Best phone holder for your car in 2023, tested and reviewed

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  • Best MagSafe car mount

    Lisen MagSafe car holder

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    Best cup holder car mount

    Uncaddn 2 in 1 Universal Cup Phone Holder for Car

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    Best dashboard phone holder

    Aonkey Car Dashboard Phone Holder

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    Best universal car mount

    iOttie Easy One Touch 6 Universal Car Mount

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    MagSafe car mount with the best power supply

    ESR HaloLock Magnetic Wireless Car Charger

Between navigation, podcasts, music, door openers and the like, smartphones are an indispensable asset for drivers. They’re also potentially dangerous: every time you look at the screen, you’re more likely to say “Watch out for that telephone pole!” What you need is a mount that will help keep the phone at eye level so you can better keep your eyes on the road.

In order to stay on the right side of the law, it is better: more and more states have passed laws stricter laws against distracted driving, which restrict the use of your phone while driving. A holder can help you hold onto it better, as it should keep you from actually picking up the phone while you’re behind the wheel.

These things come in all shapes and sizes. Some suck on your windshield, others get stuck on or in front of your dashboard. Some are magnetic, some charge your phone – you get the idea. Read on to discover the absolute best phone holders for every car (and driver).

Three phone holders pictured side by side.

Modern mounts can be attached to windshields, dashboards, vents and more. There’s even one for your cup holder.

Who I am and how I tested these mounts

I have been driving a car since 1984 and have been evaluating technical products professionally since 1990. So you could say I have a bit of experience here. I’ve also advocated having a phone holder for as long as I can remember – it’s one of those things I don’t shut up about, like pickleball and using a password manager – because it’s incredibly unsafe to have with you while driving fumbling around with the phone. It would be bad enough if you got into an accident, but it would be even worse if you got into an accident Me.

I tested these mounts in a 2018 Chrysler Pacifica and a 2019 Kia Sportage and was impressed with how easy they were to install, how securely they stayed in place while driving, and how easy they made installing and, er, removing my phone made possible. It’s hard to say how well any of them will work every However, look for user reviews that mention your brand and model.

I use an iPhone 13, so the product list includes several MagSafe compatible options. But almost any phone can work with a magnetic mount, provided the mount is equipped with a metal plate or ring that can be placed inside your phone case. (Most do.) However, keep in mind that this approach may break wireless charging if your phone supports this option.



Style: Venting | Magnetic: Yes | Charging options: NO

ADVANTAGES: Strong magnets; The phone can be positioned so that the vent is not blocked. Includes metal rings for use with non-iPhones

DISADVANTAGES: On the expensive side for a simple vent mount; Not compatible with round vents

Lisen’s MagSafe-compatible arm attaches to a short, sturdy vent gripper. It can be rotated to position your phone above, below or next to the actual vent to prevent hot air from blowing on it in the winter months. You can also orient your phone in portrait or landscape mode, whichever suits you best. And if you don’t own an iPhone, you can use the included peel-and-stick rings to make almost any phone compatible.

Unlike many vent mounts, this one doesn’t rely on a “clamp handle” that can come loose over time. Instead, the mounting arm hooks onto the back of one of the ventilation slats. It took me a few tries to get it worked in properly, but once it was in place the base seemed rock solid. Hasn’t moved since then. While I don’t like the retail price of this mount, which seems a bit high, I definitely like the mount itself – especially when it’s on sale.

$25 on Amazon



Style: Cup holder | Magnetic: No | Charging options: NO

ADVANTAGES: Does not block air vents or dashboard; Compatible with almost all cup holders

DISADVANTAGES: Can take focus away from the road; The mount’s cup holder is smaller than the one it replaces

If you don’t want a mount that blocks your vents or exposes your phone to dashboard heat, there’s a third option: your cup holder. This caddy fits almost any size (thanks to its expandable base) and holds your phone on a telescopic arm. Whether this is preferable or not depends on where your cup holders are located. In my Kia the positioning works reasonably well; in the van, less so because the screen is a little too close.

In both cases, I found the positioning of the center console area to be less than ideal as it distracts the eye from the road. But there is a potential advantage: I actually like this slightly better for the passenger than the driver, as it allows for good positioning if the former wants to watch a video.

$30 on Amazon



Style: dash | Magnetic: No | Charging options: NO

ADVANTAGES: Inexpensive; stable, non-slip base; Also works with oversized phone cases

DISADVANTAGES: Holds phone in landscape mode only; not ideal for heavily curved dashboards

Don’t want your phone blocking a vent? This large, sturdy, non-slip pad attaches a flip mount to your dashboard, keeping your phone securely in place without the need for tape (although there is a square included here in case your dashboard isn’t flat enough). I wish the clamshell had room for an upright phone, as iPhones (and some Android phones) don’t support landscape view for the home screen. Unfortunately, this is a strictly side mounting system. That’s fine for certain applications (navigation, etc.), but not ideal for actually interacting with your phone.

$14 on Amazon



Style: Dashboard or windshield | Magnetic: No | Charging options: NO

ADVANTAGES: Inexpensive; strong suction power; solid hold

DISADVANTAGES: Not deep enough for thick cases; limited left/right movement

I never liked windshield mounts until I tried iOttie’s One Touch 6, which holds the phone rock solid – unlike the wobbly gooseneck mounts of yesteryear. You can also vacuum it to the top of your dashboard using a peel-and-stick pad; In any case, a telescopic arm brings the mount a few inches further forward when needed, which is handy for cars with deep dashboards or windshields. (Noteworthy: iOttie also makes versions of these for use with CD slots, Fans and myself Vehicle screens which protrude from the dashboard.)

The holder has height-adjustable feet and clamping side arms that spring together when you slide the phone into the middle. (Hence: “One Touch.”) Then press two side levers to release it. Although this arrangement makes it possible to mount phones of almost any size, the mount is somewhat shallow; It won’t work with an Otterbox or a similarly thick case.

I also noticed that while the arm itself can rotate up and down, it doesn’t move from side to side – and that the ball joint that holds the actual mount has very little left/right play. These are hardly deal breakers, just opportunities for improvement. As it stands, this is an excellent mount that I really like.

$27 on Amazon



Mounting type: Air vent or dashboard | Mounting mechanism: MagSafe | Integrated charging: Yes

ADVANTAGES: Easy to install; excellent instructions; strong magnets

DISADVANTAGES: Blocks the vent; does not work with round or cross-shaped vents; A separate adapter is required for fast charging

iPhone users who want a simple, affordable powered MagSafe mount should take a look at ESR’s option, which can be attached to an air vent or mounted on a flat dashboard surface. I like the ventilation option because there is a small support arm underneath which provides more stability. The downside, however, is that you have to close this vent to keep hot air from blowing onto the back of your phone.

For power, simply plug the included cable into one of your car’s USB ports. This is the most convenient option, but if you want the 18-watt fast charging that the HaloLock is capable of, you’ll need an optional power port adapter (e.g This one here).

$35 on Amazon

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