Cowboy Bebops A wasn’t originally meant to be a corgi

Cowboy Bebops Ein is one of anime’s most popular dogs and one of the most notable corgis in fiction, but how did Ein end up as a corgi in the first place?

The cast of Cowboy Bebop are all exceptionally popular characters, but one member of the team always stands out: A. A Corgi is more than just a team pet, but what does a show look like? Cowboy Bebop end up with a corgi character?

Ein is what is known as a “data dog,” a type of genetically engineered dog created to be super intelligent. One proves this to be true throughout the series, sometimes playing games or solving problems that no ordinary dog ​​could understand, let alone solve. One ends up aboard the Bebop when Jet and Spike fail to catch the bounty hunter who was after him in the second episode. One has proven valuable, even showing in one episode that it can communicate with cows.


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Out of universe when it came to developing the core characters of Cowboy Bebop, A was just as complex. Ein’s existence adds a layer of fun and whimsy to the otherwise dark show, and along with Ed, Ein often provides comedic relief. One is occasionally useful in other ways, using his super intelligence to figure out things and being able to handle things that the human characters cannot do as easily. The development team for Cowboy Bebop Apparently they decided early on that they wanted a dog on the team and started thinking about what exactly that dog would be.

How One was created

Cowboy Bebop One

According to an interview with series creator Shinichiro Watanabe, a screenwriter insisted that the dog in question was a corgi and was eventually able to convince Watanabe and the other writers. In another interview, animation director Toshiro Kawamoto confirmed this story, but when it came time to design Ein, he was at a loss. He asked a friend who had a corgi if he could model one after her pet, to which the friend responded by providing many pictures and videos of the dog for reference. And yes, that means there was once a real one out there. The reference material was helpful, of course, but there were certain aspects he just couldn’t get right without a real model… so Kawamoto got a pet corgi, which he apparently kept for the rest of the dog’s life. One behavior is so authentically canine-like because it was so closely modeled on real corgis, and whenever they had a question, they could just call the pet over to them!

Given Ein’s continued popularity, including a corgi was clearly a good decision Cowboy Bebop. A comes closest to that Cowboy Bebop has a mascot, and all thanks to a very persistent author and two very good guys.

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