An unsuspecting white woman reportedly calls the police on a black man who parked his car on a public street in front of his home, a video shows

A black man was visiting a friend in the Hidden Hills neighborhood of Santa Clarita, California, and was told he needed to find another place to park his car.

According to Instagram user Steve “Boss” Haas, who posted the clip on Sunday, September 10, he had parked his car in front of a couple’s house and they didn’t like it and left a letter that said: “Please don’t.” Park in front of our house. Thank you very much.”

An unsuspecting white woman reportedly calls the police on a black man who parked his car on a public street in front of his home, a video shows

A woman is caught on camera arguing with a man who is parked on a public street. (Photo: Reddit video screenshot)

He decided to go to their door, knock and ask why the two homeowners didn’t want him to park there. Haas didn’t get a good answer from the lady of the house and decided to film her reaction to his request.

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In the video, he explains that he asked her what the problem was with parking on a public street, noting that his car was not parked on her and her husband’s property.


She came out onto the lawn and announced that he was mistaken and that she actually owned the parking lot.

“You have to leave my property,” she is heard saying.

After telling her he didn’t have to go, he started laughing. This annoyed the woman.

Finally her husband came out. Unlike his wife, he acknowledged that he did not own the public road, but still asked the man to leave. He said the reason he wanted it gone was because there had been a few unwanted visitors parked in front of his property before and they were basically fed up.

When Haas said he wouldn’t do it, the husband said he was an “idiot” and that it was “stupid” to record his and his wife’s outrage.

“No, that’s stupid,” Haas replied, referring to the note.

At some point the couple began to go into the house, but to annoy the husband, Haas said, “Go in, go in the house.”

The video went viral after it was released. People called the couple Karen and Kevin and made fun of them for not wanting the man’s car parked in front of their house and for calling the authorities.

“They don’t own the street in front of their house, lol. “People need hobbies,” one person wrote on Reddit.

Another person wrote: “‘She’s not calling the police’… 2 seconds later… ‘Sheriff is on his way.'”

“‘Someone (maybe a black man) is parking on our property. “We asked him to leave but he refuses. “I promise she didn’t say anything about him being on the streets,” one comment said.

One TikToker wrote: “I don’t like it when people park in front of my house but there’s no way I’m going to act like it’s mine and tell them to move. “You just negotiate.”

Atlanta Black Star reached out to Haas for more details on the incident. He hasn’t answered yet.

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