Are Alex Hall and Tyler Stanaland dating?


  • Tyler Stanaland and Alex Hall’s relationship on Selling The OC season 2 was full of flirtation and romantic tension, which left viewers wondering if they would get together.
  • In the season finale, Tyler confessed his love for Hall, which led to a passionate kiss between the two.
  • There are suggestions that Tyler and Hall might be together in real life, even though they were spotted together in Dubai, but they have kept their relationship secret on social media.

Sell ​​the OC Season 2 made a big splash on Netflix, but after the finale, there’s no bigger question than whether stars Alex Hall and Tyler Stanaland are together today. Throughout season two, the luxury real estate agents broadcast a “will they or won’t they“Energy that caused drama for the cast as they flirted shamelessly on camera. After a breathtaking scene at the end Sell ​​the OC There’s only one question left in Season 2: Are Alex and Tyler together?

After announcing their separation in September 2022, actress Brittany Snow filed for divorce from Tyler in January 2023. The famous duo got married in 2020 and signed a prenuptial agreement, so the process is likely to go smoothly. What will undoubtedly go less smoothly is Tyler’s dating life post-divorce, as he’s already caused significant drama Sell ​​the OC Season 2 about his friend Hall. While Hall insisted throughout the season that she and Tyler were just friends, as the explosive episodes progressed, it became increasingly clear that this was not the case.

What happened between Alex Hall and Tyler when selling The OC season 2?

Selling The OC's Tyler Stanaland wears a pink and white striped shirt and smiles

Throughout the season, Tyler and Hall were clearly in love with each other. Episode 1 began with Hall and Tyler addressing the fallout from his divorce. There was chemistry between the two in the scene, which is clear given the “curious“Incident and blatant flirting while Tyler was still married to Brittany.

Even when Brandi Marshall spoke to Polly Brindle about her disapproval of Hall’s pursuit of Tyler, Hall was relentless in her romantic energy toward him. She acted confused and claimed friendship, but her unfounded claims fooled no one. Tyler even joined Hall’s female family members for coffee, which felt more like a “meet the parents” than a friend innocently attending a family reunion.

Tyler made his move in the season finale

Tyler Stanaland and Alex Hall on selling the OC

Sell ​​the OC Season 2 culminated in a slumber party to celebrate Polly’s birthday. While Alexandra Jarvis failed to come because of her dramatic argument with Polly, everyone else in the office was present. Like most of the season, the tequila was flowing and in the final scene all the cameras were on Hall and Tyler in the hot tub. Tyler’s vulnerability was evident when he confessed his love for Hall. Although he didn’t explicitly say that he loved her, he kept saying that he loved everything about her and that she was different than anyone else he had ever dated.

Hall seemed hesitant to accept Tyler’s job and tried to remain reserved. However, it was clear that she felt the same way about him, and she probably would have been more interested in Tyler’s speech from the start if the cameras weren’t rolling. However, the game was over when Tyler swam towards Hall when she admitted he was about to kiss her and the two kissed passionately. As if production knew how to drive Sell ​​the OC Fans went crazy, the season was over.

Are Tyler and Hall dating after The OC season 2 was sold?

Alexandra Hall from Selling The OC

Given the nature of the final scene of Selling The OC season 2, Hall and Tyler likely began dating after filming, or perhaps even during it, with the jacuzzi scene planned by production. While much of this is speculation, there is some evidence that the couple is together, or at least has been together. Tyler and Hall were spotted together in Dubai shortly after Tyler’s divorce from Brittany was announced in January. Even though the two didn’t snog or outwardly show affection, the intimacy of traveling together was particularly revealing.

There is no concrete evidence of this room And Tyler‘s relationship on social media. While both posted from what appeared to be the same room at Atlantis The Royal in January, there has been no overlap in locations since then. They will probably keep their relationship secret until then Sell ​​the OC Season 2 premieres on Netflix on September 8th. These two real estate agents know how to keep their relationship on the rocks, having managed to do so while the cameras were rolling for an entire season.

Regardless of whether Hall and Tyler’s relationship survived their vacation in Dubai, Brandi seems to be right: their relationship makes the Oppenheim group a little more chaotic and dramatic. These stars of Sell ​​the OC Season 2 had everyone wondering if they would get together, and now it’s time to see if the relationship will fail or fail.

Sell ​​the OC Season 2 premieres on Netflix September 8th at 12pm PST.

Source: Alex Hall/Instagram, Tyler Stanaland/Instagram Are Alex Hall and Tyler Stanaland dating?

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