“It felt like I was dying”

A 68-year-old man woke up in his home to find one snake around his legwhom he bit in self-defense.

“I was so desperate that I even bit into it, but it worked and I was able to free myself,” Sarayuth Malachan, a security officer based in Thailand, told Viral Press. “It felt like dying fighting the python.”

Malachan awoke from his nap on August 21st with shooting pains in his ankle area. He found one giant python Encased from his foot to his knee, with his teeth in his flesh.

Identified as the reticulated python, the snake is distributed throughout Southeast Asia and is believed to be one of the largest snakes in the world. It commonly eats humans, pets, and other snakes.

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Malachan cried out for help, but when no one answered, he tried to free himself, which only resulted in the snake clutching itself even tighter. He feared he might actually lose his leg because no one answered his calls for help.


Recording of incidents by the police

Sarayuth Malachan, a 68-year-old security officer who lives in Thailand, is helping measure the snake that bit him.

With no other choice and running out of time, Malachan bit the snake back.


The bite caused the snake to loosen its grip and Malachan was finally able to reach down and grab the snake by the head. After dragging the snake outside, he was able to get help to take the snake to the nearby police station and file a complaint.

Malachan believes the snake entered his home to eat the chickens he keeps in the back of his room.

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Somchai Siharan, a volunteer at the Raumkatanyu Foundation, warned people against fighting wild snakes on their own — especially if you have no experience.

Captured by Thai police

Sarayuth Malachan is being treated for his snakebite while authorities locate the offending snake.

“It can be too dangerous, whether it’s a venomous or non-venomous species,” Siharan explained. “In this case, the man was lucky to wake up and deal with that python.”

The snakes can move around people while they sleep, often without disturbing them, until the snake has a firm hold of the person: A 75-year-old woman in Thailand also overslept the approach of a snake until it finally bit her leg in 2019.

Kaew Sudsopha’s foot fell off her bed as the snake entered the room, giving her a chance to climb up and tie it up. Luckily her son was in the next room and was able to help her remove and drive away the snake.

“I thought I was having a nightmare,” Kaew told Newsflare at the time. “I don’t know why the snake bit me, I was sleeping and didn’t threaten it.” “Now I’m terrified of sleeping in that room again.”


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