Dear Denise: He called me by his ex’s name while we were in bed


“I froze right away: To be honest, he was lucky I didn’t bite it off while I was down there.”

It’s not uncommon to make a mistake in passion — © ?? `??_/O??

Let go of inhibitions in bed — © ?? `??_/O??

Dear Denis:I (34) was in bed with my husband last night and when I was shagging him he moaned and called me by his ex’s name was down there.

I know there is such a thing as a slip of the tongue, but we’ve been married for almost six years. What’s even worse is that his ex lives locally – we used to go to high school together.

I can’t believe he thought of another woman while we were making love. I’m so hurt I can’t even look at him.

Does that mean he still has feelings for her?

Answer: It’s definitely an ego hit when your partner calls you by the wrong name when you’re getting hot and heavy, but no matter how you’re feeling, it’s not a red flag.

When you’re in the midst of a wild orgasm, it can forgive you for temporarily losing your senses and sanity. In fact, leading research has shown that it is all too common. So instead of mutilating your partner, put their erection on hold and discuss the misstep as it happens.

Ultimately, it’s awkward, but that doesn’t mean he’s planning a new life with his ex, so take a breath and move on.

Could I be secretly gay?

Inquiry:I (23) am a straight male but have sex dreams with a male colleague. Am I gay? It really confuses me. Answer:You may dream of gay sex, but that doesn’t automatically mean you’re gay. Same-sex fantasies are common.

Some experts say gay dreams simply mean your subconscious is looking for more masculine energy. Don’t stress about it.

Do I send nude photos?

Inquiry: My boyfriend (25) keeps asking for nude photos and gets mad at me when I refuse. Is there any damage?

​Answer:Yes – yes, there is real damage. Once you hit send, you are handing your image over to someone who may be able to share your images with the whole world, and the consequences can be devastating.

Set your boundaries now — it’s not okay for your boyfriend to push or pressure you into sharing intimate pictures.

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