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SOUTHWEST OF MIAMI-DADE, FLA. (WSVN) – It’s been over a month since the day a man and his family in southwest Miami-Dade will never forget. Now they are taking legal action against a police department.

“More than anyone, I want answers because it was my life, I was the one standing in front of the barrel of the gun,” the victim said.

On September 20, 7News broke the story of a man who said he had just gotten into his complex from work when he realized he was being followed by an unmarked police SUV – and before he knew it, he said , he was held at gunpoint and his life was threatened by an officer.

He then sped away when he saw the wife filming and the man who had just been pulled over.

“It’s just not fair for a police officer to threaten to take someone’s life,” said the victim’s wife.

Cohen notified Miami-Dade police.

“My clients were terrified,” said Brandon Cohen, the family’s attorney. “We have every intention of filing a civil lawsuit against the police unless someone reaches down from heaven and tells me why this person pointed a gun, a firearm, at my client and threatened to blow his brains out.”

The department said the incident is the subject of an internal investigation.

“It was pretty shocking to know if he stopped someone without any probable cause, pulled someone over, a gun or threatened to shoot them,” Cohen said. “My client, who is afraid of being shot by an officer who is completely out of control.”

Days after the story aired, MDPD confirmed in a video provided by the family that veteran officer Matt Larsh was the man behind the wheel.

“One of the most unusual things about this case is that he has recused himself,” the lawyer said. “That he would get back in his car and put his gun away….”

Cohen pointed out some strange things he noticed in the video.

“No backup showed up…and the way he came forward, didn’t say a word, it was as embarrassing as it is,” he said. “It screams that a mistake was made, and that mistake was made by the Miami-Dade Police Department.”

Patrol officers and investigators responded to the family’s call for help after their bizarre encounter that day.

“It is a very easy case to investigate, it is very easy to go back to the person,” the lawyer said. “Who is the victim in this case? Who is my customer and they just didn’t do that.”

7 News asked for an update on the investigation on Monday, saying: “The matter is still an ongoing FA investigation.”

“We really want to get to the bottom of this and find answers,” said the victim’s wife.

No charges have yet been filed.

The victim and father said they had never seen the officer before until the encounter in the parking lot of his home.

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