Hicober microfiber hair towel is loved by 17,000 buyers

This happens to most of us: as we get older, our hair becomes thinner. There are many products that can get to the root of the problem—scalp treatments, conditioners, and serums—but there is a way to help your hair without making it sticky: a microfiber towel. It’s a simple solution and This one here costs just four dollars each on Amazon.


These gentle and absorbent microfiber towels absorb excess moisture while minimizing breakage.

$13 on Amazon

It’s no secret that blow drying can damage your hair. Limiting heat exposure to your hair reduces the stress on your hair. Although drying with a towel is better, it is not always ideal. In the dead of winter, you can’t leave the house with wet hair and no one wants to come to the office with damp locks. In the middle, a microfiber hair towel meets a hair dryer and a cotton towel. The Hicober microfiber towel is specifically designed for hair and is full of benefits.

The The American Academy of Dermatology recommends microfiber cloths to shorten drying time. This can absorb excess water that your towel can’t, meaning you can spend less time under strand-damaging hair dryers. Additionally, rubbing to shake out the water creates less friction between your hair and the microfiber than cotton towels. And because you don’t have to scrub your hair as hard to dry it, there’s less pulling on your hair, which can lead to breakage or, worse, hair loss.

While any microfiber towel absorbs more water (and faster) than a cotton towel, this towel simplifies the shower or bath routine. It’s small and lightweight, meaning there’s less strain on your hair and neck – no more heavy towels on your head while you apply lotion!

Instead of a rectangle Hicober microfiber towel has the shape of a teardrop. To put it on, bend over and place the larger end at the base of your neck. The length of your hair goes into the “tail”. Then just twist and turn it over the back of your head. There is an elastic loop at the end of the tail that fastens with a button on the back of the towel to keep everything in place. Twisted together, it’s compact enough for you to pull a shirt over your head. Plus: you feel like singing School dropout for beauty care Apply it into your brush until it dries, which is always a great way to start your day.

Shoppers rave about how easy this towel makes their shower routine. (Photo: Amazon)

Shoppers rave about how easy this towel makes their shower routine. (Photo: Amazon)

More than 18,000 shoppers rave that this towel is a dream for thinning hair.

“The older I get, the curlier my hair gets,” one shared amazed buyer. “My hairdresser advised me to use a microfiber towel. WOW!! Not only is this towel super easy to use, it also covers all of my hair and dries it super quickly. I use other towels to wrap my hair and twist it beforehand. If I threw it over my head, it would get really damaged. This towel will not damage your hair like other towels. It’s so soft and absorbent! I’m so glad I made the switch!”

“This towel works wonders for my hair,” another grateful buyer raved. “Since using these towels to dry my hair, I feel like my hair is falling out a little less and is a lot softer.”

Another Five star fan wrote: “This dries my hair faster than a regular towel and is also gentle on my fine, brittle strands.”

“I bought the first set after learning that towel drying damages hair,” one shared informed buyer. “I didn’t worry about that when I had enough hair for two people! Well, you don’t have to roughen up your hair anymore ladies, these absorb the wetness and the button keeps it in place with absolute comfort. Bonus: It looks great!” I applied another product over still damp hair and let my hair dry completely. Result: My hair has never looked or felt more beautiful. I bought a set for my daughter-in-law.



Don’t like these shades? This three-pack comes in 11 different color combinations.

$13 on Amazon

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