Genshin Impact Bennett Build: Best Weapons, Artifacts, and Teams

DESPITE being only a four-star character, Bennett is one of the most useful characters you can drag into banners.

Not only is he one of Genshin’s oldest characters, he’s also one of the best supports to date.

Bennett fits into most teams.


Bennett fits into most teams.

His abilities not only provide great healing and damage buffs, but also consistent pyro application.

How to build Bennett in Genshin Impact.

Best weapons for Bennett in Genshin Impact

Both Bennett’s HP and Attack are important to him, maximizing his ability to support the team.

Energy Charge is another important stat, as you need to use his elemental blast as much as possible.

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Aquila Favonia is a great weapon for Bennett as it boosts Bennett’s Attack by 20%.

The other route you can take is via the skyblade, which will give the energy charge a huge boost.

Here are some alternative weapons for Bennett:

  • Sacrificial Sword (Five Star Sword)
  • Favonius Sword (Four Star Sword)

Best artifacts for Bennett in Genshin Impact

Like the majority of support characters, a full set of noblesse oblige is the best artifact set for Bennett.

With two parts, it increases elemental burst damage, while four parts increase the team’s attack.

This is perfect for Bennett as he’s only on the field long enough to cast his Elemental Burst before giving way to the main DPS.

You want the following statistics distribution for Bennett’s artifacts:

  • Flower: HP (Main Stats), Energy Charge, HP %, Attack %, Elemental Mastery (Secondary Stats)
  • Feather: Attack (Main Attribute), Energy Charge, HP %, Attack %, Elemental Mastery (Secondary Stats)
  • Sand: Energy Charge (Main Stat), HP %, Attack %, Elemental Mastery, HP (Secondary Stat)
  • chalice: HP % (Main Stats), Energy Charge, Attack %, Elemental Mastery, HP (Secondary Stats)
  • Ripe: Healing Bonus % (Main Stats), HP %, Attack %, Elemental Mastery, HP (Secondary Stats)

Best teams for Bennett in Genshin Impact

Bennett is best at supporting a main DPS, dealing most of his damage with basic attacks.

Bennett empowers Ganyu’s attacks and the Pyro application creates a Melt composition.

Zhongli provides additional attack buffs as well as shields.

Xiangling and Bennett work well together to provide constant off-field pyro effects that help Raiden and Xingqiu trigger reactions.

Raiden acts as a battery negating Bennett’s high energy drain.

This is a Vaporise team, again based on Xiangling and Bennett’s pyro-resonance and off-field effects.

Kazuha shreds the enemy’s elemental resistances, making this team even more powerful.

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