Daniel Kinahan’s British boxing friend poses for a photo in MTK Global brand shorts

Ohara Davies wears the distinctive black shorts with the logo of the boxing company that the fugitive criminal helped found

In the Twitter photo, the fighter can be seen with his arms outstretched on a sunny beach with the Dubai skyline in the background.

He wears the distinctive black shorts with the logo of the boxing company that the fugitive criminal helped found.

Davies commented, “I’m a bit fat at the moment but I’ll start my diet Monday #boxing” in the post shared by Arrjay Woof, an online detective previously described as Daniel Kinahan’s nemesis while he was the Tracks movements and activities of wanted crime boss.

Davies previously praised Kinahan

“Ohara Davies wears MTK Global shorts in front of the Dubai skyline,” commented @arejaywoof, to which Davies replied, “I have a spare pair here if you want them, send an address lol.”

“I appreciate the offer,” jokes Woof.

Last year, Davies, who held the WBC light welterweight silver title from 2016-17, responded to a tweet saying he was “thrown under the bus” by posting a message praising Kinahan.

“I was very stressed, Daniel Kinahan was actually the only one who helped me all those years ago… he’s a very gentle and caring person,” Davies tweeted.

Disbelief reigned among his followers when one person wrote, “Have a Google of Trevor O’Neil, an innocent victim of the Kinahan cartel.” Murdered on family vacation. Really caring.”

Another added: “And he and his crew are wanted for drug trafficking, arms trafficking and murder! …but he is a very gentle and caring person.”

In a previous tweet, Davies, who has nothing to do with crime, praised Irish fighter Jono Carroll, who also sang Kinahan’s praises in a recent online interview when Carroll again defended Kinahan.

“Mother wankers can say what you want, this man gave me opportunities in this sport and without him I would have left a long time ago, I stand by everything I have said here, I will always be grateful for his.” Help and guidance in this sport,” Carroll tweeted.

Kinahan is on the run

In response, Davies wrote: “Respect for that Jono, this seems like some sort of witch hunt against Daniel Kinahan to me. How can they crucify a man like this who has never been convicted of a crime?”

MTK Global failed last year after the US Treasury Department paid an unprecedented $5 million bounty on the heads of Christy Kinahan Snr and his sons Daniel and Christopher Jr. in April.

When it closed, an MTK statement said at the time: “As a company, we have faced an unprecedented level of unfair scrutiny and criticism since the US government sanctioned Daniel Joseph Kinahan.”

“It is public knowledge that Mr. Kinahan’s involvement in MTK ceased in 2017 and despite repeated assurances in this regard, unfounded allegations remain about his continued association with us and our fighters.

“As leading promoters have now informed us that they are cutting all ties with MTK and will no longer be working with our fighters, we have made the difficult decision to cease operations at the end of this month.”

We recently revealed that Kinahan is now facing a possible fraud investigation in the United Arab Emirates after court officials in Dubai found the company that sponsored his entry visa does not exist.

The revelation, which could result in the fugitive cartel boss being banned from Dubai or even prosecuted there for visa fraud, is included in court filings filed with the US District Court.

Lawyers for California-based boxing executive Moses Heredia, who is suing Kinahan for poaching one of his fighters, made the disclosure in a four-page affidavit seeking a default judgment against him.

The affidavit states that on September 11, 2022, Heredia granted a power of attorney to Dubai citizen Jouslin Chibli Khairallah. This was done for the express purpose of effecting the service of Heredia’s civil court summons to Kinahan in the United Arab Emirates.

On December 15, 2022, after the subpoena was registered with the Dubai judicial system, a court official traveled to the address of Industrious Facilities Management, LLC, which is listed as a sponsor of Kinahan’s UAE visa.

His address was identified in court documents as Office 602 at the Crystal Business Center in Port Saeed, Dubai.

However, the affidavit went on to say that the court attorney “could not locate Industrial Facilities Management at the address provided and no person at the address knew where the company or Kinahan was located.”

Ms Khairallah also subsequently received details of a mobile phone number that Kinahan had listed in its official documents in Dubai.

She hired Tableegh Legal Notification Services to attempt to notify Kinahan via text message. However, “the message could not be delivered”.

Permission to serve the subpoena on Kinahan through publication in the Arabic newspaper Al Fajr and the English newspaper The Gulf Times was subsequently granted by the courts in Dubai.

Kinahan – who is being hunted across the Middle East by the US government’s Drug Enforcement Agency – was the subject of legal prosecution by Moses Heredia for the “illegal” poaching of combatant JoJo Diaz in mid-2020.

After Heredia was previously awarded a default judgment – which is seeking between €12 million and €15 million in damages from Kinahan and MTK – the mafia boss hired legal counsel and even offered to testify under penalty of perjury in the case.

However, Kinahan’s efforts to present himself as a legitimate businessman were halted — as was all contact by him with the District Court in California — after the US government placed a $5 million bounty on his head in April last year.

Both Kinahan and MTK Global USA fired the counsel who represented them in the California case and have since “ghosted” the court case.

Still, Heredia’s legal team, led by attorney Eric Montalvo, has vowed to go after Kinahan to the ends of the earth for the €15 million Kinahan allegedly cost her client. Kinahan is believed to travel between states in the Middle East to stay one step ahead of authorities.

Last year, Montalvo investigated information that Kinahan fled to neighboring Qatar, while reports have since linked him to places like Tehran. However, the movements of the cartel leadership are understood to be “fluid” and the organized crime group is regularly touring the Middle East.

Mafia boss Kinahan, 45, is under pressure from law enforcement agencies around the world and was previously described as “fearful” that UAE authorities would “hand over” him to the US.

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