Darkseid is Metropolis’ greatest hero (not Superman)

There are hundreds of villains in the DC Universe, but few are as evil and destructive as darkseid, Darkseid has attempted to conquer Earth multiple times and has clashed with it superman many times. But despite being the embodiment of evil in the DC Universe, he also saved Metropolis better than Superman ever could.

Darkseid has been a significant problem for the entire DC Universe for almost as long as it has existed. His quest for the Anti-Life Equation has taken Darkseid across the universe, putting him at odds with all sorts of heroes, usually Superman. Because Darkseid is often portrayed as the personification of evil in the DC Universe, he has shown no compassion or mercy to anyone, and he will destroy anything that gets in his way in his quest for the Anti-Life Equation, which is why it was all the more so more shocking that Darkseid saved Metropolis in a way even Superman couldn’t.


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Darkseid is the hero Metropolis needs

Darkseid is the savior of Metropolis

Darkseid being the savior of Metropolis, while totally unexpected, makes sense in the context. This was during the Our worlds at war Event that spanned all Superman-related books at the time. This war was about the people of the universe coming together to fight Imperiex-Prime, who is the literal embodiment of entropy. Since Earth is the center of the universe, the DC Universe would be too much in a cascade effect if Earth were destroyed. This meant that Earth would be the base of defense against Imperiex-Prime, which is why Darkseid had it all singles Citizens of Metropolis evacuated what readers could see Man of Steel #115 by Mark Schultz and Doug Mahnke.

Darkseid’s decision to save the people of Metropolis from the coming battle, while noble in its execution, was mostly for selfish reasons. Darkseid knew that the final battle against Imperiex-Prime would take place on Earth, and if Earth’s Greatest were too busy rescuing civilians instead of fighting Imperiex, then the war would never be won. Although Darkseid’s reasons for doing so were entirely practical, the fact remains that Darkseid managed to save the people of Metropolis in a way that Superman cannot, as Darkseid teleported everyone singles Metropolis citizens out of harm’s way. Superman really isn’t able to do this as he can’t evict the citizens from Metropolis, he just has to move them around whatever is destroying the city at the time.

superman is undoubtedly one of the greatest heroes in the DC Universe, and he’s saved this universe time and time again, but there’s something to be said Darkseids practical answer, just move everyone to where there is no more danger.

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