How to catch (and evolve) Tinkatink in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet players can find Tinkatink in Stone Ruins areas and evolve the Pokémon into Tinkatuff and Tinkaton.

in the Pokemon Scarlet and VioletThere are 107 new Generation 9 Pokémon scattered across the Paldea region, including Tinkatink, a Fairy/Steel-type creature. Players can find and catch Tinkatink very early on, and evolve the Pokémon into two advanced forms. Tinkatink can evolve into a Tinkatuff or Tinkaton and can be used to great effect against Dark, Dragon, and Ice-type Pokémon. Additionally, players can narrow down their quest for a Tinkatink to a specific region to quickly catch the creature, and evolve their new Pokémon simply by leveling up their Tinkatink.


No matter which Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Storyline players begin by saying they should look for this bright pink Pokémon in the Southern Province region. Tinkatink’s habitat entry confirms that the creature “lives among ruins,” and several stone ruin areas are scattered throughout Paldea where a Tinkatink creature can spawn. Players can search the ruins in Southern Province Area 2 to find a Tinkatink and should use a high-level Poké Ball to increase their chances of successfully catching the Pokémon once they’ve tracked it down.

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At what level does Tinkatink evolve into Tinkatuff and Tinkaton?

Pokemon Tinkaton

Once players catch a Tinkatink, they can level up the Pokémon and use three special abilities in battle. Tinkatink can use Moldbreaker and Own Speed ​​in addition to the Pokémon’s hidden ability Pickpocket, which allows Tinkatink to steal an item if it’s hit by another Pokémon. In addition, players can continuously evolve their Tinkatink Pokemon Scarlet and Violet‘s story into a Tinkatuf as soon as they increase the creature’s level to 24. Tinkatuff uses the same abilities as a Tinkatink, but the second evolution Pokémon gets a moderate boost to all base stats.

In order to evolve Tinkatuff into Tinkaton, players must level up their Pokémon again, from Level 24 to 38. In order to level up their Tinkatuff faster, players should put the Pokémon at the top of their party, as this will give additional experience points for leveling up. Once players trigger this third stage evolution, they will be able to use the Tinkaton’s powerful “Gigaton Hammer” move in battle, which has a base Attack stat of 160 points. Players will also benefit from the Tinkaton’s increased Special Defense and Speed ​​stats, as this final evolution could be one of the favorites Pokemon Scarlet and VioletGen 9 Pokedex.

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    Pokemon returns in its next installment: Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Now set in a fictional setting centered around Mediterranean Spain, players will traverse the land of Paldea while continuing to catch the series’ classic and new Pokémon. New to this entry are unique Pokémon that can transform into vehicles, allowing players to traverse the world in new ways – helping with Scarlet and Violet’s new open-world approach. Players can tackle Arena battles in any order, with enemies scaling to their level as they progress. Scarlet and Violet also introduce online co-op exploration and a new combat feature called Terastallize.

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