All Astronomy Table Locations (And How To Solve Them)

There are fifteen astronomy boards in total, scattered throughout Hogwarts legacy. Players will receive this quest around mid-game based on how much time they’ve spent wandering around Hogwarts. Each astronomy table is used to view one of the constellations from the wizarding world.

Of the many collectibles in Hogwarts legacy, the astronomy boards have one of the least found unique pieces. However, a few things make them a bit difficult to complete. for one make sure it’s night when the player approaches the astronomy table since they don’t work during the day. The first astronomy table is also found in a quest. While most astronomy boards are in the Highlands, there is one at Hogwarts that is harder to find. In general, the best way to solve an astronomy table is to zoom out far enough to see everything, rotate the constellation until it matches the brighter stars, and then zoom in until the puzzle clicks.


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How to start the Astronomy Quest

Lyra constellation in Hogwarts Legacy

A main quest becomes available after Percival Rackham’s trial and beyond The Elf, the Nab Sack and the Loomwhich players can use to improve their equipment Hogwarts legacy. follow that visit astronomy Find and take the astronomy course. During class, the professor asks Amit to share his telescope with the player. Once the class is over, he offers the player his spare telescope on the condition that the player helps him with something. Go down to the level below to find his old telescope and return to the spiral staircase.

Meet Amit on the lower platform and he will tell you that he has also studied the astronomy tables. Walk with him and he will lead you through the courtyard of the bell tower and to the castle wall. Get on the wall and go through the door leading into the tower. Blow up some crates in front of the next door to get into the next tower. There will be some cobwebs that need to be removed, which can be done with both Incendio or Confringo.

Once you go through the next door, the astronomy table will be in front of you. This table requires the player to zoom in quite a bit to fully align the puzzle and make it click. It is the Lyra constellationand once he is done, Amit will tell the player that there are more tables in the Highlands and players can solve the remaining 13 puzzles.

North Ford Swamp

This is right in front of the San Bakar Tower. It may be easiest to fly there, but it can be reached on foot by jumping over the rope fence next to the bridge and walking up the hill. The answer to this riddle is this Centaur constellation.

Forbidden Forest

This is on a hill near a hippogriff cave Hogwarts legacy. The solution is this Draco constellation.

South Hogwarts

This is on another hill, just above the main path leading from Hogwarts Castle to Hogsmeade. The solution for this table is this Scorpio constellation.

Hogwarts Valley – Brocburrow

This one is just outside the hamlet of Brocburrow, up the hill and next to a pile of crates and barrels. The solution for this table is this Constellation Corvus.

Hogwarts Valley – Keenbridge

This is near the Hamlet of Keenbridge. Across the river is a ruined castle that also offers an ancient magical hotspot. It is possible to climb to the roof through the inside of the castle Wingardium Leviosa to move the boxes. As usual, the player can fly up. The solution for this table is this Capricorn constellation.

South Feldcroft

This is directly north of the South Feldcroft Floo Flame. It is on a hill overlooking a Hogwarts legacy landing platform and the sea. The solution for this table is this Horological constellation.

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North Feldcroft

This is in North Feldcroft, on a hill next to a Little Bandit camp and overlooking another Little Bandit camp. The solution for this table is this Constellation Lacerta.

Poidsear Coast

This one is located near the south coast of Poidsear. The solution for this table is this Hydra constellation.

Marunweem Lake

This is right up the hill from a Thestral Cave. It is the constellation Canis Major.


There are some very powerful enemies here, so be careful. There is also a Merlin Trial nearby. The astronomy table is on the roof. This is the constellation Sagittarius.

Clagmar Coast

This is on the cliffs overlooking the coast. This is the constellation Lupus.


This is also on some cliffs overlooking the sea. This one has a campfire nearby, making it easy to spot from a broomstick or mount. This is the constellation Cetus.

Hogsmeade Valley

This is just off the hamlet of Upper Hogsfield. It’s a bit hard to spot as the player has to go through some rocky forests to see it. The solution to this table is the constellation Leo.

Hogwarts Grounds Astronomy Table

Go back to Hogwarts to find the last table. Go to Bell Tower Courtyard and head towards the Greenhouses. There is an archway with a hedge kite inside. Pass the dragon and continue on the path until there is another archway. Go through and straight to the stairs. Go down the stairs and keep going straight; The astronomical table is waiting for you.

Upon completing the astronomy tables, players are rewarded with Star-Eyed Seer‘s gear, which can also be used to customize the appearance of other gear. This includes a scarf, outfit, and cape, but not face items or headgear. Players can then continue their journey Hogwarts legacy in the style.

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Editor’s note: Harry Potter creator JK Rowling has been accused of transphobia by members of the LGBTQ+ community. Although Rowling is not directly involved in the development of Hogwarts Legacy, he does earn royalties from the game. We wish to reiterate our support for trans rights and the validity of trans identities. Listed below are support services for trans people affected by discussions about transphobia.

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