All 19 Tesla recalls and issues in 2022 – from broken cameras to “pinching” windows

TESLA has recalled nearly 4 million U.S. vehicles in 2022 through 19 orders this year — an average of nearly two a month since January.

And some of the electric car manufacturers expenditure reared their ugly heads more than once.

Front view of the entrance of a Tesla car dealership


Front view of the entrance of a Tesla car dealershipPhoto credit: Getty

Electric windows can get stuck

Tesla recalled 1,096,762 vehicles over concerns that the automatic windows would not stop immediately when they detected an obstacle, such as a car. B. a car driver’s fingers – or even his neck.

The electric car maker feared the window software in the recalled vehicles could exert excessive force when it hits an obstacle, injuring drivers and passengers.

Tesla deployed a remote update to fix its Windows software.

The seat belt chime may not activate

The second largest recall for Elon Musk’s electric car company came on February 1 after 817,143 vehicles were suspected of having a seatbelt chime that would not activate.

A software update has been released to resolve the Tesla seat belt bell issue.

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Tesla later recalled 24,064 vehicles for improperly reassembled seat belt anchorages, which can affect the belt’s performance during an accident.

Tesla would later inspect these seat belt anchorages and reassemble them if necessary.

Pedestrian warning tone must not occur

Because electric vehicles (EVs) are quiet, Teslas are equipped with a warning chime so pedestrians can hear the approaching cars.

Tesla recalled 578,607 vehicles on Feb. 4 over evidence that the cars’ boombox function could mask pedestrian warning sounds.

Boombox is used to play media outside of a Tesla model.

The electric car maker had to issue another recall on April 12 for 594,894 vehicles over the same pedestrian warning noise issue.

A Tesla software update resolved both recalls.

The taillight may not light up

Tesla recalled 321,628 vehicles on Nov. 15 due to a software bug that causes car headlights to go out intermittently, increasing the likelihood of traffic accidents.

The taillight issue was addressed by a software update released by Elon Musk’s company.

Display error in the middle

Tesla recalled 129,960 cars on May 3 after finding overheating that could cause the affected vehicles’ central display to malfunction.

A separate recall on March 18 affected 947 vehicles and their displays, which may experience delays when a driver switches to rear-view.

Both recalls were resolved through software updates.

Tesla Showroom and Service Center in Red Hook, Brooklyn


Tesla Showroom and Service Center in Red Hook, BrooklynPhoto credit: Getty

roll stops

Tesla says of its Full Self-Driving (FSD) feature: “Recognizes stop signs and traffic lights and automatically slows your car to a stop as you approach it, with your active monitoring.”

FSD additionally offers automatic steering on city roads.

However, on Jan. 27, Tesla recalled 53,822 vehicles over evidence showing its FSD system can automatically coast through stop signs against a driver’s will.

Tesla then released a software update that disabled FSD’s rolling stop feature.

The speed unit may not be displayed

A base Tesla Model S sedan can go from 0-60mph in 3.1 seconds, so it’s important to watch your speed when driving one of these electric vehicles.

Tesla recalled 48,184 cars on April 18 over speed measurements of certain models that may not be shown.

A software update released by Tesla fixed this incorrect projection of the speed measurement.

Tesla logo at a company store in Lower Manhattan


Tesla logo at a company store in Lower ManhattanPhoto credit: Getty Images – Getty

Loss of power steering assistance

Losing power steering can make your car difficult to navigate and increase the likelihood of an accident.

Tesla recalled 40,168 of its vehicles for power steering losses on Nov. 1 and fixed the issue with a remote software update.

Airbag deployment

Tesla has issued four separate airbag recalls in 2022.

The most significant of these four recalls took place on November 15, when 29,348 cars received a software update to fix a passenger airbag deployment bug.

On April 8, 7,289 Teslas had their left and front side airbags replaced due to improper deployment.

Tesla recalled nine cars on Feb. 23 to replace passenger-side side airbags for delayed deployment.

A Tesla SUV charges at a power station


A Tesla SUV charges at a power stationPhoto credit: Getty

The most minor Tesla airbag recall in 2022 involved five vehicles and their passenger airbag, which may inflate incorrectly.

Tesla responded to its recall of five cars by replacing the models’ front beam bumper structure.

Improper defroster function

Elon Musk’s electric car company recalled 26,681 cars on Feb. 2 over windshield defrosters that may not be working properly.

But Tesla drivers were covered for the rest of the winter by a software update that fixed the vehicles’ defrosting problem.

Incorrect installation of the side mirrors

Tesla recalled 53 of its vehicles on November 1 for incorrect side mirror installation.

Tesla replaced the mirrors so drivers could accurately judge the distance between their car and objects in their side mirrors.

Fisheye and narrow camera views swapped

On May 9, Tesla recalled seven of its cars for swapped camera views that resulted from improper installation.

Tesla then swapped the terminals and recalibrated the cameras for these seven vehicles.

Body reinforcement bracket missing

A faulty car is enough to trigger a recall.

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Tesla issued a recall for a car on April 18 due to a missing body reinforcement bracket in the model’s second row of seats.

Tesla replaced the recalled vehicle free of charge.

Inside view of the interior of a Tesla Model 3


Inside view of the interior of a Tesla Model 3Photo credit: Getty All 19 Tesla recalls and issues in 2022 – from broken cameras to “pinching” windows

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