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RANGE COUNTY, Fla. (WESH) – Orange County Fire Rescue is honoring a 6-year-old hero who reportedly called 911 when his grandma had a medical emergency.

James Garcia was home alone with his grandma earlier this month when she fell. Rescue team members said Garcia was so calm and brave, which is why they are honoring him with the Young Hero Award.

“I don’t know what’s happening to my grandma … I’m scared,” Garcia told emergency dispatchers by phone on Nov. 4.

What started as a normal Saturday with his grandma taking care of him ended with him taking care of her.

“I heard a bumping sound and that was my grandma falling,” Garcia said.

Garcia’s grandma had fallen upstairs and was suffering from a medical episode. With no one else home, Garcia took action.

“I ran all the way from there, picked up the phone and called 911,” Garcia said.

The first rescue team person at the door was Nicholas Wilson.

“They said there was someone there to help grandma…I didn’t know he was so young…surprising to see a little man,” Wilson said.

Wilson said Garcia showed the team where his grandma was and they took her to the ambulance to receive treatment. Wilson said it proves how important education is.

“Keep listening to us when we get to school and stuff because that proves that paying attention and listening works. He saved his grandmother’s life,” Wilson said.

“If I loved him before, you have no idea how much I do now,” Garcia’s grandma said.

When asked what he wants to do when he’s older, Garcia said he wants to be a firefighter.

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