How old is Adonis in Creed 3

The age of Adonis Johnson Creed in the Creed trilogy is unclear, especially since some claims about how old Adonis is in the third film are inconsistent.

The Believe Franchise has never given a clear indication of Adonis Johnson Creed’s age, making it difficult to tell exactly how old he is Creed III. Adonis is the protagonist of the Believe Trilogy that acts as a sequel to Sylvester Stallone Rocky movies. Stallone reprises his role as Rocky, but the films focus on Michael B. Jordan’s character as he fights his way to the top of the boxing world. The first film begins in 1998 when Adonis is a kid in a juvenile detention center and his passion for fighting gets him into trouble. As the first film flashes to the present, 2015, Adonis is an adult who quits his job to pursue boxing.


Creed II hit theaters in 2018, three years after the original film. Rocky, who was diagnosed with cancer BelieveFrom the second she seems to have recovered. However, Stallone has confirmed that he will not be there Creed III as the film went in a different direction than the first two and he felt his character no longer fitted into the story. Clearly, in Creed III, Adonis is ready to stand on his own feet, no longer a boy or even a young man, but a full-grown man who has come to himself. Here’s how old he is overall Believe movies.

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Adonis is 39 years old in Creed 3

Michael B. Jordan as Adonis Creed sits in a niche in Creed 3, slightly smiling

Adonis’ age is difficult to determine as it was never confirmed in the first film and when given in the second film it didn’t make sense with the timeline. A quick online search for Adonis Creed’s birthday reveals that he was born on June 1, 1986, which means he will be 37 in 2023. However, Jordan has confirmed this Creed III will have a significant time jump compared to the second film. While Creed II was only released five years ago, the third part takes place seven years after the previous film. This places the characters in the year 2025, and based on Adonis’ birthday, he’s either 38 or 39, depending on what time of year the film is set. It’s unclear if the film will state how old Adonis is or if it will remain open to discussion among fans. The film may also not follow a logical timeline, as it did in the second film.

How old is Adonis in Creed & Creed 2

Michael B. Jordan roars in the ring in Creed 3

In the first Believe In the 1998 film starring Sylvester Stallone, Adonis looked about 12 years old when his father’s wife adopted him. This adds up given his birth year of 1986. However, his age is never confirmed, although he clearly left college if he does his office job before retiring to pursue boxing. However, things get confusing Creed II as Adonis prepares to fight Danny “Stuntman” Wheeler. The Tale of the Tape that appears on screen reveals that Adonis is 28 years old. If the movie takes place in 2018, that would mean Adonis was born in 1990. That can’t be if his father died in 1985. Also, he looked much older than just 8 years old at the start of the first Believe. It’s unclear why the filmmakers made this decision about his age, or if it was a mistake.

When was Adonis born during the Rocky Movies?

Michael B. Jordan in the ring in Creed III

Adonis’ father, Apollo Creed, was the antagonist in the Rocky film series. The original series also has a confusing timeline, but according to the films release, Apollo died after a boxing match against Ivan Drago Rocky IV in 1985. Adonis’ mother would have been pregnant with him at that point. Other Rocky The film was not released for five years. If rocky v came out in 1990, Adonis was about 4 years old. The Believe The protagonist must have been born between the two films.

Unfortunately the information is out Creed II makes it difficult to understand how old Adonis is. Assuming the film made a mistake saying it was 28 years old in 2018, it’s certainly approaching 40 inches Creed III. This makes him a few years older than Jordan in real life, but based on Apollo Creed’s death in the Rocky Franchise, it’s the only age that makes sense. Hopefully, Creed III may clear up the timeline for fans, but if not, they’ll be left wondering and theorizing about the boxer’s age until the next movie.

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