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Arthur Plummly is asking Hogwarts Legacy players to complete the Castle Hideout quest inside the school. To do this, they must follow his map.

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Players can take on that hiding place in the castle search Arthur Plumly In Hogwarts legacy, but they must follow Arthur’s map to reap the rewards. The map features four landmarks in Hogwarts and will eventually lead to a secret hidden treasure. Beginning in wings of astronomy, Treasure hunters must find each of the four landmarks on Arthur’s map and use the correct spell to get to the treasure. After completing the quest, players can keep the treasure they found and get XP to level up.

The Castle Hideout quest requires players to carefully locate each landmark depicted on Arthur’s map to encourage them to explore the school grounds. There is much to see at Hogwarts, with paintings and monuments around every corner, such as B. the sleeping dragon statue Hogwarts legacy. Many of these landmarks are giving way field guide pages, while others mark the objectives of various quests. For example, in the treasure map for the Castle Hideout quest, Arthur provides illustrations of a Dragon in a downward spiralA Rhino SkeletonA Dragon Welland a Painting of a cozy cottage will lead his followers to the treasures hidden in the castle.

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According to Arthur’s treasure map

Cache in the Castle Quest Map - Hogwarts Legacy

After their conversation with Arthur, players can jump straight into the Hiding Place in the Castle quest from their current location in the Astronomy Wing at Hogwarts. You can find the first two landmarks next to each other by walking Defense Against the Tower of Dark Arts. The fastest way to reach this place is by fast on the way for the Court of Transfiguration and go right to enter the school. From there, players should head straight up the stairs and turn left to reveal the Dragon in a downward spiral pictured on a stained glass window next to it Rhino Skeleton.

Cache in the Castle Landmarks - Hogwarts Legacy

From the position of the first two landmarks, the Dragon Well found on Arthur’s map by going down the stairs to the Transfiguration Courtyard. Outside, the fountain is immediately to the left.

Dragon Well Landmark - Legacy of Hogwarts

After finding the Dragon Well, you can find the final landmark depicted on Arthur’s map inside the school by going right past the Dragon Well and going through the door in front of you, as the YouTube channel shows Phlinger Pho. Next, players need to go straight and then turn right.​​​​​​​

Players arrive at a staircase that they must follow until they see a painting of a cozy cottage. To reveal the treasure behind the painting, players must cast Accioone of the first unlockable spells in Hogwarts legacy.

Cozy Cottage Painting - Hogwarts Legacy

Rewards for completing the cache in Castle Quest

Authentic Historian Uniform - Cache in the Castle Quest Rewards

​​​​​​​After completing the Castle Hideout quest, players should return to Arthur in the Astronomy Wing to discuss their findings. While Arthur says he managed to find some money, players will keep it Authentic historian uniform which they found in the treasure chest behind the last landmark. Except for this piece of equipment, which can be used to change the appearance of equipment Hogwarts legacyplayers also get 180 XP for your effort.

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source: Phlinger Phoo/YouTube

Editor’s note: Harry Potter creator JK Rowling has been accused of transphobia by members of the LGBTQ+ community. Although Rowling is not directly involved in the development of Hogwarts Legacy, he does earn royalties from the game. We wish to reiterate our support for trans rights and the validity of trans identities. Listed below are support services for trans people affected by discussions about transphobia.

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