Danny Masterson has been branded a “suppressive person” after being expelled from the Church of Scientology

Embattled actor Danny MastersonThe problems continued to mount when it was revealed that he had been kicked out of the Church of Scientology and labeled a “suppressive person” by the organization.

He stands in front of you 30 years imprisonment for two counts of rape. His wife, Bijou PhillipsShe has also filed for divorce, with Masterson recently giving up custody of their daughter.

Masterson’s new status as a “suppressive person” would require other church members, including Phillips, to distance themselves from him.

Danny Masterson expelled from the Church of Scientology


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Danny Masterson has been branded a “suppressive person” after being expelled from the Church of Scientology

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Danny Masterson's rape trial ended in a mistrial


The Church of Scientology has expelled “That 70s Show” star Danny Masterson, calling him a “suppressive person,” according to a report.

The Church defines a “suppressive person” or “SP” as someone whose behavior hinders the spiritual growth of those around them.

This new label for Masterson means that other church members, including his wife Bijou Phillips, should cut ties with him. Per Daily MailDespite his expulsion, the Church of Scientology still believes the convicted rapist is innocent of all charges.

Private investigator Jeffrey Augustine revealed Masterson’s new status on his website. The Scientology Money Projectwhich has made it its mission since 2014 to expose the church’s misconduct.

Why the church threw him to the side of the road

Danny Masterson leaves court with Bijou Phillips after the rape trial ended in a mistrial


In a chat with the Daily MailAugustine, a former Scientologist, detailed the shocking reason the organization decided to expel Masterson after showing support for him in his legal proceedings.

The 66-year-old claimed that the church has no plans to publicize Masterson’s status as a “suppressive person” and still tells members that the actor is innocent.

Augustine said: “According to my sources, Danny has been declared a suppressive person, meaning he would be expelled from Scientology. They tell the Scientologists that he will appeal and that he is innocent of the charges for which he was convicted.”

“They (church officials) declared Danny a suppressive person because he did not adhere to the high ethical standards of the Church of Scientology and for other reasons – but not because he was convicted of rape,” he added.

Danny Masterson's wife Bijou Phillips files for divorce after serving prison time


According to the news outlet, Augustine spoke about the new development at a demonstration outside the Church of Scientology’s Celebrity Center in Hollywood on Saturday, where several former Scientologists and alleged sexual abuse victims condemned the “cult’s” injustices.

One of Masterson’s alleged victims, Chrissie Carnell Bixler, whose case against the actor was tried before a deadlocked jury, attended Saturday’s protest accompanied by another of his accusers.

While discussing Masterson’s status as a “suppressive person,” Bixler said the Daily Mail“They should have declared him SP when I originally went to them.”

Scientologists “questioned” why Danny Masterson was still being allowed into the church

Danny Masterson arrives in court with his wife Bijou Phillips


Augustine revealed that the criminal trials and allegations against the disgraced actor caused many Scientologists to question why he was still allowed to belong to the church.

“Many Scientologists complained that they have friends and family members with whom they cannot speak because they have been labeled as oppressive. “They wondered why Danny Masterson was allowed to be a Scientologist in good standing when he got into such a terrible PR situation with his aggravated rape convictions in the church,” Augustine said.

He added: “So members are wondering why their friends and family were reported for reading the Internet, watching the Leah Remini show and doing other things far below what Masterson was accused of?”

The church leader doesn’t want anyone talking about Danny Masterson

Danny Masterson is seen leaving the court


Augustine noted that Masterson’s expulsion was no surprise as the church’s controversial leader, David Miscavige, needed to find a way to prevent further investigation into the actor and his relationship with the organization.

“I think Miscavige makes everything clear before the IAS [International Association of Scientologists] in London, so he won’t be asked about Masterson. In other words, he wants the matter handled. “He doesn’t want Danny Masterson to be the center of attention,” the private investigator said.

Augustine added: “They will not be making a public announcement. They’ll tell everyone at this big, posh London event not to talk about it and not to mention Danny. He has now become a person whose name must not be mentioned.”

According to the former Scientologist, church officials “still maintain his innocence and say he will appeal and that is not the reason he was declared, but no one is allowed to talk about that.”

As reported by The explosion, Masteron recently gave up custody of his 9-year-old daughter with Phillips after she filed for a shocking divorce. However, he requested visitation rights, but the decision rests with the California State Prison.

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