How to steal (and sell) a ship in Starfield.

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starfield has a significant number of ships as part of its interstellar exploration, but sometimes the best way to acquire one of these star-crossing ships is to steal it and sell it for a good amount of credits. Adding new vehicles to an ever-growing fleet of ships doesn’t have to break the bank if you’re willing to get your hands dirty. Even if you make a sacrifice as a pirate, the benefits can outweigh the risks.

Keep in mind that if you steal a ship, you will be flagged as a ship thief Enemy of the United Colonies Once you break their piracy laws. While most starfieldSince many planets are in the settlement systems controlled by the colonies, those who often flirt with danger should be able to repel enemies. The good thing is that you can keep numerous credits by buying a ship for yourself instead of paying for it from a merchant.

How to steal a ship in Starfield

Starfield steals an enemy ship by docking after all engines are disabled

Your character can steal a ship Waiting for a ship to be abandoned while its pilot explores the area or Disabling a vehicle’s systems during a space battle between planets. In any case, Kill every crew member Once you’re on board the ship you want to take, no one can stop your theft. If you’re in space, you have to do it Disable an enemy ship’s engines In starfield to give you a suggestion dock And plank the ship to steal it.

Your character cannot steer every ship if you try to steal one unless you have yours pilot skills unlocked. If you want to be able to take over any ship in the galaxy, spend skill points so that your piloting is enough level 4.

While a grounded ship needs to be flown from the surface of a planet to a new destination starfieldyou need to Undock from your previous ship when he steals another one from outer space. After the interaction with the pilot’s seat officially steal a ship Travel to the nearest spaceport. This will mark the vehicle as your own for now, so you can keep it in your fleet if you decide to switch back to your original ship.

How to sell a stolen ship in Starfield

Starfield immediately registers stolen ship with the service technician to make the ship safe for sale

Even if you happen to steal one of the best ships in the world starfield, You The ship cannot be sold without registering it with a ship service engineer. This technician is a kind of merchant that can be found in most landing zones on the planet and will charge you a fee around 90% of the ship’s value in credits to register it. While this may seem like a lot of money, you can then go to the “Sell“Option from the same provider to get your money back and more.

When you sell a ship, you receive credits based on its value and receive the remaining 10% of the cost of registering a stolen ship. Those who learn how to steal and sell ships starfield A lot of money can be made from this interaction, which after sufficient sales should drown out any moral doubts.

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