District 10 is more likely after the flop grossed $81 million at the box office, despite what Neill Blomkamp says


  • Neill Blomkamp’s directing career has seen a decline in commercial success since his groundbreaking debut with District 9.
  • District 10 has the potential to revitalize Blomkamp’s career as it would build on the success of its predecessor and leverage the established viewer base.
  • While the possibility of District 10 is uncertain, its potential success could establish Blomkamp as a visionary filmmaker and spark more interest in his future projects.

The recurring patterns at the box office of Neill Blomkamp’s films suggest this district 10 should definitely happen. Director Neill Blomkamp initially worked with producer Peter Jackson to create a film adaptation of the film gloriole video game franchise. However, when funding for the project fell through, the two decided to make a new film, later named district 9. What began as a backup plan later grew into one of science fiction’s most innovative films and paved the way for Neill Blomkamp to direct many more ambitious genre films.

However, not all of Neill Blomkamp’s films achieved the same level of commercial success and critical acclaim as his debut film. In recent years, Blomkamp has also diversified his film portfolio by making low-budget horror films like Demonic and sports biographies like Gran Turismo. But despite these new developments in his filmmaking career district 10 remains one of his most interesting potential projects – here’s why.

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Gran Turismo’s disappointing box office continues Neill Blomkamp’s trend

Gran Turismo Trailer 2

According to reports Gran TurismoThe estimated cost of production was around $100 million. As a rule of thumb, films need to bring in 2.5 times their production budget to break even. Therefore, Gran Turismo To be considered profitable, the film had to reach at least $250 million at the box office. Unfortunately, the film has barely surpassed the $100 million mark so far, grossing $81 million worldwide. Since Gran Turismo Although the film didn’t even hit its production budget, let alone break even, it’s clearly a box office failure, continuing a disappointing trend in Neill Blomkamp’s directing career.

Neill Blomkamp made his feature film debut district 9, which grossed $210.8 million at the box office from a budget of $30 million. Even critically, the film had similar success and still holds a 90% rating on Rotten Tomatoes (via Rotten tomatoes). The film’s success made Blomkamp a seminal science fiction director, but the earning potential of his next films gradually began to decline. For example, Elysium barely proved profitable, having earned $286.1 million internationally on a budget of $115 million. Even its ratings were average compared to disappointing district 9‘S.

The director’s next endeavor Chappie, suffered a similar fate by raising $102.1 million on a budget of $49 million. not how Elysiumwhich received mixed reviews from viewers and critics, Chappie was panned for poor implementation of ambitious ideas. With what followed, Blomkamp’s 2021 film, Demonic, received even lower critics’ ratings, and despite a low budget of $1 million, the film was not profitable. While Gran Turismo certainly shows an upward trend in critical reviews of Neill Blomkamp’s films, but its box office results show that the director may need a crucial project to change the direction of his filmmaking career.

District 10 is Neill Blomkamp’s most guaranteed box office hit

district 9

Given the how district 10 is the film that has made Neill Blomkamp famous for its positive reception and box office returns, it would make sense for the director to return to the film series. Below district 9Following the film’s success, Blomkamp experimented as a director, dipping his art piece into different genres. While Elysium and Chappie were “social science fiction” movies like district 9, Demonic was his foray into horror, and Gran Turismo was his first sports biopic. Given his experience across so many different genres, he’s clearly a more sophisticated filmmaker than he was in his late years directing district 9.

By using this experience, he could potentially achieve something district 10 just as good as the first film, if not better. Unlike his other films district 10 It also had an established viewer base as the first film was a worldwide hit and received four Oscar nominations including Best Picture. That would mean that the director manages to make a worthy sequel out of it district 10he could possibly land another blockbuster.

District 10 could also get Neill Blomkamp’s career back on track

Movies District 9 Faces

Science fiction is one of the few film genres that offers tremendous opportunities for franchising. This allowed Neill Blomkamp to continue the story and world-building of his debut film with a sequel without being damaged district 9Call. Indeed, when he executes district 10 Like District 9, it will only further cement the first film’s legacy as a sci-fi epic. Since CGI has improved significantly since 2009, district 10 could also be more visually stunning than its predecessor, giving viewers a fuller experience of the tensions between humans and the “shrimp”.

Franchise reboots and sequels to relatively older sci-fi films like avatar, predatorAnd crazy max have also been doing well lately, which proves this district 10 could review Neill Blomkamp’s career if it lives up to the high standards of the first film. If district 10 Ultimately, it works just as well district 9, it could help Blomkamp re-establish himself as a visionary filmmaker and also help him gain the trust of major studios. This would help generate more buzz and interest in his future work and ultimately get his career back on track.

Will District 10 actually happen? Even Neill Blomkamp isn’t sure

district 9

As exciting as the prospect of a district 9 Although the sequel may look like it, its future seems uncertain. In a recent interview (via The Hollywood Reporter), Neill Blomkamp spoke about the possibility of directing district 10. The director confirmed that the film “will probably be done“Sometime in the future, but he wasn’t sure if he wanted to do it now. Blomkamp’s comment on the sequel doesn’t completely kill the odds, but it does suggest it might not happen any time soon. Gran TurismoThe failure at the box office could also potentially have an impact district 10is the fate of the film as it highlights a negative trend in the director’s balance sheet, making it difficult for him to raise money for the sequel.

In 2021, star Sharlto Copley offered some upbeat updates (via ComicBook) about the development of the sequel, teasing that they “was so close.However, Blomkamp’s recent comment on the project suggests that the early plans and discussions for the film never translated into concrete action. His lack of interest and enthusiasm for it also apparently confirms that audiences will have to wait a long time before it hits theaters for any concrete updates surrounding the development of the sequel. Hopefully the director and team behind the original district 9 I will reconsider making the sequel one day. Until then, it’s hard not to hope district 10 will see the light of day.

Sources: Rotten tomatoes, ComicBookThe Hollywood Reporter

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