutral midsole suits normal foot types and is super responsive; you’ll feel fully in control when you lace them up.

What reviewers say: “Gorgeous trainers that feel lightweight and comfortable. They’re a dream to run in.”


CREDIT: Courtesy of adidas

adidas Adizero Prime X

Best Cushioned adidas Running Shoes

  • Best for: Medium- to long-distance road runs
  • Size range: Unisex 6 to 13
  • Weight: 8.9 oz
  • Drop: 8.5 millimeters
  • Special features: Carbon-plated EnergyRods; Lightstrike Pro midsole; Strung upper
  • Pros: Breathable upper; highly cushioned
  • Cons: Pricey; may feel unstable for some runners

Cushioned running shoes are a must for those with plantar fasciitis and related foot problems. adidas Adizero Prime X sneakers have a high stack with Lightstrike Pro midsoles for a plush underfoot feel. All that cushioning doesn’t come at a price of low stability, thanks to adidas’ EnergyRods and supportive Strung upper — together, these elements keep your foot aligned throughout your run.

What reviewers say: “As a fan of the first edition of the Prime X, this Strung goes one better and delivers on a more comfortable upper. It retains the longevity of the original Prime X as well as the unique and outstanding ride. Plenty fast, ready to get you ready for your next half marathon or marathon.”


CREDIT: Courtesy of adidas

adidas Ultraboost 5.0 DNA

Best adidas Running Shoes for Cross Training

  • Best for: Short road runs
  • Size range: Men’s 5 to 15; women’s 5 to 12
  • Weight: 11.6 oz
  • Drop: 10 millimeters
  • Special features: Boost midsole; PrimeKnit upper; Fitcounter heel counter
  • Pros: Grippy outsole; stylish design
  • Cons: Upper may fit too snug on some foot types

adidas Ultraboost 5.0 DNA’s are equal parts stylish lifestyle sneaker and performance running shoe (it’s no wonder Olivia Wilde can’t stop wearing them). The shoes feature all the best of adidas’ technology, including a propulsive Boost midsole, foot-hugging PrimeKnit upper, and FitCounter heel counter. They’re a sneakily high-tech shoe that you’ll love to wear for short runs in any weather — the grippy outsole lends traction on the slickest of surfaces.

What reviewers say: “I have had many models of running shoes from Adidas but took the chance and spent the money on a pair of these. I am so glad I did. They have helped my lower back pain on long walks and jogs. They’re like walking on clouds. Super lightweight and breathable top is perfect for hot days in coastal California.”


CREDIT: Courtesy of adidas

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adidas Ultraboost 22 Running Shoes

Best adidas Running Shoes for High Arches

  • Best for: Medium- to long-distance road runs
  • Size range: Men’s 4 to 18; women’s 5 to 12
  • Weight: 11.7 oz
  • Drop: 10 millimeters
  • Special features: Boost midsole; PrimeKnit upper; LEP torsion system
  • Pros: Durable and long-lasting; wide size range
  • Cons: May feel clunky to some runners

adidas launched Ultraboost 22 sneakers last summer, on the heels of the popular Ultraboost 21s. For this release, adidas improved on the upper of the men’s and women’s styles, and added lugs on the outsole of the women’s for more support. You’ll get the classic Ultraboost comfort and bounce, but with a little bit less weight than previous models. Thousands of verified shoppers give these sneakers five stars, noting that it’s a great running shoe for those with high arches, and you don’t need to break them in. For more info, read our adidas Ultraboost 22 sneaker review.

What reviewers say: “I opened the box, looked at these beauties, strapped them on, and can’t stop wearing them ever since. The toe box is my main point of excitement. It really locks my foot in with the comfort and freedom of the textile upper. I am on board and shall be from this day.”


CREDIT: Courtesy of adidas

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adidas Solarboost 4

Best adidas Running Shoe for Race Training

  • Best for: Short- to medium-distance runs
  • Size range: Men’s 6.5 to 15
  • Weight: 10.8 oz
  • Drop: 10 millimeters
  • Special features: Boost midsole; control rail; LEP torsion system
  • Pros: Stable feel
  • Cons: Only available in men’s sizing

Perfect for training and race day, adidas Solarboost 4 sneakers are do-it-all workhorse shoes you’ll look forward to lacing up. They have Goldilocks cushioning that’s not too soft or firm, and the midsoles feature two types of control features — rails, as well as the LEP torsion system — making them a stability-focused shoe that will have you feeling in control when turning tight corners.

What reviewers say: “They look quite massive, but they are really light. Good running shoes in the field, for training, and for running. The solid, well-supporting shoe is super comfortable.”


CREDIT: Courtesy of adidas

adidas Adizero Adios 7

Best adidas Running Shoes for Speed Workouts

  • Best for: Short- to medium-distance road runs
  • Size range: Men’s 5.5 to 14; women’s 5 to 12
  • Weight: 7.7 oz
  • Drop: 8 millimeters
  • Special features: Lightstrike Pro midsole; TorsionRods; lightweight mesh upper
  • Pros: Lightweight; breathable
  • Cons: Tongue may feel irritating

adidas Adizero Adios 7 sneakers are the lightest on our list, making them a great choice for interval runs. They’re also incredibly breathable, courtesy of the unlined mesh upper. And the TorsionRods keep your arch stable while you’re running, contributing to a smooth heel-to-toe transition. The shoes run narrow, so size up if you’re between sizes.

What reviewers say: “By far one of the best shoes I ever purchased. Of course there’s the colors. But I also love the lightness of this shoe and how well it handles the road.”

white, black, and gray sneakers

CREDIT: Courtesy of adidas

adidas EQ21 Run

Best adidas Running Shoes for Wide Feet

  • Best for: Short- to medium-distance road runs
  • Size range: Men’s 6.5 to 14; women’s 5 to 11
  • Weight: 20.6 oz
  • Drop: 10.5 millimeters
  • Special features: Bounce midsole
  • Pros: Durable; well-cushioned
  • Cons: Lacks arch support

Need a fresh pair of sneakers for your daily miles? The adidas EQ21 Run shoes are a well-priced, highly-rated choice. The Bounce midsole springs you forward, and the highly durable outsole allows you to run safely in rain, snow, or wind. It’s not a stability shoe, so don’t expect much in the arch support department. But if you’re looking for some kicks to log casual miles in, they’re excellent.

What reviewers say: “Love the all black colorway, but more importantly, the comfort of the shoe even when just walking. The upper is flexible, easy to pull on and off, and the sole and heel has a lot of cushioned bounce.”

blue running shoes

CREDIT: Courtesy of adidas

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adidas Terrex Speed Ultra Trail Running Shoes

Best for Trail Speed and Racing

  • Best for: Medium- to long-distance trail runs
  • Size range: Men’s 6 to 15
  • Weight: 8.6 oz
  • Drop: 8 millimeters
  • Special features: Boost midsole; Lightstrike cushioning; reflective upper
  • Pros: Grippy outsole; lightweight; padded heel tab and tongue
  • Cons: Not fully water resistant

A grippy tread is essential for trail runners, and the adidas Terrex Speed Ultra Trail Running Shoes knock that feature out of the park. The rubber outsole, inspired by gravel bikes, expertly handles sticks, rocks, roots, and loose dirt. It’s a lightweight, breathable sneaker with ample cushion, thanks to a dual Boost and Lightstrike midsole. And the reflective print is a nice safety feature for early-morning jogs.

What reviewers say: “I love the Terex Trail shoes line. This is my fourth pair. They fit like a glove. For a trail runner they are ‘barely there’ shoes which I love. No clunkers.”

Blue, pink, black, and white running shoes

CREDIT: Courtesy of adidas

adidas Terrex Agravic Flow 2 Trail Running Shoes

Most Versatile Trail Running Shoe

  • Best for: Short- to medium-distance trail runs
  • Size range: Men’s 6.5 to 15; women’s 5 to 11
  • Weight: 11 oz
  • Drop: 8 millimeters
  • Special features: Lightstrike cushioning; Pro-Moderator support
  • Pros: Durable;
  • Cons: Stiff heel may cause rubbing

If you overpronate when you run, adidas’ Pro-Moderator support will be your saving grace — it cushions the inner arch of your foot to keep you in good alignment. The adidas Terrex Agravic Flow 2 Trail Running Shoes use that technology to keep your foot stable, whether you’re summiting mountains or jogging flatter trails. The breathable upper makes these comfortable to wear during summertime, and the grippy rubber outsole delivers top-notch traction. The sloped design of the toe cap makes it easy to lean into your stride.

What reviewers say: “This is a great shoe. It provides amazing support, rock protection, and is amazingly stable, even when stepping on sticks and leaves when running on trails. Definitely worth the buy.”

black trail running sneaker with blue and pink accents

CREDIT: Courtesy of adidas

adidas Running Sneakers for Different Foot Types and Conditions

  • adidas running shoes for flat feet: Those with flat feet tend to overpronate, meaning your foot rolls inward when it strikes a surface. adidas Ultraboost styles are ideal running shoes for flat feet, as the cushioned midsole softens the impact.
  • adidas running shoes for wide feet: If you’re feet often feel squeezed on the side, you likely need shoes designed for wide feet. Look for roomier options with malleable mesh uppers; adidas offers styles like their Boston 11 running shoes in a wide fit.
  • adidas running shoes for heel spurs: Cushioned heel counters and a higher heel-to-toe drop are the name of the game if you deal with dull or sharp pain related to heel spurs; these features take pressure off of the back of your foot. Supernova styles fit the bill.
  • adidas running shoes for plantar fasciitis: Plantar fasciitis is a pesky but common injury, often resulting from overuse. The soft feel and substantial support found in Ultraboost 22 and Ultraboost Light sneakers will keep you comfortable.
  • adidas running shoes for knee pain: Of the myriad causes of knee pain, the wrong shoe is a common trigger. If you suffer from conditions like flat feet or high arches, pay special attention to the shoe’s midsole. Proper cushioning can help absorb impact when your foot pounds a surface; consider Adizero Adios Pro 3 shoes, which have a substantial stack height.
  • adidas running shoes for back pain: Solid shock absorption and cushioning are key for managing and preventing back pain, which is a common ailment for runners. The Ultraboost 22 sneakers deliver both of those key features.
  • adidas running shoes for bunions: A wide toe box is essential for runners who deal with bunions. adidas EQ21 Run sneakers flare out around your toes for a roomy fit.
  • adidas running shoes for neuropathy: If you’re experiencing diabetes-related neuropathy in your feet, you’ll want to make sure your shoes are highly comfortable and don’t cause friction on your feet. The soft Cloudfoam midsole in adidas’ QT Racer sneakers go easy on your feet.

How to Wash adidas Running Shoes

No matter how deftly you navigate a trail or city streets, odds are, your shoes will show some wear (and probably smell, no offense) after a handful of runs. Instead of storing them outside, give them a good scrub. First, clap the soles of the shoes together to release any chunks of dirt. Then use a damp toothbrush to remove any remaining debris on the outsole of the shoe. Soak a washcloth in warm water and a mild laundry detergent to wipe away any stains or dirt on the uppers of your sneakers. With a clean, wet washcloth, wipe away any leftover suds and bubbles from your shoes. Then let them air dry indoors at room temperature. In a pinch, you can remove the insoles and laces and place your sneakers in a pillowcase, then run them through a washing machine on cold and delicate settings with a mild detergent.

How We Selected the Best adidas Running Shoes

For more than 75 years, Footwear News has been the shoe authority. Our coverage spans top industry news, retail trends, head-to-toe fashion, athletic and outdoor analysis and more. Footwear News’ global network of editors has carefully curated all product selections featured using our expansive brand knowledge and thorough research to find quality, long-lasting items.

At Footwear News, we test top sneakers from popular brands, like adidas, year-round. When testing, we evaluate the feel and durability of the shoe, putting it to the test against city streets and mountainous terrains. To select the best adidas running shoes, we delved into adidas’ running shoe technology, pinpointing the most momentous developments from the brand. Footwear News editors made sure to include options to suit different terrains, foot conditions, climates, and distances. We noted any downsides, too, be it blisters or sizing issues. Shoes are a highly personal choice — every foot is different — but the options on our list passed with flying colors.

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