Below Deck Down Under Season 2 Episode 17 Recap

Below Deck Down Under

An eruption of volcanic proportions

season 2

Episode 17

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Who would have thought Harry would throw up the pot with the seemingly immaculate interior this week? We pick up right after he tells Margot that she “earned” the role of second stew after everything she’s done this season, which…okay. Jaimee is hurt by this comment, as well as the fact that Aesha didn’t consider letting the decision be hers, and she has every right to be. Aesha herself is aware of her unconventional approach to interior design, but I don’t think Margot, who has been through a lot this season, essentially deserves a temporary promotion. I understand that first-hand experience is the best way to learn, but the last charter may not be the time for it. However, all of this could have easily been avoided if Aesha had simply rotated the stews in layers.

Culver, aka the worst boyfriend in the world, doesn’t even think about standing up for his girlfriend or comforting her because he’s too busy discussing the topic with João, who is discussing the Margot/Jaimee situation with the Compares time when Culver failed to serve as temporary main deckhand. Culver gets defensive because he obviously doesn’t recognize it when he’s doing a shitty job. Meanwhile, Margot is also upset after João and Tzarina agree that it’s not fair to Jaimee since she worked her way up to her current status. It’s all just an emotional shitshow, and that’s exactly what we need in the week before last.

After things calm down, João and Tzarina head to their highly anticipated dinner. After a bit of flirting, things get worse when they start talking about what they want from the relationship. They keep saying they want something casual, but argue about how the relationship should continue beyond the boat. Tzarina brings up the past because she doesn’t want to believe that João has changed and is waiting for his true colors to emerge, while João feels that his vulnerability is not being taken seriously.

When João asks Tzarina about the first negative thing that comes to mind when she thinks of him, she says “wrong” without hesitation, which stuns him and makes him wonder why she kissed him or slept with him. I think they both make valid points, but I agree with João – why would she pursue him when she had all these negative feelings towards him? This causes his mask to slip slightly as we see hints of the old, defensive João we are all familiar with. After witnessing this dating disaster unfold, I completely recant my statement about wanting them together. Tzarina looks for a way out because she’s afraid to openly talk about her feelings, and it’s clear they don’t see eye to eye.

Meanwhile, at dinner with the rest of the crew, Culver once again avoids paying the bill, which is embarrassing. Grow the fuck up! Harry holds nothing back and accuses him of being cheap since literally everyone else has already done their part. Pull it, Harry!!! While they’re at the club, Culver sulks about it until he’s finally embarrassed enough to pick up the tab. Bullying works!

Back on the boat, João decides to sleep in his own cabin instead of spending the night with Tzarina. So, it is safe to say that their relationship will come to an end soon. Elsewhere, Culver decides to take Jaimee, who is already upset about dating a man child, to the very romantic dumpster under the boat for a make-out session. In a season full of embarrassing things Culver has done, this might be among the worst. Why on earth would you take her there? And why would Jaimee just agree to this? I can’t with them.

Our next guests may be the most high-maintenance ones we’ve seen all season, especially because the featured guest is a cannabis executive who demands a full-fledged teppanyaki dinner with a “flaming onion volcano” prepared in front of him . Tzarina tells Jason she’s not trained in this type of cuisine, but he brushes her off, meaning we’re in for a potentially disastrous final charter that will end the season with a bang. So instead of putting Tzarina through the stress, why not just bring in an outside chef?

Once the guests are settled, classmate Melissa asks Jaimee to steam some of her expensive dresses, which Jaimee accidentally burns while steaming with an iron. Dear readers, this literally made me want to scream at my TV. I should have known this would happen when I heard the word “steam” in connection with clothes, as this has happened in the past BD Franchise. I don’t understand why these luxury yachts aren’t equipped with proper steamers. When Jaimee informs Melissa of the mistake, Melissa handles it well and tells her not to worry about it. As Jaimee expresses her relief at Melissa’s surprisingly calm reaction, the microphones record Melissa angrily ranting about it in her cabin, while guest Taylor says that she would kill Jaimee if her dress was ruined too. Jaimee’s luck was that Melissa didn’t unleash her anger directly on her.

Staying on topic with Jaimee, she’s worried about the job in the Mediterranean that Culver offered her a few charters ago now that the season is coming to an end. Culver hasn’t heard from the moody captain, so naturally Jaimee is upset that Culver isn’t making the issue a real priority. Girls, I think it’s time to find a replacement because you should never trust a postseason plan that Culver suggested.

As dinner approaches, the stress begins to take its toll on Tzarina, who wants Culver to have Keith Stone show up to serve as a distraction, even though Captain Jason has already rejected the idea. He doesn’t think it fits the chic vibe they’re going for, and I agree. After Jason reiterates that Culver won’t be at the dinner, Tzarina says, “I won’t,” which feels like her way of saying Chef Rachel’s iconic line, “Eat my cooter.” Tzarina has made it clear that she is being put in the uncomfortable position of cooking something that she lacks experience in, and I think that Jason is being unfair in putting these high expectations on her. If he thinks it’s that easy, then he should do it himself.

Next week, on the season finale, João puts Culver in his place (again) at the final crew dinner, Margot and João make out, and Jaimee and Luka may take things to the next level. I’m not ready for it to end! Below Deck Down Under Season 2 Episode 17 Recap

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