DC’s Dinosaur Justice League has solved a DC Multiverse mystery

The Jurassic League returns in a preview for Dark Crisis: Big Bang, seemingly ending a mystery that began in the pages of Multiversity.

Warning! Includes preview pages for Dark Crisis: Big Bang!The dinosaur version of the justice league have finally put an end to a question DC asked about its multiverse a long time ago. A preview for Dark Crisis: Big Bang shows how the Jurassic League fits into the restructured multiverse and settles a plot point from the past.

The heroes of the DCU have a number of variants among the many alternate Earths in their multiverse. From worlds where the Justice League is a band of pirates to universes where the team has more of an Old West theme, there’s no shortage of alternate Justice Leagues. A more recent fan-favorite variant of the team is the Jurassic League, a team made up of dinosaur versions of classic heroes. With heroes like Bat Walker, Supersaur and Wonderdon, they protect their prehistoric landscape from terrifying, prehistoric threats like Blackmantasaurus and Jokerzard.


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And it seems that this new twist on Justice League actually helped solve a plot point that surfaced a few years ago. In a preview for Dark Crisis: Big Bang by Mark Waid, Dan Jurgens and Norm Rapmund, Barry Allen’s Flash discusses an important case with Kid Flash Wallace West. As the Dark Crisis rages on, Flash worries about one villain more than any other: the Anti-Monitor. Barry updates Wallace on the Anti-Monitor, informing the young hero of just how much of a threat the villain actually poses. Flash insists that finding the Anti-Monitor is important and that they must traverse the multiverse and find the villain. At the beginning of their journey, Flash mentions that apart from a few key differences, the alternate Earths are all quite similar. The world of the Jurassic League is officially set to take place on Earth-27.

What the Jurassic League means to the DC multiverse


Of all the worlds that the Jurassic League could have settled on, it’s interesting to see that their home is Earth 27. This world was previously founded in multiversitythe New 52 investigation of DC’s multiverse following the flash point reboot. While most worlds were firmly established as home to specific characters or settings, several universes such as Earth-14, Earth-46, and Earth-27 have been described as being created.from an inner chamber of 7 Monitor Magi for a mysterious purpose“. Now that the Jurassic League have made Earth-27 their home, that purpose may have been revealed.

Now that the infinite multiverse has been brought back by the machinations of Pariah, almost everything in DC’s canon has a place in an alternate world. Even other fan-favorite worlds have their own place in the restructured multiverse. But an expansion of the multiverse doesn’t answer the question of what the previously unknown 7 worlds are or why they came into being in the first place. Now that a world has finally been confirmed, fans may finally get the answers to the questions multiversity grew up so long ago. Fans can see for themselves what awaits the dinosaur justice league if Dark Crisis: Big Bang published on December 13, 2020.

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