Daredevil’s MCU Comedy Is Awesome (But Not For Born Again)

The MCU version of Daredevil has been far lighter than Netflix’s Daredevil show so far, but Daredevil’s comedy shouldn’t set the tone for Born Again.

Daredevil’s lighter tone worked She-Hulk: Lawyerbut that shouldn’t be the approach for Daredevil: Reborn. While the question of whether the Netflix Marvel series are MCU canon has still not been answered, both Charlie Cox’s Daredevil and Vincent D’Onofrio’s Wilson Fisk were part of Marvel’s Phase 4. Daredevil and Kingpin are also expected to appear in it echo before they get their own MCU show, Daredevil: Reborn. Five years after Netflix daredevil Season 3 sees more of Matt Murdock in the MCU than many imagined, with a very different take on the character from the Netflix show.


Based on a brief cameo appearance by Charlie Cox Spider-Man: No Way Homethe character was teased to return. She Hulk had an entire episode focused on Daredevil. In addition to changing the Daredevil costume from red to yellow, the MCU also reimagined Matt Murdock She Hulk series and delivered a lighter, funnier Daredevil. This change in tone worked with She Hulk‘s comedic approach, but it may not become the norm for Daredevil in the MCU. As funny and charismatic as Matt Murdock is, the best of Daredevil’s stories call for a more serious tone.

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Charlie Cox hinted at a more comedic rebirth

Charlie Cox Daredevil She Hulk Attorney

When asked if he would like Daredevil to appear in it dead pool 3Charlie Cox said it might work “Because of the tone of our show,” suggesting Daredevil: Reborn could have a lighter tone. While Daredevil: Reborn does not have to be daredevil Season 4, but instead a fresh start for the character in the MCU as Daredevil’s next solo show is too different from Netflix’s daredevil regarding the sound could be a bug. Many assumed that Daredevil’s bright tone in She Hulk was something developed just for that show, but Cox’s comment suggests otherwise.

MCU Daredevil needs to find a balance

Spiderman no way home matt murdock she hulk daredevil

Between trying to mimic Netflix’s tone daredevil and completely reinventing Matt Murdock, the best option for the MCUs Daredevil: Reborn Show is to find a balance. To date, not many Marvel characters have presented the MCU with the same challenge as Daredevil. The only exception is moon knight, whose MCU Disney+ series had a distinctly different tone than recent Marvel Studios productions. Even though moon knight echoing some old MCU tropes, it showed that there’s room in the Marvel Universe for characters like Daredevil and Wilson Fisk to work. Quiet, moon knight was lighter than Netflix’s version of Daredevil and Wilson Fisk.

For comparison: Netflix DaredeviI was rated TV-MA while most Marvel Disney+ shows are rated TV-14. So if the MCU sticks to its Disney+ strategy, Daredevil: Reborn will inevitably differ from Netflix daredevil when it comes to sound. Given that Daredevil is now part of a larger world of Marvel characters, fun crossovers in the vein of She Hulk could be recurring in the 18 episodes of Daredevil: Reborn. From the fight scenes to the themes the story deals with, the daredevil Comics show what the perfect balance is between Matt Murdock’s fun, witty personality and the seriousness of Daredevil’s crusade, now the shows just have to learn from that.

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