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“Shining like the sun” is what Dania Pointe wants to express for you, and in honor of their second annual Food and Wine Festival, they’re putting the spotlight on their foodie party this weekend.

Dania Pointe shares her top restaurants and wants your whole gang to get in on some of the fun.

Do you like your food on point? Check out Dania Pointe.

They’re on the foodie beat with their very own food and wine festival.

Emily Wirley: “Last year was a great time for everyone. This year we will have more food and more wine. It will be bigger and better and we would love for everyone to come to the event to explore the different restaurants in Dania Pointe.”

Exploration is what life is all about.

Since there are two separate spots, there is plenty of grass to cover.

Emily Wirley: “It will be divided into two sections so we will have the tasting pavilion which will feature ten of our restaurants and entertainment options and you can also bring the family to enjoy our free section on the lawn.”

Both have live music and entertainment.

You have to pay $35 to get your hands on the deliciousness.

Emily Wirley: “At the tasting pavilion you can sample food from Rodizio Grill Brazilian Steakhouse, 14 North Daquiri Bar and Restaurant, Cooper’s Hawk Winery and Restaurant and Padrino’s Cuban.”

Padrino means “godfather”… But Padrino’s restaurant is nothing like the movie.

But they believe in family.

Laura Padrino: “Padrino’s is a third-generation, family-run Cuban restaurant. It’s a collection, not a chain, because we are still family owned and operated. The recipes all come from my grandmother and have therefore been tried and tested for 50 years.”

You can test it yourself. They serve some classics at the event.

Laura Padrino: “We bring two dishes. It’s our roast pork. It’s a Cuban favorite. Slowly roasted for eight hours, this is what we serve with it moros, which is the rice and beans cooked together. The second point is Arroz with chickenso chicken and yellow rice.”

Another Cuban shop joining the fun is 14 North.

Leo Briceno: “When we decided to start 14 North, we wanted to pay homage to Cuba, but also highlight where the daiquiri was basically invented. So 14 degrees north of Havana, Cuba.”

Their bite-sized dishes are a seafood delight – ceviche, crab dip and their famous conch fritters. But there is one dish that makes its debut at the festival.

Leo Briceno: “It’s a cobia tiradito. So almost like one Crudo, but with our twist. We’re going to smoke it with applewood and drizzle some of this very nice sauce on top. That little heat in the back just keeps you happy and you just want to eat another bite.”

The festival will take place on Saturday, November 4th from 6pm to 10pm

Tasting tent tickets are limited and available for purchase Here.

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