A newlywed couple said they lost thousands of dollars at a wedding after more than half the guests who had promised the heir failed to show up

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Gray Narvaez-Dragion’s first video has been viewed millions of times.Screenshot/TikTok – @grayanxiety

  • An 18-year-old went viral with a clip about how more than half of her RSVPs didn’t show up for her wedding.

  • Gray Narvaez-Dragion told Insider they’re not sure why so many people didn’t make it, but the majority of the no-shows are co-workers.

  • They said they lost a lot of money doing this, but are still happy with the small party.

An 18-year-old newlywed has shocked commentators with a video detailing how more than half of the people who said ‘yes’ to their wedding didn’t show up.

Gray Narvaez-Dragion told Insider they’ve been in constant communication about their no-shows, so they’re equally baffled by the disappointing turnout. Strangers now flock to support the newlywed.

Narvaez Dragions first videowhich has over 3 million views, was a five-second clip of a mostly empty banquet hall with only a few people seated at tables.

“88 people said yes… not even 40 showed up,” the on-screen text read sullenly.

The creator said they had to cancel the dinner, private dance and sparkler farewell as a result. The reception was also canceled. In the description of a follow-up clipsaid Narvaez-Dragion, she and her partner Nyx sat together in the ceremony room and wept.

In addition to sympathy, many viewers were confused as to why so many of the 88 RSVPs failed to show up, prompting the creator to do so to show proof with a Google form of RSVP responses.

The creator told Insider that they couldn’t say for sure why so many people didn’t show up, but that many of the no-shows were their co-workers. The creator said they were in “almost daily contact” with everyone they invited before the deadline.

“Every person we invited wasn’t random; we loved every single one very much,” said Narvaez-Dragion.

Narvaez-Dragion said one person even texted them on the morning of the wedding, saying they were so excited to be there but didn’t actually attend.

Overall, Narvaez-Dragion said they lost around $2,500 of the $3,000 they paid for the meal, a DJ and gifts for their guests. They were left with a ton of food, including a huge charcuterie table and much of the wedding cake.

Narvaez-Dragion also put a lot of thought into the gifts they gave their guests, which were custom made resin magnets and soaps and “magic jars” to manifest happiness, love and grounding.

“We have most of these in my car right now,” said Narvaez-Dragion. “We haven’t even unpacked it properly yet. My flowers are still in.

They’ve also poured money into a fun photo booth for guests. “There’s so much we couldn’t do because people left so early,” Narvaez-Dragion said. “We were just signing our marriage license when I saw a few people leave.”

The comment sections of Narvaez-Dragion’s videos were flooded with thousands of sympathetic messages. “You deserve the most extravagant wedding. I’m sorry people are so heartless,” said one top comment; “You just have to know that everyone here on Tiktok is celebrating you both!!” wrote another viewer. Several people asked the Creator to revise the wedding and promised that they would be present.

People are deeply angry on behalf of the newlyweds.

“I would stop contacting all spirits immediately,” was one top comment. Some people even advise them to send their no-shows an invoice for the money spent on them.

“Give them a no-show fee because they can’t,” chimed in another top comment.

Influencers like James Charles felt compelled to convey their condolences. “I’m so so so so sorry,” Charles wrote.

Narvaez-Dragion said they were incredibly overwhelmed by all the attention. Despite initial disappointment with the turnout, they said they are beginning to appreciate the little party they had. They said the ceremony itself was beautiful and successful, and they were grateful that those present genuinely cared about them.

“[My husband] and I’ve been through a lot in the last three years that I’ve been together,” Narvaez-Dragion said. “Flakey people, by and large, really don’t mean anything. We still love each other equally.”

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