Google issues six critical warnings to billions — if you ignore them, you’ll face ‘bank obliteration’

GOOGLE has revealed how scammers are using its name to trick users into giving up personal information and money.

The tech giant has a list of six major scams to watch out for support site.

Google lists six types of scams to watch out for on its support page


Google lists six types of scams to watch out for on its support pagePhoto credit: Getty

Google stated, “By focusing on delivering the best possible user experience, Google has earned a trusted brand name.

“Unfortunately, sometimes unscrupulous people try to use the Google brand to scam and scam others.”

It then lists six scam alerts that should set your alarm bells ringing.

1. Google lottery scam

Google’s first warning is called “Unexpected Prize and Lottery Scams”.

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This affects two types of fraud.

One tells the victims that they have won a “Google lottery”.

The other tells the victims that they have won an impromptu prize from Google.

These scams are sent via email and may appear as pop-up ads.

Google warns users that it does not offer any impromptu prizes or sweepstakes, and that you may not click any links or fill out any online forms in relation to them.

2. Google Technical Support Scam

Be very wary of pop-ups pretending to be from Google Technical Support.

According to Google, there are third-party websites and pop-ups masquerading as technical support.

For Gmail Help you need to go to Gmail help page.

Also watch out for a similar Google Workspace technical support scam.

3. Google jobs, bills and merchandise fraud

Google summarizes these types of scams on its website under the “Google Impersonation” section.

There are many scammers out there claiming to offer jobs in the company.

Scammers rely on the fact that many people want to work at the famous tech giant.

Sometimes the job scam includes an email stating that the recipient has been chosen to work at Google but must pay for the training.

According to Google, cyber criminals also impersonate themselves with fake invoices, advertisements, and counterfeit goods for sale.

4. Google Account Recovery Scam

The tech giant warns that this scam can happen via SMS or in your Gmail inbox.

Google warns: “If you receive a text message claiming that your Google account has been compromised, use a computer to access it.” Google account security settings and review your recent activity to ensure that no one has unauthorized access to your account.

“Do not respond to unsolicited text messages containing personal information.”

The email version tries to steal your information by claiming you need to update your Gmail account.

Google says: “The link provided in the email appears to be correct, but in reality the link takes the user to a website controlled by the phisher.”

5. Google gift card scam

The tech giant says this scam should be reported to your local police department.

If you buy a fake Google Play gift card, you can also report that Federal Trade Commission.

6. Google Blackmail and Extortion Scam

Google also warns users about cybercriminals using “sextortion” via SMS and email.

It explains: “The person recorded your webcam session.

“They will contact you with a link to the video and instruct you to pay a fee, or the video will be published and distributed to contacts on your social media sites.”

You should not send any money to the cyber criminals and report this behavior to the police.

Google says to request and report removal of such content.

The tech giant also lists fake emails pretending to be from legitimate tax authorities and “too good to be true” vehicle scams in this section.

Apparently scammers list cheap vehicles online and demand to be paid via Google Payments.

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Google says, “Seller sends you an invoice that appears to be from Google Payments or Google Play, but instructs you to make payment via Google Play gift card, Western Union, MoneyGram, or bank transfer.”

The catch is, “Google Payments does not accept wire transfers/bank transfers or Western Union/MoneyGram payments, nor does it use escrow.” Google issues six critical warnings to billions — if you ignore them, you’ll face ‘bank obliteration’

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