Jennifer Aniston’s peptide injections – what you need to know and do instead

It’s hard to believe it’s been almost three decades since the world went crazy over Jennifer Aniston’s movie FriendsThe character’s haircut of the same name is “The Rachel Haircut”. But it is true. The award-winning actress first introduced this hairstyle in the April episode of Friends. While the cut has certainly seen an update since the show aired, one has stayed true to its form: Jennifer Aniston’s flawless, age-resistant hair and skin.

In a recent interview with The Wall Street JournalThe morning show AThe actress and producer gave us a glimpse into her anti-aging efforts — including the fact that she’s willing to try anything. She even admitted to getting a “salmon sperm” facial, which, as gross as it sounds, came as a real surprise Skincare staple in Korea for years. (In case you’re wondering, she said she “can’t tell if it worked.”) Which she did did Let’s say weekly peptide injections left her skin looking supple. She even went so far as to say, “I think that’s the future.”

With such a statement, we turned directly to our skincare experts for a full rundown of these injections and how we can achieve similar benefits with beauty products.

What are peptides?

Before we get into peptide injections, let’s first discuss what peptides actually are. dr Amy Traub, board-certified dermatologist and assistant professor at Northwestern University School of Medicine, told Yahoo Life, “Peptides are molecules made up of short chains of amino acids (between 4 and 50), which are often smaller protein fragments. Different types of peptides serve a variety of different roles in the body.”

I know this sounds like medical jargon, but peptides are more common than you think. In fact, you probably know someone who receives daily peptide injections when using insulin for diabetes; Insulin is a polypeptide hormone. over the last decade, Advances in peptide research have led to new treatment options for many diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and cancer therapy. Conclusion: Peptides are by no means new and are not specifically used for skin care.

What are peptide injections?

Ultimately, weekly peptide injections serve to ward off fine lines and wrinkles and improve the overall texture of your skin. To do this, they communicate with your skin cells to produce more collagen and elastin, which give skin structure. Sounds great right? Well, there’s a catch: “While peptide injections are growing in popularity in Hollywood, most peptide injections are unapproved by the FDA,” says Dr. Deaf. And finding a dermatologist who offers peptide injections can prove challenging: “I don’t inject anything that isn’t FDA-approved,” says Dr. Deaf.

While Jennifer Aniston may be right that these injections are the future (possibly for a large number of diseases), vaccines have yet to be approved for mainstream anti-aging use by the masses. Hopefully this will happen soon. “The medical community has invested time and resources into exploring innovative ways to use peptides, and many promising advances are emerging,” said Dr. Deaf.

If you are interested in peptide injections, be sure to see a board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon who regularly offers this service to their clients.

peptides in skin care

However, all hope is not lost of reaping the same benefits that injections give the all-time star. Many serums and moisturizers are packed with peptides that provide anti-aging benefits, speed up cell turnover and act as anti-inflammatory agents. “Peptides have been used in skin care creams and serums for years,” explains Dr. Deaf. “Examples of peptides known for topical use include argerilin, tripeptide-1, and tetrapeptide-21.”

Here are a few peptide favorites that don’t require a trip to the dermatologist. And we’re not just talking about current products, Jennifer Aniston recently announced her partnership with Vital Proteinswhere she also gets her peptide and collagen boost from healthy, hydrating drinks and shakes!

Peptide-rich serums

When it comes to your daily skincare routine, peptide-rich serums provide a collagen-regenerating boost.

Drunk Elephant

Drunk Elephant’s serum combines a powerful exfoliating dose of 10% lactic acid with skin-boosting signal peptides, growth factors and amino acids to improve the appearance of texture, tone, radiance and resilience of your skin.

$74 at Amazon$82 at Ulta Beauty$82 at Kohl’s


color science

Peptide rich eye creams

If crow’s feet and fine lines are on your radar, a peptide-rich eye cream might be just what you need.


Peter Thomas Roth

This wrinkle-fighting, anti-aging eye cream helps improve the appearance of crow’s feet, fine lines, deep wrinkles, dark skin and puffiness. Gamma Proteins harness the power of Asian natto gum, a breakthrough ingredient that helps improve the appearance of elasticity, radiance, uneven skin tone and texture. Yes, please!

$75 at Amazon$75 at Ulta Beauty$75 at Bloomingdale’s



Neutrogena’s powerful eye cream contains a vitamin and peptide blend to revitalize stressed, tired-looking eyes and help visibly reduce fine lines. An added bonus? It also fights dark circles while reducing puffiness, making it perfect for tired eyes after a long night.

$15 at Amazon$23 at Walmart$50 at Ulta Beauty

Peptide-rich face and neck moisturizer

A peptide-rich moisturizer should be a staple in everyone’s daily skincare regimen. And don’t forget to show some love to your neck and cleavage.



This superstar from Olay harnesses the power of Vitamin C, Vitamin B3 and Lactic Acid to deliver visibly more radiant, hydrated skin in just 28 days. The light cream is silky smooth to apply, does not clog pores and leaves no greasy residue.

$35 at Amazon


Ole Henriksen

This is a rich moisturizer packed with peptides, collagen and hyaluronic acid clinically tested to instantly double hydration, increase elasticity, improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while strengthening your moisture barrier.

$43 at Amazon$51 at Olehnriksen$51 at Kohl’s

Get a peptide and collagen boost from within with Jennifer Aniston’s favorite vital proteins


Vital Proteins

Collagen Peptides Advanced Powder is packed with Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid plus 20g of collagen to support healthy hair, skin, nails, bones and joints.

$25 at Amazon$30 at Vital Proteins

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