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Fox Footy pundits expect the AFL to crack down on physical contact like Brayden Maynard’s ‘One in a Million’ choking attempt next season, but will the Pies star be punished for the act if it hasn’t already been legislated out was excluded from the game?

That is the big problem facing Collingwood ahead of Tuesday afternoon’s tribunal hearing, as the debate rages over whether Maynard’s hit that gave demon Angus Brayshaw a concussion was simply an act or something worse.

Melbourne star Garry Lyon believes contact between Maynard and Brayshaw will be banned in 2024.

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“It’s everything they (the AFL) wouldn’t like to see at this outstanding time of year,” he said On the couch.

“They want this eradicated.

“That won’t be allowed next year.

“Next year it will be loud and clear – it will be written in such a way that if you decide to hit your head, you are responsible; If you throw someone to the ground with their arms pinned and they hit their head, you are responsible; If you choose to choke someone and hit them in the head, you are responsible. Whether it stays that way now… (shrugs his shoulders).”

Dees is reportedly angry about Maynard |’s support 03:01

Three-time premiership Lion Jonathan Brown said he could support outlawing a move like Maynard’s – but not that the Pies star now has to “pay the price”.

“I’m comfortable with them legislating it – I’m not comfortable with a player being suspended for a legitimate football action, as is currently the law… He’s going to miss a grand final of that action.”

“He’s right there for Brayden Maynard to get that ball.

“It’s natural to arm yourself. This was an encouraging action.”


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AFL360 The duo of Gerard Whateley and Mark Robinson debated the duty of care Maynard had for Brayshaw – who ended up lying unconscious on the MCG turf for up to two minutes.

“Does he have the right to protect himself at the expense of Brayshaw? He initiated it,” Whateley asked.

“As soon as Maynard leaves the floor, contact is inevitable.

“He made the crucial decision… but once he’s up, everything is on his terms. Brayshaw is as defenseless as the player can be at this moment.”

“The devil is in the details” about Maynard | 00:50

Robinson said he didn’t believe Maynard should be suspended for the attempted tuxedo failure

“(Brayshaw) had every right to kick the ball and continue his momentum. Maynard had every right to run, jump and smother the ball,” he said.

“Okay, he missed the ball. They collided. That doesn’t happen often in football.

“It’s one in a million and I feel really sorry for Angus Brayshaw. Maynard has every right to run and run and spoil the ball.

“It’s not cut and dry one way or the other.

“The human instinct is to protect oneself.”

Whateley believes the fact that Maynard turns his shoulder in the air and prepares for a jab will be crucial to Tuesday’s hearing.

“Do you believe that Maynard did not adequately exercise his due diligence because he contacted either the prop or the prop?” Robinson said.

“It’s a LEGAL action” – Pros on Maynar | 00:47

“Yes,” Whateley replied. “I feel like the question is, what else could he do? I think the answer to that is different than what he did. Extend hands (forward), extend hands (to the side) – anything but that (twist to prepare for a thrust). This is extremely dangerous for Brayshaw.”

Collingwood star Nathan Buckley compared the case of Swan Tom McCartin, who recently escaped suspension on appeal for his hit which left Crow Shane McAdam with a concussion and a crushed cheekbone.

“There was no penalty because it was clear that McCartin was following the ball and had to change direction. Brayden Maynard didn’t even have the chance. Because he’s in the air, he can’t do that,” Buckley argued On the couch.

“How responsible is Brayden for this situation?

“Will there come a point where players will actually be disqualified for sustaining multiple concussions because they are more prone to head injuries like Angus Brayshaw?

“You can only apply the rules as they are written.

“The emotions and the bigger picture have come into play and now we see what is happening completely differently than we do at the moment.”

“I don’t feel good when someone leaves, but I accept that sometimes that happens on the football pitch.

“It’s still a contact game.”

“I just hope he’s okay” Craig McRae | 09:55

AFL coaches Chris Scott and Ross Lyon both agreed the game had “changed” since their playing days and admitted they would rather see their players eliminated from a competition like Maynard’s.

“Smothering is a football act, but you have to do it in a way that doesn’t cause harm,” Lyon continued AFL360.

“There are two truths here. It will set a precedent. This is a massive test case for the entire AFL.

“I’m not sure what a 50-50 ball looks like anymore. That’s why I have more time than ever before.”

“We’ve been trained and we coach our players that if you turn your body and hit someone in the head and they go unconscious, there’s not a lot of ways to defend that,” Scott added.

“It’s almost a different game (these days).

“These days I would prefer players to retire – otherwise we would have been left off the list.” Brayden Maynard hit, collision, Angus Brayshaw, AFL rules, tribunal, suspension, game change, AFL 360, On the couch, expert analysis

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