How The Nun 2 Was Changed Through Test Screenings, Director Explains: “Audiences Are Constantly Changing”


  • The nun 2 After test screenings, changes occurred as audiences requested more violence and gore, leading to additional footage.
  • Director Michael Chaves explained that the original cut of the film already contained violence and gore, but they increased it to meet audience demand.
  • The ever-changing preferences and tastes of the audience influenced the decision to include more violence in the film The nun 2.

An element of The nun 2 was significantly changed after a series of test investigations. The film is the ninth installment of The Conjuring Universe and a direct sequel to 2018 The nun. It follows Sister Irene (Taissa Farmiga), now living in a remote monastery, who is forced to return to face the demon Valak, who usually takes the form of an evil nun (Bonnie Aarons), when the creature emerges from this lair in the body of their former leader Maurice (Jonas Bloquet) in a French boarding school.

Weekly entertainment I recently sat down with director Michael Chaves to discuss the new film as well as some of the R-rated films The nun 2 moments. He reveals that the original version of the film was bloodier than average incantation Film, the audience still wanted more. He thought about it: “Audiences are constantly changing and evolvingand revealed that they shot additional gore footage for the film to meet audience demand. Read Chaves’ full quote below:

The film already contained a fair amount of violence and gore, but people wanted more of it. So we took a little extra photography and intensified it. It just goes to show how audiences are constantly changing and evolving. Even in the earliest version it was more [violent] than what was in your traditional Conjuring movie.

Horror’s relationship with gore has changed since the first Conjuring film

Sister Irene looks scared in The Nun 2

The Nun 2 A box office gross of $32 million seems to prove that Chaves was right to respond to this audience demand. However, The Conjuring Universe was once particularly known for its lack of particularly gory material. In fact, the lack of gore was even used as a key selling point for the original The incantation in 2013. At the time, executive producer Walter Hamada stated that the film earned its R rating because “it’s just so scary.”

This was a selling point for suspense audiences, but could also have been a way to pique the interest of horror audiences who had grown weary of gory films. The long-running favorite Seen However, the franchise and its many bloodthirsty imitators had only just begun to unravel in the late 2010s Seen was set to be revived later in 2017 and beyond. At this point, the pendulum of the horror genre in general was swinging back towards more supernatural fare, including the Paranormal activity Franchise as well The incantation and its eventual sequels and spin-offs.

It has now been a decade since the original was released The incantation, In recent years, more and more gore-centric films have come back, including Horror 2, There’s someone in your house, Evil Dead Rise2022 ScreamAnd Scream VI. Like any entry in a long-running franchise, The nun 2 has had to adapt to the changing landscape, but it remains to be seen whether this will be the case incantation Films follow their bloodier approach.

Source: EW How The Nun 2 Was Changed Through Test Screenings, Director Explains: “Audiences Are Constantly Changing”

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