A fake Martin Scorsese film goes viral

Martin Scorsese

Everyone has a favorite Martin Scorsese movie. Maybe it’s a classic like taxi driver or Goodfellas. Or it could become the winner of best picture The departed or The Wolf of Wall Street. Or maybe yes Goncharovreleased in 1973 – except it wasn’t and the film is a complete invention of the internet.

The fictional film has been making the rounds on the internet – starting from Tumblr of all places – and has since gone viral. he poster for Goncharov Stars Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Gene Hackman, John Cazale, Cybill Shepherd and Harvey Keitel in an eye patch for some reason.

Martin Scorsese poster

The poster is a sloppy example of not only lousy Photoshop, but also inconsistent details. The top says “Martin Scorsese Presents” and is directed by someone named Matteo JWHJ 0715, but the bottom clearly states that Scorsese directed and was only written by Mr. 0715. So who directed The Greatest Mafia Movie Ever Made? ? Well, nobody, but that doesn’t mean people don’t have fun chasing down the fictional missing film.

Goncharov Followers turn the “Martin Scorsese movie” into one low-key phenomenonPost , still images, fake letterboxed reviews, and actual scores. Sometimes the internet community really does come together for something positive.

The story actually dates back to 2020, but has since grown much larger and built a lore Goncharov that has reached new heights.

The unofficial plot of this completely non-existent film: “Former nightclub owner Goncharov arrives in Naples, Italy after the fall of the Soviet Union and becomes involved in the world of organized crime. In the end, his paths cross with Andrey, a banker. The two have a lot of sexual tension, to the point where many believe that if they just fucked, all deaths would be prevented. Meanwhile, his disaffected wife Katya has to deal with the death of her father when she becomes entangled with a mysterious woman named Sofia.”

For those who want to see one indeed Martin Scorsese film, his next outing, Killer of the Flower Moonwill be released in 2023.

Martin Scorsese Goncharov may be entirely made up by the internet, but based on the plot, character details and poster, would you watch it? Let us know what you think about the following story!

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