Bleach’s strongest captains have Twisted Dragon Ball’s best power

Warning: SPOILERS for Episode #9 of Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War

The epic and gruesome battle between two of bleachingThe strongest Shinigami Captains of , Kenpachi Zaraki and Retsu Unohana feature a twisted version of an icon dragon ball Strength, the Saiyan’s ability to become stronger after near-death injuries. In episode #9 of Bleach: Thousand Years of Blood Wartrains Unohana Zaraki to awaken his true power, and she does so by repeatedly killing and healing her fellow captain.


fans of dragon ball are aware that one of the reasons Saiyans are so strong is that each time they recover from fatal injuries their strength increases. This is because the Saiyan genes evolved to make them the perfect warrior race, and it’s an ability that can be exploited by the most ruthless members of that race. For example, on Planet Namek, Vegeta let Krillin mortally wound him so Dende could heal him right after to have enough power to fight Frieza. However, bleaching takes this cruel and almost insane strategy to a whole new level.

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In episode #9 of Bleach: Thousand Years of Blood War, Gotei 13’s newly appointed chief captain, Shunsui Kyoraku, orders the 4th Division’s captain, Retsu Unohana, to train Kenpachi Zaraki in zanjutsu, or sword techniques. Zaraki is incredibly powerful, so the elders of Soul Society have always forbidden him from training with a sword, lest his power grow uncontrollably. Unohana agrees and imprisons himself and Zaraki in the underground prison called the Muken, where they begin fighting to the death. Unohana is much stronger than Zaraki, but thanks to her highly advanced healing techniques, she can instantly heal him every time she kills the other captain, trapping Zaraki in a cruel cycle of death and rebirth.

The fight between Zaraki and Unohana makes the Saiyans look soft


The reason for Unohana’s behavior is that she is aware that after their only previous fight, Zaraki has unconsciously sealed his own power and put himself at a disadvantage so he can enjoy fights more. As the most experienced Forsaken Shinigami Captain, Unohana knows that Soul Society needs the real Zaraki to fight the impending Quincy invasion and that the only way to awaken him is to experience the thrill of real life once more leave – or – death throes, as many times as necessary. Unohana herself was once a ruthless warrior and killer, the first to bear the title “Kenpachi” and a member of the original Gotei 13 captains, known as the most brutal killers in Soul Society history. So she’s the only one who can perform such a merciless ritual, not least because Unohana originally only learned healing techniques to have more fun fighting.

This is very different from dragon ball, where the Saiyan’s unique ability was mostly an explanation for why they can get so much stronger in a short amount of time. in the bleaching, Zaraki sealed his own power, so his repeated deaths are shock therapy he needs to break through his mental blocks. The fight between the two kenpachi, Zaraki and Unohana, is one of the most brutal in Bleach: Thousand Years of Blood Warand even in comparison dragon balls most ruthless fights look like child’s play.

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Bleach: Thousand Years of Blood War is available on Hi and Disney+. Bleach’s strongest captains have Twisted Dragon Ball’s best power

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