Can I be fined for driving with one hand on the wheel?

There are many important rules and regulations in road traffic that are designed to ensure the safety of road users.

One of them is being in control of the vehicle at all times. Here are the rules for holding the steering wheel while driving.

DVSA's Assistant Chief Driving Examiner told The Sun:


DVSA’s Assistant Chief Driving Examiner told The Sun: “Lack of steering control is among the top ten reasons for failing a driving test.”Credit: Alamy

Can I be fined for driving with one hand on the wheel?

According to Rule 160 of the Highway Code, you should “drive or ride with both hands on the steering wheel or handlebars whenever possible.”

It goes on to say: “This way you retain full control of the vehicle at all times.

“You are allowed to use driver assistance systems while driving.

“Make sure you use each system according to the manufacturer’s instructions.”

The rule is “you should” not “you must”.

Rules that begin with “You must” are required by law.

According to the government, “many of the rules of the Code are required by law and if you break those rules you are committing a criminal offence.

“You can be fined, penalized points on your license or banned from driving.

“In the most serious cases you can go to prison.”

Breaking rules that begin with “You should/shouldn’t” is not automatically a criminal offence.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t be fined if you’re found to have violated any of the 307 regulations.

Even lifting a hand to make a simple “thank you” gesture could land you a fine.

If you can be proven to have been driving dangerously, carelessly, carelessly, or caused an accident, you could be fined a hefty amount, receive points, or be prosecuted or disqualified for driving with only one hand on the wheel.

Will I fail my driving test if I use one hand?

Many drivers will tell you that in order to pass your driving test, your driving instructor wants to see two hands on the wheel at all times.

Nobody wants to fail, and you might have to wait a month before trying again after new plans.

But surprisingly, the traditional “ten-by-two” guide to your hand position might not be as rigid as you think.

DVSA’s national standard for driving cars and light vans doesn’t always mandate two hands, it simply says drivers must “hold and control the steering wheel” and know “how to keep it safely under control.”

This is her guide:

Item 2.2.4: Drive the vehicle safely

performance standards

You must be able to:

  • to steer the vehicle safely and responsibly in all road and traffic conditions
  • Hold and control the steering wheel to steer the vehicle accurately and safely
  • Continue to drive the vehicle safely and responsibly while operating other controls

knowledge and understanding requirements

You need to know and understand:

  • how to keep the steering wheel safely under control
  • the effect that the vehicle’s turning radius has on the vehicle’s steering

But be warned, if you’re hoping to pass your test with flying colors, it’s important to pay close attention to your steering.

Graham O’Brien, DVSA’s Assistant Chief Driving Examiner, told The Sun: “Lack of steering control is among the top ten reasons for failing a driving test.”

How do I hold the steering wheel correctly?

A study has shown that the way you use your steering wheel says a lot about you.

Whether you feel guilty about being a “minimalist,” a “diplomat,” or some other expression guide, find out here.

But ultimately, it’s best to play it safe and treat the vehicle and the hazards of driving with respect.

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O’Brien said: “The correct way to steer, and the best way to pass the driving test, is to have both hands on the wheel to optimize safety and control.”

He added that both hands should be on the wheel “unless one hand is performing another critical task, like shifting gears or operating the turn signals.” Can I be fined for driving with one hand on the wheel?

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