Every Crew from Mass Effect Normandy, Ranked

Every game in mass effect The trilogy is defined by the Normandy crew that Commander Shepard assembles and the odds they face together. There’s no doubt that each member is a hero in their own right based on that fact alone, but some iterations of the Normandy crew are simply better than others, both in terms of their skill and the charm they add to the game.

There’s a lot of overlap in the Normandy crew from game to game. Joker, for example, is a mainstay as a ship’s pilot, so despite his crucial role around the world mass effect Trilogy, the variable members of each game and how they add value or not to the crew as the Normandy changes in each mass effect Game is much more interesting to look at. This includes Commander Shepard’s squadmates and the Normandy’s permanent staff, such as medical officers and engineers. All the mass effect Crews are excellent, but to say they are bad or lacking would be a mistake.


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#3 The original Normandy crew’s Mass Effect got off to a perfect start

Image of the Mass Effect 1 Squad selector menu.

The Normandy crew in the first mass effect was a perfect start for the series. It was a small team of six squadmates and three notable crew members on ships (plus Joker). The crew is mostly human, which makes sense considering the SR-1 is a registered ship mass effect‘s Earth Systems Alliance fleet. This demographic has the advantage of giving the player a sense of familiarity in a story world that quickly reveals its vast scope.

In this regard, the crew’s four alien squadmates offer a succinct, personal look at how the Milky Way’s overarching politics work. Garrus offers a glimpse into the turians and his background as a C-Sec officer on the Citadel, Wrex illustrates the krogan and gives voice to their oppression by the galaxy’s other species, Tali offers a glimpse into the relatively isolated lives of the quarians and Liara gives an overview of their experiences as young asari, mass effect‘s most advanced race. Each of them allows Shepard and the player to enter a galaxy far beyond humankind.

Unfortunately, some of the human crew are reluctant to open their perspective, none more so than Navigator Pressly and Ashley Williams, who are outspoken in their xenophobia. Her biased beliefs and Shepard’s efforts to resolutely eradicate her bigotry are a microcosm of one of the trilogy’s central conflicts: uniting people of different species and backgrounds against an evil that threatens them all.

While they might not have been the strongest team, they suitably outfitted the Normandy crew for the first time mass effectt to handle Saren’s threat to the galaxy. It’s particularly notable that Shepard’s conversations with the crew are character-centric, with hints of emotion that cleverly mask what would otherwise be pedantic unloading mass effectis truly bottomless lore. However, the limited interaction between members aboard the SR-1 can make everyone feel isolated. mass effect has yet to develop the social depth it later does in the sequels.

#2 Mass Effect 2’s Normandy crew was huge

Image of Mass Effect 2's Squad selector menu.

mass effect 2 had the largest Normandy crew of any game, befitting the roomier SR-2. The cast might seem a bit unruly with twelve squadmates and six new crew members on ships, but it’s far from that. Each character stands out from the rest with distinct designs and rich, memorable backstories. The crew is talking mass effect 2 engage even more with character development than in the first game, so that hardly any interaction feels like a lore dump.

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mass effect 2 strategically brings back crew members from the first game, namely Garrus, who has done a lot between games, Tali and Dr. Chakwas (plus jokers). This move is even smarter than the mostly human crew from the start mass effect as it allows Shepard to strengthen existing bonds and provides trusted friends to hold on to in a massive cast of new faces.

Each crew member has their own place on the SR-2, which helps the Normandy reflect the personality of its occupants and conveys a sense that the crew contributes to the success of the mission in a way that goes beyond just standing around and waiting for Shepard with the next order. Garrus has his calibrations, Mordin has his lab, Jacob runs the armory, and Tali (who would probably be in exile if she had never met Shepard mass effect) helps with engineering. Each teammate suggests potential upgrades to the Normandy’s systems or team effectiveness, and inspires a sense that these characters have helpful traits that go beyond combat.

mass effect 2 was the first game in the franchise to feature negative interactions between crew members and Shepherd. These had the potentially dire outcome of losing a teammate’s loyalty, which could cost them their lives in the final mission on Collector Base. This improves on the sense of isolation often felt in the first game, but those moments don’t happen often enough to suggest that the crew interacts with each other outside of Shepard’s presence. Happily, Mass Effect 3 features important changes and differences that have made great strides in this area.

#1 Mass Effect 3 had the best Normandy crew

Image of Mass Effect 3's Squad selector menu.

Mass Effect 3 showed that the true testimony of an outstanding crew is the sense of connection and family they foster. The strong bonds of this Normandy crew depend heavily on the story that Shepard and most of the crew have, as most of the squadmates and ship-based crew return from previous games. There are seven squadmates, two of whom are new, and seven crew members on ships (plus jokers), three of which are new.

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These relationships, forged through past battles, make it easy to feel close to the returning characters while making the new characters stand out in a positive way. At this point, Shepard, who may be alive mass effect 4and the player feels incredibly at home on the Normandy, so it’s his responsibility to make the new recruits feel welcome, which adds such a charming touch Mass Effect 3‘s otherwise doomsday.

The interactions between the crew are outstanding Mass Effect 3. Unlike the previous two games, the Normandy crew is there Mass Effect 3 feel like they have a life apart from Shepard and that they don’t have to rely on the Commander to keep them all together. They hold conversations when Shepard isn’t there to support them, so the Commander often stumbles upon the crew talking about the last mission, old times and their inner beliefs and fears, which makes the Normandy feel real and that her crew it is a family.

As the trilogy progresses mass effect‘s companions and garrison from Normandy became richer and more closely linked. Each subsequent entry added new ways for Shepard to interact with the team and reinforced the sense of found family, which is a deep sci-fi motif. It’s proof of that mass effect has one of the best video game stories of all time and that all problems are easier to deal with with a reliable crew at your side.

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