8 times Tony Stark’s inventions exploded in the MCU

There are a whole range of inventions and ideas Tony Stark which exploded in his face. Although his greatest invention was reinventing himself into the hero known as Iron Man, there were elements of his Avenger journey and creations that were less than ideal. While most of Tony Stark’s inventions begin with good intentions, some still had pretty brutal consequences.

Starting with 2008 Ironman, Tony Stark has been a mainstay of the MCU with multiple Iron Man appearances. In this entire 11 year period that ended with his ultimate sacrifice in 2019 Avengers: Endgame, Tony Stark had many inventions and ideas and he even helped create new heroes. However, there were often unintended consequences. Some of these inventions even blew up after his death and instead negatively impacted his legacy. Here are the eight worst times a Tony Stark invention or idea had unintended consequences.

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8th Hall of Armor

Iron Man 3: Hall of Armor

Even though the original invention of the Iron Man armor was good, Tony Stark couldn’t stop building suits. Especially after the trauma he experienced during the Battle of New York, Iron Man 3 revealed that Tony Stark was continually building various suits of armor instead of dealing with the actual problem he was facing. Fearing losing those he cared about and wanting to protect them at all costs, Stark almost lost Pepper Potts, which led him to decide at the end of the film to blow up his entire armory hall, as it had become a crutch.

7 Ultron

In the MCU, Ultron is made of vibranium

Despite blowing up the Hall of Armor, Tony Stark remained fearful of the future while harboring a desire to create “Armor around the world”. After the Scarlet Witch’s manipulations, Tony made the unanimous decision to create the AI ​​called Ultron, using the Mind Stone as a key element. However, Ultron was born a villain and believed that peace for the world would mean the end of the Avengers and humanity itself. Therefore, the creation of Ultron in turn triggered a cascade of events that would ultimately lead to the division of the Avengers Captain America: Civil War and a lack of protection for the earth infinity War.

6 vision

Paul Bettany as Vision in the MCU's Avengers Infinity War

With the help of Bruce Banner and Thor, Tony Stark created the synthezoid known as Vision as a means to combat Ultron. The Vision was created using the Mind Stone and a combination of algorithms and personality matrices derived from Ultron, Stark’s AI assistant JARVIS, Banner, and Stark himself. Although he played a key role in Ultron’s defeat, Vision’s uniqueness as a sentient and free-thinking being also had consequences in the MCU.

This includes the vision accidentally injuring Stark’s best friend Rhodey Civil War, as he was distracted by his new love for Wanda Maximoff’s Scarlet Witch. Likewise, Vision’s existence and the Mind Stone’s integration made the Avengers’ mission much more complicated as Thanos and his forces arrived to collect all the Infinity Stones, arguably leading to the Mad Titans’ victory with Decimation. Vision also motivated Wanda’s eventual corruption due to her grief over his death. While the Vision did much good after its creation, there were undeniably serious consequences as well.

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5 Damage control

Agent Cleary interrogates Peter Parker in Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Originally, the Department of Damage Control was a joint venture between the US government and Stark Industries to collect and dispose of alien technology left behind in the aftermath of the Battle of New York. However, this inadvertently led to the creation of Adrian Toomes’ Vulture, who turned his unemployed salvage crew into a black market arms ring and kept the alien technology for himself. Additionally, the DODC later expanded its authority to monitor and detain super-powered individuals. To this end, some agents have taken more aggressive liberties in detaining these individuals, as noted in particular Ms. Marvel.

4 Iron spider suit

Spider-Man wears the Iron Spider suit in Infinity War

It can be argued that Tony Stark’s mentorship and effectively creating the official Spider-Man in the MCU had its drawbacks. Case in point, Tony Stark’s desire to protect Peter Parker while making him a great hero brought a whole new source of responsibility, stress, and guilt into his life. However, the invention of the Iron Spider Suit was particularly surprising to Tony as it allowed Parker to join him Infinity War Mission to the planet Titan where he helped defeat Thanos, although Iron Man would have preferred Spider-Man to stay home where it was safer.

3 Quantum time travel

Tony Stark discovers time travel in the endgame of “Avengers.”

Five years after the decimation and extinction of half of all life in the universe, Tony Stark was asked by Captain America, Black Widow and Ant-Man for help in developing time travel that would allow him to go back and save those they lost. I lost. Not wanting to jeopardize the family he had built in the years since “The Snap,” Tony initially declined, but couldn’t help himself when his fellow Avengers left. When Stark finally figured out how to successfully time travel through the Quantum Realm, he regretted his invention almost immediately after making it.

Even though he knew all too well the risk involved, Stark was still forced to try to save those who had died. In fact, Iron Man’s invention of time travel led directly to his death with the Infinity Stones. Although he saved the universe, the cost of doing so was his own life after he realized it was the only way to defeat Thanos and his forces.

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2 Nano glove

Tony Stark with the Infinity Gauntlet in Avengers: Endgame

The same consequence mentioned above can also be traced back to Stark’s nano-tech armor and the gauntlet he created to house the Infinity Stones. Since he was the only one who could successfully transfer the Infinity Stones from the gauntlet in Thanos’ hand to his own armor, Tony Stark was the only one who could save the universe. Nanotechnology thus ensured that Iron Man had to sacrifice himself, but for the greater good and those he loved. Of course, Tony Stark would have preferred to live, and he said so at the beginning Avengers: Endgame.


Tony Stark, Peter Parker and Quentin Beck wear EDITH glasses

In attempting to leave a legacy and effective legacy for Spider-Man in the event of his death, even Stark’s EDITH glasses had unintended consequences that ultimately damaged his legacy overall. The glasses Tony left for Peter Parker stand for “Even Dead, I’m The Hero” and gave him access to Stark Industries’ global satellite network as well as an arsenal of missiles and drones. However, the power was too great for Peter, who felt it would be better in the hands of Quentin Beck’s Mysterio, not realizing that Beck was actually a disgraced Stark employee who led other disgruntled employees, the AR used to make him seem like a hero.

After his defeat against Spider-Man, EDITH’s Stark technician helped Mysterio publicly unmask Spider-Man as Peter Parker and portray him as a murderer. It also subsequently allowed the DODC to claim all drones and technology as its own and use them with extreme bias against super-powered individuals. Of course that’s something Tony Stark probably never would have wanted to, especially considering his legacy in the MCU.

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