Coleen Rooney explains why she has forgiven husband Wayne for sleeping with aging prostitutes

“If I had found out he was having an affair or if he had told me he was in love with someone else, I wouldn’t have gotten over it, but that wasn’t the case.”

Coleen revealed for the first time the “hurt” and shame she felt when she found out Wayne had been visiting prostitutes at a massage parlor in Liverpool.

Coleen described the infamous incident in 2002, when the former England captain was just 16, as a “terrible dream” that left her unable to decide whether their relationship had a future.

She said there were “shouting arguments” after it was revealed he had had sex at the brothel with a 37-year-old named Gina McCarrick and a 48-year-old grandmother.

But as she recalled the aftermath in her autobiography My Account, Coleen, then just 18, revealed how she was able to forgive him.

Wayne and Coleen are in a better place now

Coleen, now 37, writes: “He knew how bad it was, how wrong. He looked at the floor as he told me how devastated he was to have put me in this situation.

“Of course I was still angry and there were definitely some exciting matches in the coming days. However, in the end I accepted that this happened a long time ago and that we are stronger and more committed now.

“We weren’t the kids we were back then, Wayne wasn’t the cocky kid trying to impress his friends anymore. If I had found out he was having an affair or he had told me he was in love with someone else, I wouldn’t have gotten over it, but that wasn’t the case.”

However, she admitted that she had difficulty when Wayne first confessed.

“The whole story was that Wayne had been visiting prostitutes in a massage parlor in Liverpool when he was sixteen. When Wayne sat me down and told me it was true and that the story would soon be in the national press, I was confused and hurt. I couldn’t even talk to him.

“Everyone knew and everyone seemed to have an opinion. I sat there with everything swirling around me like I was in a terrible dream, unable to decide what was best or what I wanted.

“A voice inside me told me not to do anything rash and not to make a decision in the midst of my anger.

“Dealing with something like that was heartbreaking enough, but I was eighteen years old. I was upset and confused and didn’t know what to think or how others would react.

“I wasn’t sure how I felt about Wayne anymore. Plus, I knew my family’s instinct would be to protect me, and no matter how you put it, it wasn’t a good look.”

Coleen, who now has four sons with Wayne – Kai, 14, Klay, ten, Kit, seven and Cass, five – reveals how they held a secret summit at her aunt’s home in Liverpool where he admitted the details were true were.

Although he insisted some of the revelations were “fabricated”, the couple traveled to Blackpool Pleasure Beach wearing hats and collars turned up to avoid being recognized as they discussed their future.

After a few weeks, Ms Rooney decided to accept Wayne’s apology.

But she also admits that her 38-year-old husband’s behavior, often when he drank, “tested” her over the years.

She explained that when Wayne has problems, he goes out and gets drunk and just makes things worse.

“I couldn’t have known it then, but I would be tested like this more than once in the future. I say the same thing today as I did then. If you’re dealing with something stupid done in the heat of the moment with alcohol, the problem may be remediable.

Coleen also writes about Wayne’s binge drinking

“When love, emotion and persistent deception are involved, then that’s a different story.

“Instead of coming out with what’s bothering him and freeing himself from the burden, he pushes it down. Then sometimes he goes off on one and behaves in such a way that makes everything worse.”

Coleen said Wayne, who is now manager of Birmingham City football club, was at times unable to “control his drinking” and had “excesses”.

The couple, who have four children, first got together when they were teenagers after Wayne repeatedly asked her out.

She finally agreed and they watched an Austin Powers movie and then ate a McDonalds.

They got engaged in October 2003 when Rooney proposed at an Esso gas station while they were on their way to dinner at a Chinese restaurant.


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