4 major revelations from the first trailer


  • The Aquaman sequel, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, promises to be a huge success as the trailer hints at big reveals and high stakes.

  • The trailer shows Arthur Curry’s family home being destroyed, potentially putting his father in danger and leading him down a path of revenge.

  • Atlantis is revealed to be partially destroyed, suggesting that Curry’s enemies are targeting everything he holds dear.

While the first trailer for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom hasn’t been fully released yet, the 30-second teaser footage still contained numerous major DCEU reveals. The Aquaman The sequel is set to hit theaters this December, and considering this will be the final DCEU installment before James Gunn’s DC Universe reboot, the pressure is on to come out with a bang. Luckily, judging from the trailer footage so far, it appears to be exactly that Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom intended to do.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom It’s been pretty quiet on the marketing front so far, leaving plot details very open to speculation. One thing is certain: With this likely to be Momoa’s final appearance as King of the Sea, the stakes are higher than ever before. With that in mind, here are four of the biggest reveals in the first part Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Trailer footage.

4 The Curry family home is destroyed

Jason Momoa looks desperate in Aquaman 2

The Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom The teaser is full of blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moments, but one is heartbreakingly obvious. As returning rival Black Manta coldly states: “I will kill Aquaman and destroy everything he holds dear“The trailer shows a shot of a distraught Curry discovering the burning rubble of his family home. This probably put his father, Thomas Curry, in danger of his life – in the worst case scenario, he would have died, putting Arthur in danger on the path to revenge.

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Given that Arthur immediately charges towards the fire, it’s probably safe to assume that he’s heading there to save his father. However, if the film takes inspiration from the comics, the forecast doesn’t look good. In fact, this scene seems to confirm the theory that Black Manta will kill Aquaman’s father Aquaman and theLost Kingdom.

3 Atlantis is (at least partially) destroyed

Aquaman & The Lost Kingdom Bridge Destruction

To further drive home the stakes, the teaser includes numerous shots that show destruction at the hands of an enemy that is likely in control of a real army. In the teaser, a hail of lasers, collapsing buildings and ferocious beasts appear in quick succession, and it looks as if Atlantis is directly in the line of fire. Manta stated that he would eventually destroy everything Curry holds dear.

Perhaps this could manifest as a similar story Thor: Ragnarok, in which Thor witnessed the destruction of his kingdom, only to emerge as the capable ruler he was meant to be. It should also be remembered that since this is the final installment of the DCEU, DC may be going for a scorched earth approach with its current locations, only to reintroduce them in a different guise in future DCU installments. James Wan confirmed the influence of the DCU Aquaman 2although the broader tradition is largely separate.

2 Aquaman V. Black Manta gets its first fight tease

Black Manta in Aquaman & The Lost Kingdom

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Yahya Abdul-Mateen II will reprise his role as Black Manta, who has a new vendetta against Curry after his humiliation Aquaman. This will result in Black Manta getting his hands on the Black Trident, which will in turn unleash an even greater ancient evil. However, with his own trident in hand, Manta and Aquaman will face off once again – with a glimpse of the decisive battle shown in the teaser.

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Details about how large a role Manta will play, especially given the ancient malevolent power he unleashes in obtaining the Black Trident, remain to be seen. It also remains to be seen how well Manta can stand up to Curry with the trident in hand, as little is known about his powers. However, it’s safe to assume that their reunion will play a significant role in the sequel.

1 Aquaman fights a giant mechanical octopus enemy

Patrick Wilson as Orm with Mechanical Octopus

An indispensable feature of the Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Trailer is the giant mechanical octopus enemy who first appears behind Patrick Wilson’s Orm and who will undergo some sort of redemption arc in this film. The secrets surrounding this construct are many. The scene in which it appears takes place outside the water, having apparently caused significant damage to the surrounding area. Whether this mechanical creature is related to the “ancient evil” at the center of the film’s plot is also unclear.

It is also clear that another octopus seems to appear again in the form of Topo, Aquaman’s ally, who was seen as a drummer in the first film Aquaman 2. In one scene, Curry rides a blue seahorse with an octopus clinging to its side. The drumming octopus has been confirmed to appear again in this sequel, and if it is indeed Topo, perhaps he will play an even bigger role.

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