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While there are plenty of humiliating faux pas, adorable cat clips, and heartwarming mini-dramas on TikTok, we mostly love it for the product recommendations. TikTokers have tried everything from butt-lifting leggings to eccentric cleaning hacks, so when something goes viral on the powerful app, we take notice. Well, big news! Amazon has these hot products all in one place and some of them are even on sale. The retail giant did us a huge favor by combining them all into one account Internet famous! Pageand we’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular products you’ll want to stock up on, whether your beauty routine could use a refresh or your sweaters could use a refresh.


This handy device removes pills, lint and excess threads and makes my old knitwear look new in just a few seconds.

$23 on Amazon

Sweater season is here and the coziest pieces in your closet may need a refresh. This sweater shaver promises to remove all the little balls of wool that appeared last winter and make your sweaters look almost new again.

“I’ve used this lint remover on sweaters, shirts, jeans and even old curtains,” he wrote one of over 7,000 five-star fans. “The performance is amazing. I was able to remove fuzz from over 10 sweaters in one session, and it was ready to remove even more.”


Swedish wholesale

Each dishcloth is made from cellulose and cotton, feels soft when wet and is safe to use on almost any surface. They are absorbent enough to soak up spills and strong enough to scrub a pot clean.

$16 on Amazon

This reusable kitchen towels are made from sustainable cellulose and cotton to make them particularly absorbent. You can use them like a regular paper towel, but they are strong enough to scrub dishes with baked-on food. It didn’t take long for Amazon shoppers to realize their effectiveness—so far, these tea towels have received more than 41,000 five-star reviews.

“You can really scrub with this,” wrote one satisfied kitchen cleaner. “They never feel gross like a sponge… I’ve soaked them in bleach, thrown them in the washing machine and they turn out great every time. I’ve been using the same two for a month now and they still look great; If things go south, I can compost them.”



This handheld device features a 2-in-1 design for opening and resealing bags. It also features a removable hook for easy storage.

$14 on Amazon

Say goodbye to stale chips! This little tool is designed to open bags of foods like crackers and cookies and reseal them with just one swipe, keeping your snacks fresh and crunchy. With over 5,000 five-star reviews, you’re guaranteed fresh munchies long after you open the packs.

“The mini sealer is ideal for resealing packaging to keep the goods fresh!” shared a happy buyer. “A big plus in high humidity states like Florida. I have mine hanging on the built-in hook in the pantry so I can easily reseal an opened bag of chips.”



Dirt and stains don’t stand a chance against this portable carpet cleaner. Shoppers say it’s perfect for clearing clutter in their homes and cars.

$110 on Amazon$110 at Wayfair

The sophisticated vacuum cleaner has been trending on TikTok since the start of the pandemic, and for good reason – it’s truly a master at cleaning your carpet, car, upholstery, and literally any stained furniture. TikTok users certainly aren’t the only ones obsessed with this useful (and dare we say cute) gizmo — over 48,000 five-star Amazon shoppers also swear by it, making it a #1 bestseller.

“All I can say is: WOW!” noted one reviewer. “This little machine is great. I’m totally embarrassed by how my chair looked before, but now it looks so great. Super easy to assemble, clean, use and the perfect size for storage. If you don’t have one or are thinking about it, DO IT!”



Don’t be a square! Complete your cocktails with ice balls instead of ice cubes. This hard plastic tray releases its balls with just one twist. Simply add water, seal and freeze.

$19 on Amazon

For classic cocktails, try swapping out your ice Dice for ice cream balls. Did we mention there are some? special trays that can make these tiny ice cream balls? There are. They work like a regular ice cube tray, except that after you fill the tray with water, you put a lid on it before putting it in the freezer. As the water cools, it expands and forms into round depressions. Sounds complicated, but there are almost 10,000 buyers who love it.

“I have to be honest – I’ve never loved looking at ice cream so much until I got this!” wrote one satisfied customer. “They’re super easy to remove and I love that they come with a storage container to fill the ice cream with and a little scoop (very cute).”


Star drops

This miracle paste doesn’t just remove kitchen and bathroom dirt; It safely cleans pots, grills, glass, paint, concrete floors and more – with the effort of just your weak little pinky.

$5 on Amazon$5 at Target$6 at GoPuff

say TikTokers The pink stuff is the best, fastest and most cost-effective way to remove almost any stain. All you need to do is apply the cleaning paste to the area you want to remove and then scrub it with a cloth or sponge. Chefs swear by it for removing stubborn stains from cutlery, pots and pans, while parents insist it’s the best product for removing permanent marker stains left by toddler Picassos. It’s a #1 bestseller with more than 137,000 five-star Amazon reviews – clicking “Add to Cart” is a given.

“Oh my God – this stuff is changing my life!” wrote one enthusiastic buyer. “I used it to completely clean my fiberglass shower. I couldn’t have done it with anything else, and this stuff made my shower almost like new again in a single use. Since then, we’ve removed a strange lime film from our garage door, removed wall markings, and cleaned my storm door. We’ll never be without a glass (or three) of this stuff.”


Scrub daddy

For 57,000 Amazon shoppers, this is the best sponge for the kitchen Scrub daddy. Curious? This unique sponge is tough on crusty pans and sink grime, but is safe to use on surfaces such as glass, stainless steel and non-stick coatings.

“I was watching a cleaning video on TikTok of all places and the cleaner was amazed at this ridiculous looking sponge,” one shared enthusiastic reviewer. “I thought what the heck, the price was right and I was tired of my sponges smelling. You are unbelievable! Grooves to get into all nooks and crannies, a smile to wash cutlery, perfect size for hand. I love them.” It feels ridiculous, but they really are so useful.”



Dream Coat keeps frizz-causing moisture at bay by coating each strand of hair with an invisible waterproof layer. The heat-activated polymer protects your hair while providing a silky-smooth texture that doesn’t weigh it down.

$28 on Amazon$25 at Zulily$28 at Kohl’s

Want a celebrity-level shine for your locks? Celebrity hairstylist and Color Wow Creative Director Chris Appleton achieves a sleek look he calls “glass hair” on clients like Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez who use the hero product. But anyone can use it at home to get silky, frizzy hair that lasts until the next wash. Over 45,000 Amazon buyers rave about the anti-frizz effect.

“It helped me curl my natural curls more,” reported a enthusiastic reviewer. “I like to let it dry naturally if I have time. One day I didn’t put anything in my hair and let it dry on its own and thought, ‘Oh man! I think my hair product really works!’ Without it my hair was so frizzy.”



This foot scrub is designed to remove dead skin cells from the feet and reveal baby-soft skin.

$9 on Amazon

If your feet are spending a lot of time in sandals this summer, they might need a little extra attention before slipping into your wool socks this winter. This foot peeling mask promises baby-soft skin that’s worth flaunting. To apply the mask, use a butt to allow the formula to absorb and loosen tough, calloused skin. More than 28,000 Amazon shoppers have given it the perfect five-star rating.

“I had no idea what to expect from it,” reported arAve reviewer. “After about three days, the skin flakes off like a snake. I was amazed and satisfied. Better than going to the hair salon!!”


Powerful patch

Pimples and large pores aren’t just for teenagers, and whether you have them on your nose, cheeks, or entire T-zone, they’re an annoying problem. Silicone-based foundations can temporarily hide them, but the best way to remove the gunk from these enlarged pores or soothe an inflamed pimple is with either professional help or with a hydrocolloid patch like this designed specifically for the job Powerful patch.

“This product is great and has worked wonders for me!” shared one of 99,000 five-star fans. “I have used other brands but this one has consistently shown the best results. I always have these on hand and they don’t cause any problems on my sensitive skin. Sometimes it can take three nights in a row to really get rid of the breakouts, but I see results after just one night.”

If you have Amazon PrimeOf course, you will receive free shipping on all of these items. Not a member yet? No problem. You can sign up for your 30-day free trial Here. (And also those without Prime receive free shipping on orders over $25).

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