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HOMESTEAD, FL. (WSVN) – A South Florida high school football team paid tribute to one of its players as he continues to battle a devastating injury.

There are rivalries in the world of high school athletics, but there is also a fundamental love for the sport… and for a player who still desperately needs the community’s support.

Lights illuminated the field at Homestead Senior High School on Friday night, but one of the Broncos’ players, Frederick Climpson, was missing.

“The little signs around are meant to make sure Frederick knows he has the love and support of Bronco Nation and other schools,” said Curtis Brown, director of athletics at Homestead Senior High School.

Broncos players wore a heart-shaped sticker with the letters FC on their helmets as a tribute to Climpson.

“We just got our stickers with ‘Frederick Climpson,’ number 4 and of course the Bronco,” Brown said. “It’s surrounded by love because we love Frederick, and even though he’s not with us tonight and hasn’t been with us this season, we’re still playing for him.”

The teenager has been in hospital since mid-September when he sustained a serious injury during a game. The student-athlete broke his neck and injured his spine.

Climpson’s grandfather said he was slowly getting better. He begins to eat, breathes on his own for a few hours and can even speak.

“He has this device that they put into his windpipe and then he can talk,” he said.

When asked about his reaction to hearing his grandson speak for the first time since his injury, Climpson’s grandfather replied, “You’ve got to appreciate life, you know?” You never know what life will throw at you, but you have to appreciate it.”

And what’s special for Climpson’s family is everyone who has stood behind them through this ordeal and continues to do so.

“I need the prayer warriors to come out and start praying, you know, sending out their prayers,” Climpson’s grandfather said. “This is what we desperately need.”

Before Friday’s game, a football alumni club from another school presented Climpson’s family with a donation of money they had raised to help with his recovery.

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