Answers of each language class Midterm & Finals in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

Passing the Naranja or Uva Academy language course in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is easy as it relates to Pokemon and human language.

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Acing the Language Class at Naranja or Uva Academy in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is simple as it refers to communicating with other humans and Pokémon in different languages. Because the value of education is embedded in the game, the different subjects have real-world themes and Pokémon-based lessons to learn. Mr. Salvatore, the class professor, explains that people can be successful when traveling anywhere if they know the native language words for a compliment, “thank you” and “yummy”! However, in order to pass the final exams, students have to learn a lot more.


To pass a class at Naranja or Uva Academy Pokemon Scarlet and Violetthe students have to pass both the intermediate examination and the final examination. Three out of five questions must be correct for the intermediate test in language teaching, and four for the final test. Visiting professors after class also benefits students, as some professors, like Jacq, give out rewards like a shining spell Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. In addition, students will be rewarded with EXP candy at the reception desk in the lobby after passing the exam.

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Answer to the midterm exam in each language

Answers to Midterm in Mr. Salvatore's class Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Students at one of the academies in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet must pass an intermediate examination with at least three out of five points. The answers refer to the courses; If a student is paying attention, it’s not very difficult. Unfortunately, like most courses with repeated tests, however, Pokémon follows the pattern that makes note sharing easily accessible.

  • Gracias, arigato, merci and xixie all have the same meaning. What is it?
  • Which of the following statements means “delicious”?
  • Which of these sentences does not belong here?
  • When speaking to a person, what is the first step in communication?
    • Compliment them
      • (This is one of the “core values” of language teaching.)
  • What is the name of your beloved teacher?

Answer to each final language test

Professor Assistant Pikachu helps Mr. Salvatore with

Retrieving all the knowledge from previous classes and passing the intermediate exam will take students to their final courses and final exams. As Pokémon learns more of the words humans use to communicate, it brings more of its world into play by teaching students how a Pikachu communicates in mysterious ways. Words/sounds like “Chaaa!” or “Piggah!” Express different emotions in the little yellow Pokemon, so keep an eye out for the answers to the questions.

  • Which of the following statements means “delicious”?
  • What do these two foreign words mean? I love you! I Love U!
  • Based on what you just heard (Pigaah!), what feelings do you think Pikachu expressed?
  • Based on what you just heard (Chaaa!), what feelings do you think Pikachu was expressing?
  • What is the name of your beloved teacher?

After completing the game and unlocking the Academy Ace Tournament, Trainers can compete against Mr. Salvatore in the Battle Tournament. However, fighting him outside of battle isn’t easy, as most of his Pokémon have hidden abilities Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Also, make sure you bring faster Pokemon to outperform his team, as there are strong Pokemon with priority moves like Glaceon’s Ice-Shard and Persian’s Fake-Out.

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