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People will do crazy things for money…even criminal things. In the new film “Your Lucky Day,” the late Angus Cloud makes some questionable decisions to secure a lottery ticket. So we sat down with his co-star Jason O’Mara to see what it was like working on the film.

Angus Cloud (as Sterling): “One hundred and fifty-six million! Give me the ticket now!”

If secrets had a price tag, the secret in “Your Lucky Day” would be in the millions.

Mousa Hussein Kraish (as Amir): “What is your plan?”

Angus Cloud (as Sterling): “I won’t hold you hostage.”

In one of his final film roles, “Euphoria” actor Angus Cloud plays a hitman who tries to cover up a double murder after landing the winning lottery ticket.

Jason O’Mara (as Captain Rutledge): “Who’s in there? How did that happen?”

Starring alongside Angus is actor Jason O’Mara, who plays Captain Rutledge.

Jason O’Mara: “Playing someone whose morals are at stake is actually quite refreshing. In a way, he represents every hard-working American just trying to make ends meet and working hard in their chosen profession.”

Jason now has a new perspective on the time she spent with Angus, both on and off screen.

Jason O’Mara: “I didn’t have many scenes with Angus but back then it was fun to work with him, meet him and spend time with him, but now that he’s gone it’s a whole different story. “Meaningful, really.”

Character in “Your Lucky Day”: “They don’t arrest cop killers. They execute them.”

Character in “Your Lucky Day”: “Give us the ticket, we’ll let you go.”

We wanted to know what would Jason do if he had the $156 million ticket in real life?

Jason O’Mara: “That’s an interesting question. I hope I can act a little more steadfast in real life than my character, but yeah, I hope I would do the right thing there.”

Jessica Garza (as Ana Marlene): “Go away or I’ll burn this ticket!”

The film was completed before Angus passed away in July. You can see it in theaters this Friday.

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