It’s not even close to that point yet – Dragon Ball has officially resolved Broly vs. Broly. Jiren in an epic brawl


  • In a super-powered showdown, Jiren easily defeats Broly, proving he is the stronger fighter.
  • Jiren’s quick and decisive victory over Broly highlights his ability to stop his opponent’s growth in power.
  • The fight between Jiren and Broly shows that Jiren wastes no time in eliminating his opponents, giving him a significant advantage.

One of the most popular lately Dragon Ball Debates have become Broly, the legendary Super Saiyan, against Jiren the Gray. While Jiren never fought Dragon Ball SuperAs Broly’s version of Broly, he replaced her with a version more similar to him Dragon Ball Z movies, and this fight showed why he would emerge victorious in this battle of gigantic proportions.

In Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultra God Mission Chapter 2Broly finds Jiren and Yamcha wandering around the Super Space-Time Tournament arena. While Yamcha is easily knocked away, Jiren poses a much greater threat to the sadistic Saiyan. Broly, as usual, announces his desire to find and kill Kakarot, also known as Goku. Remembering Vegeta referring to Goku as Kakarot, Jiren refuses to let Broly advance.

Jiren easily defeats Broly in one move

Dragon Ball Broly vs Jiren

The fight begins with Broly showing that, despite Jiren’s vast reserves of strength, he is clearly no slouch. Jiren even comments that Broly is quite nimble for a character his size, suggesting that the Saiyan is not inhibited by his muscle mass as was the case with Future Trunks when he fought Cell. Broly even tries one of his most classic moves by smashing his opponent’s head into a wall with his bare hands, but Jiren isn’t fazed by it at all. At this point, Universe 6 assassin Hit offers to help Jiren take out Broly before he becomes a nuisance. In typical Jiren fashion, he refuses and decides to fight Broly alone, ignoring Hit’s time jump and knocking the fierce warrior unconscious with a single punch.

The duel between Broly and Jiren is controversial, especially because Dragon Ball Supers The Broly movie took place after the Tournament of Power and therefore Goku and Vegeta should have been much stronger than before, but still couldn’t handle Broly. Although it bears repeating, Jiren himself could not be defeated by a single opponent in the Tournament of Power either. Additionally, Broly never fought Ultra Instinct Goku, who may well be even stronger than Super Saiyan Blue Gogeta.

Jiren’s fight against this alternate Broly demonstrates one of the key factors that decides a victory in Jiren’s favor – he wastes no time and eliminates Broly. One of Broly’s most outstanding features is his ability to constantly gain strength as the fight goes on, increasing his strength to increasingly ridiculous levels as the minutes pass. However, Jiren seems more than willing to end a fight immediately, bypassing Broly’s huge advantage.

Jiren’s ability to send alternate timeline Broly into the dirt so quickly speaks volumes about how he would handle a fight with him “Dragon Ball Super”s Broly. If Goku or Vegeta had gone all out from the start, Broly would have been easily taken out and never had the opportunity to increase his power so much. In contrast, Dragon Ball’S Jiren has what it takes to unwind Brolyis the most powerful asset in his arsenal before it can even be used. It’s not even close to that point yet – Dragon Ball has officially resolved Broly vs. Broly. Jiren in an epic brawl

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