Man convicted of involuntary manslaughter and child abuse in St. Louis, toddler dies

ST. LOUIS – Jurors convicted a man of involuntary manslaughter and child abuse in the death of a toddler in St. Louis several years ago.

Hoaratio Harris was found guilty Wednesday in St. Louis Circuit Court in connection with the death of 2-year-old Syncere McCoy.

Investigators say Syncere died on September 3, 2020, several weeks after he and his twin brother were left in the care of Harris.

According to court documents obtained by FOX 2, Harris’ girlfriend called 911 that night and reported that Syncere was unresponsive and not breathing. Later questioned by authorities, Harris said Syncere fell down the steps of an apartment.

Doctors found that Syncere suffered multiple injuries and bruises throughout his body, injuries they said were not the result of a fall. An autopsy later revealed that he died of blunt force trauma, suffering broken ribs, cracked gums, and multiple cuts and bruises.

Doctors later examined Syncere’s twin brother and found that both twins had suffered similar injuries consistent with child abuse.

According to investigators, Harris left the area after Syncere’s death and was later arrested in Kentucky. Harris was also convicted of child abuse for the twin brother’s injuries.

Harris is scheduled to be sentenced in the case on December 8. He faces up to 40 years in prison.

Harris was previously convicted of a federal weapons charge related to Syncere’s death. Court records show he has previous convictions for robbery, assault, burglary and drug offenses.

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