5 shocking moments revealed in Vanderpump Rules Reunion Part 1 Pumped Up Edition

Vanderpump Rules The Season 10 reunion will air in three parts, with three uncensored, unabridged versions appearing on Peacock the next day, and the first part revealed even more information than the Bravo edited version. The “Pumped Up” versions of the series have no time limit and offer more clarification on the season’s moments Vanderpump Rules Reunions have proven to be worth seeing. Problems arose between Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss as the season progressed, as their relationship played out behind the scenes and the cast began to understand her behavior. The longer versions of the reunion episodes reveal Scandoval’s true emotions.

As a “Pumped Up” version of the Vanderpump Rules “Reunion” had almost ten minutes of unseen content and felt more difficult considering the uncensored nature of the episode. The lack of censorship allowed the editors to capture some key moments from the episode that shed a whole new light on the nuances of Scandoval, as well as some of the season’s other big dramas. With the cast being understood a little better and the moments between casts being even more intense, the uncensored cut of the reunion episode is a must if viewers want the bigger picture.


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5 Ariana compared Tom’s treatment towards her to his treatment of Kristen Doute

At the beginning of the uncensored version of the first part Vanderpump Rules In the Season 10 reunion, Tom began talking about the issues he and Ariana were struggling with in their relationship when he started cheating on her with Raquel. Tom has consistently brought up the issues between him and Ariana and has done his best to shift some of the blame for their failed relationship onto his ex. As he went through a litany of issues he had with Ariana, she opened up about how similar he sounded when he spoke to her, just as he did when his relationship with Kristen Doute ended.

When Tom and Kristen’s relationship came to an end Vanderpump Rules In the second season, they already had to deal with Tom’s infidelity for most of the season. To see Tom lie about his cheating and then try to get Kristen to admit that it was somehow her fault he cheated was troubling, and to see him use the same excuses almost a decade later is is shocking. Ariana called him out on that behavior, and this Vanderpump Rules Reunion shared some footage to support him, showing him slamming Kristen with nearly identical speeches about his behavior.

4 The uncensored fight between James and Tom was more aggressive

While Tom’s fight with James Kennedy was dragged out in the first part of the film Vanderpump Rules In the uncensored version of the episode, the reunion was even more about the argument between the two former SUR employees. James and Tom have been friends longer than Tom and Ariana have been together, and the two appeared to be close friends until Tom decided to get closer to Raquel after she and James ended their engagement. While Tom and James were still friends, James felt he had been left out of Tom’s life and made it clear that he had hurt him in the process Vanderpump Rules Season 10 finale.

When Tom tried to play off his relationship with James as something he didn’t feel was a close or personal bond, James lashed out at Tom in anger, his feelings obviously hurt. In the uncensored version of the first part Vanderpump Rules Bye bye, the fight between James and Tom has more context. James is deeply hurt by Tom’s sacking and seeing how clearly hurt he is in his reaction to Tom’s flippant comments was key to understanding his incredibly violent reaction. When James looked Tom in the face twice in quick succession, it was clear that Tom’s dismissive manner got under his skin.

3 Katie and Schwartz shared more details about their fragile relationship

Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney should be one of the bigger storylines Vanderpump Rules Season 10, but when Raquel came into the picture, things changed for the latter part of the episodes. At the start of the season Katie and Tom were trying to sort out their relationship after the divorce and things started to take a turn for the worse when Raquel showed interest in Tom after Katie and her ex agreed to keep their future romantic involvements out of their friends circle. When Tom and Raquel shared a kiss at Scheana Shay’s wedding, Katie decided she was no longer interested in being disrespected by Tom and largely cut ties with her ex.

During the extended version of the first part of the Vanderpump Rules At the reunion, Katie updated Andy and the rest of the cast on her current relationship with Tom, which is rather minimal. After the two argued a bit about their relationship, some shots were added of how the rest of the cast felt about their breakup. First, Lisa Vanderpump opened up about how sad she was when the couple split, but how understanding she was of the split. Some footage of Lisa officiating the couple’s wedding was shown along with Lisa’s emotional reaction to their breakup.

2 Scheana revealed how Tom started the open relationship rumor

One of the greatest dramas of the first half Vanderpump Rules In Season 10, it was rumored that Katie had told others that Tom and Ariana were in an open relationship. While it was clear that Tom and Ariana were having issues in their relationship, both insisted they weren’t in an open relationship or interested in one. The rumor sparked a certain rift between Katie and Ariana and fueled the fire between Katie and Raquel even more. While Katie and Ariana managed to come to terms, it still seemed odd that it had even started.

During the uncensored, uncut version of Vanderpump Rules In Part 1 of the reunion, Scheana shared that it was actually Tom himself who started the rumor that he and Ariana were in an open relationship. Scheana explained that Tom told Raquel about it at Coachella the year before, in a small, unreleased footage of it Vanderpump Rules In the finale, Scheana was shown telling Ariana the same story in more detail. It was clear that while Tom strongly disapproved of the tale, that’s how the rumor, at least in its most basic form, had originated.

1 Andy asked the Toms if Schwartz & Sandy’s was worth it

While Vanderpump Rules Season 10, during a launch event for Tom and Schwartz’s lounge. Schwartz & Sandy’s Tom and Katie sat together and had one of the first real conversations they’d had about their relationship since their divorce. In a moment of sincerity, Katie asked Tom if the lounge was worth all it cost him. After losing money at the lounge, sacrificing time when the opening was postponed and his divorce from Katie largely due to the pressure it put on their relationship, Tom found it difficult to respond.

During the longer cut of the Vanderpump RulesIn “Reunion Part 1” Andy brought the question back to the two toms since they were both in a very different place from when they first started working on Schwartz & Sandy’s. Tom, unable to really answer, decided to take the time to say he was not happy with the cost of the lounge, but now that the business has opened and is starting to recover, it might have been worth it in the end. Tom, on the other hand, said it wasn’t worth it at the expense of his relationships.

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