A Bird in the Hand Quest Guide

In A Bird In The Hand, Hogwarts Legacy players must help Poppy Sweeting solve puzzles to find and protect a nest of Golden Snidgets from poachers.

A bird in the hand is one of the last quests Hogwarts legacy a player can complete to build their friendship with Hufflepuff student Poppy Sweeting. Poppy, who is passionate about protecting magical creatures, asks the player for help in fighting poachers who hunt fantastical beasts throughout the Hogwarts Valley. In A bird in the handPoppy and the player must join the Centaur Dorran to track down and protect extremely rare Golden Snidgets, previously thought to be extinct.

Begin A bird in the handthe player must have used all the spells he has unlocked Hogwarts legacy to help Poppy free a dragon fire and vice Main Story Quest. This opens Poppy’s relationship quest line, where the player can help Poppy face the poachers and develop a lasting friendship with her. While A bird in the handthe player will receive a message from Poppy asking them to meet her and Dorran south of Brocburrow to investigate a mysterious sanctuary where they suspect some Golden Snidgets are hidden.

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How to help poppy sweeten and complete a bird in hand

Hogwarts Legacy A Bird In The Hand Shadow Door Puzzle Solution
Make sure the pedestal with the moonstone is blocking the light from the pillars, casting a shadow.

In order to properly start the quest, the player must travel to the location marked on their map to meet Poppy and Dorran. After talking to them, the player must find a way into the ruins by solving a puzzle. How The legacy of Hogwarts Bell Tower Puzzle, the solution is a bit simpler than it seems. First, the player has to place the moonstone on the pedestal, which will light up two symbols at the ruin entrance. These symbols also appear on the ground near the two pillars with lights.

How to solve the column puzzle

Hogwarts legacy player looking at puzzle pin for a bird in hand quest puzzle

The player should use Accio to move both columns to solve this puzzle.

The shadows from the pillars should fall on the icons that match the glowing icons on the door.

On the ground opposite each pillar, the player can see bronze needles that indicate where the pillar’s shadow currently is. Next turn each pillar so that its shadow falls on one of the symbols that matches those on the door. Then the door to the sanctuary should open.

Hogwarts Legacy A Bird In The Hand Player and Poppy Sweeting explore the Golden Snidget Sanctuary

The player should follow the path until they reach a dead end with an Elemental Cube Puzzle of one The legacy of Hogwarts treasuries. The first cube is on the left behind the tree. The player can use Wingardium Leviosa to move it to the platform with the fire icon and then set it on fire with Incendio or Confringo.

Hogwarts Legacy A Bird In The Hand Player Lifting Block with Wingardium Leviosa

The second cube is on the top right of the landing. To get it, the player should use Wingardium Leviosa to move the block on the left to the right and then use it to climb to the second level to grab the cube. This cube should be placed on the other platform and the player should cast Glacius to open the door.

Hogwarts Legacy A Bird in Hand Player admiring the golden Snidget tree

The player and Poppy must do it Inside, fight a sudden ambush by poachers. However, this can be an uphill battle due to the number of enemies The legacy of Hogwarts The best spell combos and ancient magic should ensure that the player emerges victorious. After the fight, the player can unlock the door Snidget Sanctuary by casting Glacius on it. After the following cutscene, the player has helped Poppy ensure the Golden Snidgets are safe and completed Hogwarts legacy‘S A bird in the hand side quest.

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Editor’s note: Harry Potter creator JK Rowling has been accused of transphobia by members of the LGBTQ+ community. Although Rowling is not directly involved in the development of Hogwarts Legacy, he does earn royalties from the game. We wish to reiterate our support for trans rights and the validity of trans identities. Listed below are support services for trans people affected by discussions about transphobia.

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